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This page details Miyo Takano's other appearances and involvement in Higurashi-related media outside the original story.


This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of the original Higurashi When They Cry story and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Higurashi Gou and Sotsu[]


This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Higurashi When They Cry Gou-Sotsu or Gou-Meguri. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

This section is arranged in chronological order.


Satoko becomes a looper due to Eua's power. Due to apparent connection with Satoko, Takano begins remembering things from previous Fragments once Satoko is empowered by Eua. Takano has dreams of an alternate Matsuribayashi world where she commits suicide when Okonogi tells her to.

Takano wakes up from a nap and speaks with Nomura about how their plans are still going on. Takano remembers how her grandfather's research was treated as nonsense as Nomura claims she can give Takano the recognition it deserves. Takano reiterates the plan to inject Tomitake with H173 and use him as a curse victim.

Higugouep24 album

Takano flips through an old photo album containing pictures of her as a child and her grandfather. She discovers a letter written by Hifumi and addressed to her, reading it. In the letter, Hifumi appreciates Takano assisting in his research but regrets that she's dedicated her entire life to it and has lost the chance to live a proper life. Hifumi hopes that if Takano reads this, she should abandon his research and live a happier life.

During an appointment with Satoko, Takano voices her desire to quit her clinic job. She knows some shady people are using her desires to manipulate her and discusses with Satoko about a soup stock metaphor.

On the night of the festival, Takano finishes exploring the ritual storehouse by herself and tells Tomitake about the conspiracy she's gotten involved in. Unbeknownst to them, Satoko is watching from the bushes.

In another world, Takano prepares to give Tomitake his regular shot and pulls out a briefcase of H173 syringes, but decides against it and closes it. This unwittingly allows Satoko the chance to steal a syringe for herself.


For reasons unknown to Rika, she repeats the 1983 time-loop once more.

Takano is seen meeting up with Tomitake on the night of the Watanagashi Festival. Keiichi goes on a walk by himself and sees them talking before deciding to leave them be.

The next day, Keiichi is interrogated by Ooishi about the whereabouts of Tomitake and Takano. Ooishi explains that the two have gone missing, with Tomitake's bike and Takano's car still at the festival site.


Takano and Tomitake meet Keiichi and Shion at the festival site the day before the festival and talk about the curse, Hinamizawa's background and the Watanagashi Festival.

The next night, Keiichi and Shion run into Takano and Tomitake again, who are breaking into the ritual storehouse. Takano invites the two inside and talks more about Hinamizawa's legends. They accidentally touch the statue of Oyashiro-sama inside and cause its head to fall off and split open. Takano repairs the statue and sends everyone outside so she can take more pictures of the implements inside. Once Takano leaves, Tomitake jokingly asks if she stole anything, and Takano assures she didn't. Takano and Tomitake set off for the night.

Higu2020ep7 truck

As Keiichi heads home, Mion and Ooishi keep asking if he ever saw Tomitake or Takano that night. Later, he gets a call from Shion and learns that Tomitake and Takano went missing. Villagers say they stole a van from the festival site and drove off in a hurry.


Takano joins in the village-wide protests to rescue Satoko from her uncle Teppei.


In the last moments of Tataridamashi, Rika asks villagers at the festival if they saw Tomitake or Takano anywhere.

Higu2020 ep17 takano crying

Rika loops into a "perfect world" and runs into Tomitake and Takano out in the woods on the night of the festival. Rika asks to talk to them and Takano starts crying, apologizing to Rika for planning to kill her and her friends. Tomitake explains that they've been involved in a conspiracy and Takano is a witness, so they're going to escape the village that night. Tomitake confirms that a tragedy won't happen.

The next day, Rika learns that Tomitake and Takano have successfully escaped and confessed to the Bloodhounds, resulting in the Mountain Dogs' arrest. Despite Takano's involvement in the conspiracy, she's cooperating with Tokyo and should turn out innocent in the end.


In the final Fragment, Irie greets Takano and Tomitake as they return to the clinic in March 1987.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei[]


Takano as we know her presumably doesn't exist in this world, due to Hifumi Takano building the Takano Clinic in Hinamizawa.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou[]


Takano is influenced by Tamurahime no Mikoto to cause an outbreak of Hinamizawa Syndrome. She tries to capture Une, the possible cure to the outbreak, and is empowered by Tamura with superhuman strength. The club manages to defeat Takano and knock her out.

Console-Exclusive Arcs[]

Connecting Fragments[]

The Fragment "Retaliation For Failure" shows the aftermath of an alternate ending to Meakashi. Because Rika was killed and was discovered more than 48 hours after, Takano's queen carrier theory was proven false, and Tokyo wanted her to write a report about it. Takano drowns her sorrows in alcohol and stumbles into a park, wondering how this all happened. She sees Keiichi and Mion having fun nearby and realizes that the Sonozaki family is ultimately what caused Shion to go crazy and kill Rika. Takano suddenly develops terminal symptoms of Hinamizawa Syndrome herself and stabs Keiichi when he's alone.

Takano speaks to a comrade later that night and is seemingly killed. The person declares that Hinamizawa Syndrome never existed.

Miotsukushi Omote[]

Takano shoots and kills Rina when she breaks into the Irie Clinic. Later, she runs into Teppei in the woods and knocks him out. Takano infects Teppei with Hinamizawa Syndrome and uses him as the fifth-year curse victim in place of Tomitake.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei[]

In Part 1, Takano and the Mountain Dogs confront the club when they escape from crazed villagers. Kawata appears and fights off Takano and the Dogs, telling everyone to go off without her.

In Showa Part 2, Kazuho travels to an alternate 1983 world and meets a different version of Takano. This Takano is director of the Takano Clinic in Hinamizawa and has her last name written as 高野, taking after Hifumi Takano.