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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

Miyo Takano (鷹野 三四 Takano Miyo) is a nurse working for the Irie Clinic who is researching the past of Hinamizawa and their god Oyashiro-sama.


A nurse at the Irie Clinic, loved by everyone in the village. She has a somewhat mysterious atmosphere and always has a meaningful smile. In occult mania, she seems to be very interested in the "Oyashiro-sama" faith in Hinamizawa.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)

A very alluring nurse that works at the clinic. She is very interested in Hinamizawa's history and is researching it on her own. It appears as though she knows Tomitake...

(From the Gou website.)


Takano has blonde hair. She wears a green jacket adorned with a green ribbon with a yellow four-leaf clover over a pink shirt and black pants. At other times she wears a white nurse's outfit.

In Minagoroshi, her military outfit is entirely black with a black beret. The same green ribbon is adorned on it.


Takano has a mysterious aura about her and loves to talk about Hinamizawa's legends. She is especially interested in the grotesque stories surrounding Hinamizawa's past.

Takano regularly meets Satoko. She's one of the few adults who regularly speaks to Satoko and shares a love of stuffed animals.[3]


Takano came to Hinamizawa and became a nurse at Irie's clinic. At some point she started researching Hinamizawa's past and writing down all of her findings and theories in scrapbooks.

See Miyoko Tanashi for more information.



Role in the Story

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Question Arcs


OnikakushiCG (15).png

Takano is first introduced on the night of the Watanagashi Festival when Keiichi sees her with Tomitake. Her name is not given, however she is shown to be close with Tomitake. The group talks about Oyashiro-sama's curse and the victims it claimed in the past years, and that more victims will probably be claimed that night.

The day after the festival, Keiichi learns from Ooishi that Takano had gone missing. This is the first time her name is given. Keiichi later learns about her working at the Irie Clinic.


Keiichi and Shion meet Tomitake and Takano at the Furude Shrine during festival preparations. They talk about Oyashiro-sama and the curse, delving into Hinamizawa's past of elitism and how the villagers used to give sacrifices to their god. Takano wonders who will die and disappear for this next year of the curse, frightening Keiichi.

On the night of the festival, Takano and Tomitake break into the shrine's ritual storehouse, and they allow Keiichi and Shion to come inside with them. While gazing at the strange implements and devices stored inside the storehouse, Takano starts talking about Hinamizawa's origins and how they were descended from demons, and that villagers used these implements long ago to offer human sacrifices as part of the original Watanagashi Festival. Their discussion is interrupted when Tomitake suddenly opens the door. Takano begins taking pictures inside the storehouse as Shion and Keiichi leave. Takano sets off with Tomitake for the night after finishing her business.

The next day, Keiichi learns from Shion that the police discovered Takano's corpse burnt inside an oil drum near the mountains, which they could identify because of dental records. Keiichi thinks Takano and Tomitake were killed as punishment for trespassing into the ritual storehouse.

At the climax of the chapter, Keiichi learns from Ooishi that after further investigation, they determined that Takano's time of death was 24 hours before the festival; she was supposed to be dead while Keiichi was inside the storehouse with her.


Keiichi meets Takano and Tomitake two days before the festival, where they talk about the curse. Keiichi wonders if Satoko's uncle Teppei could be made the fifth year victim of the curse, and Takano notes that it's not impossible since many of the previous curse victims were Houjous. Keiichi asks if there could be a human force responsible for carrying out the curse every year, and Takano shares her theory that The Three Families are behind it. Keiichi is inspired to ask Mion to use her connections to make Teppei the victim of this year's curse, but Mion tells him that the Sonozakis have nothing to do with it and that Takano is just misunderstanding things.

On the night of the Watanagashi Festival, shortly after Keiichi kills Teppei and buries his corpse, he starts biking home in the rain and is almost hit by Takano in her car. Takano gets out and helps him up, seemingly aware that Keiichi's lying when he claims he was heading home from treasure hunting; Takano points out that the dam is in the opposite direction Keiichi was going. Keiichi considers killing Takano, but he decides against it and takes up her offer for a ride home.

TatarigoroshiCG (12).png

Takano asks if they could retrieve his bike tomorrow since the trunk is full, but Keiichi wants to bring it with him. He puts the bike in the backseat of her car and notices there's another bike folded up there. As they drive, Takano suddenly asks how well the body was buried, mentioning that in mountains like these, they need to be buried deep otherwise wild dogs will smell and dig them up. Keiichi becomes more suspicious of Takano and considers killing her again, but Takano brushes off her weird statement as a joke. They go to Keiichi's house where Takano asks that he keep their night drive a secret. Keiichi asks if that bike in the back belongs to Tomitake, remembering that he had a similar one. Takano claims that that's her bike, which was similar to Tomitake's because he picked it out. Takano leaves off with an ominous message that they never met that night and drives off. Keiichi decides that he really should've killed Takano and wishes for her to die in a fire.

Two days later, Keiichi learns that Takano has died, her corpse found burnt inside an oil drum. Keiichi thinks that he really did curse her to die.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai


In 1982, Takano meets Shion at the Okinomiya library and sees she's also doing research into Hinamizawa's past. They talk about the curse and the origins behind the watanagashi. Takano gives Shion her research notes and leaves.

In 1983, a similar event to the Watanagashi arc happens where Takano and Tomitake invite Keiichi and Shion into the ritual storehouse with them. After the festival, Takano's corpse is found burnt inside an oil drum. Shion interrogates Mion as to why Takano and Tomitake were chosen as victims, however Mion shows surprise at the knowledge that they snuck into the storehouse.


A few days before the Watanagashi Festival, Takano encounters Rena at the Okinomiya library and talks with her about the curse and Hinamizawa's past. Takano tells Rena of her theory that there are people masterminding the curse who want to revive the customs of Onigafuchi Village. She gives Rena a scrapbook containing her research and leaves. Later, Rena meets Takano again and explains how she suffered from Oyashiro-sama's wrath after leaving Hinamizawa years ago, especially the sensation of maggots crawling through her skin at some points. Takano believes her story and gives her some more scrapbooks, thinking Rena to be one of the few people who can understand them. Takano asks Rena to keep this a secret, saying that "they" will get rid of her otherwise.

Rena learns from the books that alien parasites came to the village long ago and starts believing there is a conspiracy afoot involving the Three Families. After the festival, Rena's paranoia grows when she learns from Ooishi that Takano's corpse was found burnt inside of an oil drum. Ooishi later tells Rena that inspection of Takano's corpse determined that she was supposed to have died 24 hours before the festival.

Rena takes the Hinamizawa school hostage and demands that the police raid Sonozaki family properties, believing they're involved in the conspiracy outlined in Takano's books. Ooishi and the police believe there's credence to them until they obtain some more of Takano's scrapbooks, retrieved from her house by the Sonozaki family. All of them contain different theories for Hinamizawa's past and amount to speculative fiction.

In the future, long after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, Takano's alien theory has become spread on the Internet as "File No. 34", which predicted the disaster occurring.


A narrator speaks to the reader about Rules X, Y, and Z, outlining that Rule Y centers around Takano and Tomitake dying in the same way in every world.

Takano tends to Satoko during her regular checkup at the clinic, giving her an injection and then a quiz. Later, Rika and Hanyuu ponder the value of Takano as a guardian. Takano and Tomitake always die even if Rika gets their help, with Rika dying afterwards because she loses their protection. Rika decides to get their help anyways by allowing Tomitake and Takano to enter the ritual storehouse. Takano is elated at this once in a lifetime chance and goes off about the history of the various torture implements hanging inside. Hanyuu is annoyed by Takano claiming that Oyashiro-sama was a violent god and throws a tantrum. Takano is unable to hear her however. Rika reminds Takano not to anger Oyashiro-sama. After leaving the storehouse, Rika tells Takano about her problem.

Takano, Tomitake, and Irie join a budget meeting for the clinic. Afterwards, Takano tells Irie about Rika fearing that someone is out to kill her. Takano is convinced to help since Rika showed them the ritual storehouse and assigns some Mountain Dogs to watch over her 24/7.

When Teppei returns to the village and takes Satoko to live with him, Rika pleads Takano to do something to help. Takano speaks with Okonogi and reports that there isn't anything they can do. The Mountain Dogs could take care of Teppei, but he's been suspected of murder by the Okinomiya police, so they're keeping close watch on him.

Takano joins the village in protesting the child consultation center to save Satoko. The protests are ultimately successful.

MinagoroshiCG (13).png

The night of the festival, Rika reminds Tomitake and Takano about their predicted deaths and tells them to be careful. Later at the clinic, Takano talks to Tomitake that her dream will come true and tries to seduce him, asking if he'll join her plan. Tomitake refuses and Takano sics some Mountain Dogs to restrain him. Takano asks again but her lover refuses once more. Takano pulls out a syringe of H173 and explains to Tomitake that he's already an L3 patient of Hinamizawa Syndrome, having injected him with it earlier disguised as one of his regular shots. Tomitake gets knocked unconscious and Takano injects him. She orders the Dogs to put Tomitake and his bike in her car. Takano also tells the dogs to keep close watch on Irie and Rika since the latter knew exactly what would happen to Tomitake that night.

Takano injects Tomitake with an advanced strain of Hinamizawa Syndrome and dumps his unconscious body on the side of the road, expecting him to wake up and soon kill himself. Takano also plans to make herself "disappear" as the fifth victim of Oyashiro-sama's curse, and when her subordinates discover a burnt corpse in the mountains, Takano uses it to trick the police into thinking its hers.

Takano dumps Tomitake's body on a road near Okinomiya, expecting him to wake up and claw his own throat out as the fifth year of Oyashiro-sama's curse. Takano then goes into a command vehicle and plans to fake her disappearance and death, completing the curse. A Dog tells her that a woman's burnt corpse was found in Gifu prefecture that died 24 hours ago, and Takano decides to pass it off as her own corpse to throw off police investigation. A few days after the festival, Rika realizes that Takano is the mastermind and Okonogi can't be trusted. Ooishi has also determined that Takano's death was faked, however she and her car are nowhere to be found. Ooishi gets a search warrant out for Takano. Meanwhile, Takano puts on her army uniform.

Rika rallies the club for help and stakes out with them in her shack, running away when some Mountain Dogs appear. However, Takano catches them by surprise when she manages to shoot and kill Keiichi. The other club members are captured, and Takano systematically executes them one by one. Satoko is given a surprise quiz and asked if broccoli or cauliflower is green. Satoko answers broccoli on her second try and is killed, with Takano cackling afterwards.

Takano conducts an imaginary symphony as the Disaster is carried out

Takano finally goes up to Rika, who requests that Takano dissect her, still conscious, in front of the Furude Shrine. Takano accepts her request and excitedly disembowels her while Rika and Hanyuu engrave into their memories the face of the person they must defeat in the next world. Rika dies, and Takano carries out the Great Hinamizawa Disaster by having her men gather up all the villagers and execute them, planning to pass it off as a volcanic gas disaster. Takano declares she is now Oyashiro-sama and laughs.


MatsuribayashiCG (5).png

Much of this arc describes Takano's past as Miyoko Tanashi and her quest to make her grandfather's research into Hinamizawa Syndrome known. Takano goes to Hinamzawa and gives a mocking donation of a single coin to the Furude Shrine, expressing her desire to become a god. However, the coin is rejected when it flies away from the donation box, and Hanyuu appears to challenge her. Takano says her will is stronger and swears to dethrone Hanyuu.

The Connecting Fragments section details Takano's involvement in some years of Oyashiro-sama's curse, masterminding the kidnapping of several people for Hinamizawa Syndrome research. Takano forms an alliance with Nomura to plan the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.

Hanyuu obtains a physical body and joins the club. One day she trips down a hill and Takano and Tomitake help her up. Takano notices that Hanyuu is a new student and says that her horns look like a monster's. Rika tells Takano not to call Hanyuu that, and Tomitake chastises her as well.

Irie and Takano eat lunch and talk at the clinic. Takano talks about how her parents died in an accident long ago and how she liked to collect flags from kid's meals. She only gained a medical license because she wanted to research more into Hinamizawa Syndrome. Takano also talks about her adoptive grandfather Dr. Takano and changed her name to a similar one in honor of him, and that the late doctor became bedridden. Takano asks Irie what he would do if he were responsible for pulling someone off life support. Irie says he would let that person's remaining family do it and then goes back to work.

Takano takes a phone call from Okonogi and tells the Mountain Dogs to begin observing Rika. Meanwhile, Rika gains Tomitake, Irie, and Akasaka as allies when she tells them about Takano's plans. Rika prepares a plan with the club as well.

The day before the festival, Takano and Nomura talk on the phone. Takano asks if Tomitake's life can be spared if she makes him an ally, however Nomura says there is no value to him regardless. Takano ends the call and then calls Tomitake's hotel to leave a message, however he left the hotel for a while. Takano thinks about what he might be doing since she left several messages earlier. Unbeknownst to her, Tomitake was growing suspicious of Takano and investigating the massive amount of funds left to her by Koizumi. Takano hopes that Tomitake isn't growing a bad impression of her and wonders if he'll forgive him even if he found out about her plan.

The day of the festival, Takano is called into the command vehicle and gets a report that Rika has been found dead in Okinomiya, and she's been dead for 48 hours. (A ruse created by Rika with Ooishi's cooperation to fake her death.) Takano can't believe this as the villagers are still acting normal, and according to her queen carrier theory they should've developed terminal symptoms earlier. Their observation of Rika's house confirmed that no suspicious activity occurred, and Rika should've been inside that house all this time.

Takano worries over this and starts scratching herself. Nomura asks Takano what she's going to do about Rika's death, and Takano insists that it must be a mistake with the Okinomiya police and sends some men to investigate. Takano determines that Irie betrayed her and informed Tomitake of her plan. She sends some other men to watch the doctor. Meanwhile, the Mountain Dogs capture Tomitake and Takano says to bring him alive to the clinic.

Irie calls Rika's house from the clinic director's office and Takano and the Mountain Dogs listen in, only to hear dial tones. Irie starts running away towards his car, and Takano realizes that Irie made a fake call and order the Dogs to capture him. When Akasaka suddenly emerges from Rika's house, Takano orders the mysterious man's capture as well.

The Mountain Dogs confront the club at the Sonozaki main house but are forced to retreat. Takano looks down at Tomitake tied up at her feet and asks if he will join her, offering to spare his life. Takano says she's allied with a woman named Nomura, and Tomitake wishes he could've been there to help Takano when she needed it. He says that Takano can still stop the operation and make everything disappear, but Takano still wants to make Dr. Takano's research known. Takano believes that she will suddenly be killed sometime after the operation and asks Tomitake again how much money it will take to recruit him. She offers her body and complete servitude, but Tomitake says nothing in response. Takano gets a call that Rika has been found in the mountains and leaves.

Takano joins the Mountain Dogs at the mountains and is angered when she sees them all succumb to Satoko's traps. She holds her grandfather's notebook and continues to scratch herself. When the Bloodhounds arrive, Takano is dragged away by Okonogi into the woods. Takano demands to know what's going on and orders the Mountain Dogs to contact Nomura and tell her the operation is still going, but Okonogi accepts that it's all over. Okonogi say that nobody in Tokyo really believed in Takano's theory and just needed something to manipulate politicians. He gives Takano a gun loaded with a single bullet, expecting her to kill herself with it. Takano is reluctant, and Okonogi says he can kill her himself instead. Okonogi misses his shot and Takano runs off.

Hanyuu forgives Takano's sins

Takano runs into Hanyuu in the woods, who admonishes her for thinking she could claim the spot of a god. Hanyuu asks Takano to take her own life since it would prove she can sacrifice herself for everyone else's sins. Takano refuses, wondering why somebody has to take the blame for people's wrongs and starts crying. Hanyuu decides to forgive Takano's sins and touches her head, with the other club members soon appearing. Takano aims her gun at the group and threatens to shoot. Mion prepares to defend the club when Hanyuu stands in front of her as Takano shoots. Hanyuu is prepared to die again to absolve everyone's sins, but Rika stops time and grabs the bullet. When time resumes, Takano is surprised to see that her close-range shot missed.

The Bloodhounds crowd in and demand Takano to surrender. Takano drops her notebook and tries to pick it back up as the Bloodhounds restrain her. Tomitake appears and explains that Takano has started succumbing to Hinamizawa Syndrome and needs to be treated, pointing out that Takano's been scratching herself for some time. Tomitake demands that Takano be given a checkup to determine if her actions today were by her own will or as a result of the syndrome. The Bloodhounds agree and Takano embraces Tomitake, who assures that she'll be able to restart her life as Miyoko Tanashi. Tomitake forgives Takano and promises to atone for her sins. Takano is handcuffed and taken to the Irie Clinic.

In the future, Irie publishes a report about Hinamizawa Syndrome and credits both Takano and her grandfather in it, though Takano herself hasn't been seen since that day. The credits say that Takano's Hinamizawa Syndrome has become severe, and once her treatment at the Irie Clinic finishes, she will be handed over to the disciplinary committee.


  • In the original Comiket version of Onikakushi, Takano didn't have a sprite.[4] Takano was also going to play a similar role as Nomura, most likely as the "shadow mastermind".[5]
  • Ryukishi07's other works feature characters that are similar to Takano in appearance and name, usually a reference to the fact that Miyo (三四) consists of the Kanji characters "three" and "four".
    • Kaidan to Odorou, Soshite Anata wa Kaidan de Odoru featured a character named Miyoko Tanashi, which was released before the reveal of Takano's former name as Miyoko Tanashi in Higurashi proper. Ryukishi suggests that the events shown in Kaidan to Odorou could have happened in Takano's past.[6]
    • Umineko When They Cry features Lambdadelta, the Witch of Certainty, whose name is Greek for the number 34 (λδ). The manga version of Turn of the Golden Witch's Secret Tea Party features a figure in the background that resembles Takano shortly before the debut of Lambda.[7] Lambda's voice actress Fuyuka Ono also voices Takano's younger self, and the extra arc Memoirs of the ΛΔ in Symphony of Catbox and Dreams has the voices of Fuyuka Ono and Miki Itou, who voices adult Takano, overlaying on each other for the girl whom Lambda grants the power to make certain determination come true. Additionally, Lambdadelta and Takano have the same birthday.[8] Ryukishi07 suggests that Takano and Lambda are separate people,[9] but can be interpreted as having the same "player".[10]
"My certain conviction will forge a certain future. Nobody can interfere. Nobody can stop me. I won't allow the die to roll a one. I won't admit that diligent efforts can be erased by a mere train accident. I'm going to make all the dice roll sixes. I won't entrust the die to God. I won't give in to luck. The only people who pray to God are people who don't want to work hard. I don't trust God. I'm going to create results myself. My strong will is going to create a certain future that God can't possibly prevent... I'll rise above the die. I'll decide what to roll on it. I'll decide my own fate. I'll do that with my unshakable, certain willpower."
— Takano's inner monologue in Matsuribayashi


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