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Miyo Takano (鷹野 三四 Takano Miyo) is a nurse working for the Irie Clinic who is researching the past of Hinamizawa and their god Oyashiro-sama.


A nurse at the Irie Clinic, loved by everyone in the village. She has a somewhat mysterious atmosphere and always has a meaningful smile. In occult mania, she seems to be very interested in the "Oyashiro-sama" faith in Hinamizawa.
(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)

A very alluring nurse that works at the clinic. She is very interested in Hinamizawa's history and is researching it on her own. It appears as though she knows Tomitake...
(From the Gou website.)


Takano has blonde hair. She wears a green jacket adorned with a green ribbon with a yellow four-leaf clover over a pink shirt and black pants.

In Minagoroshi-hen, her military outfit is entirely black with a black beret. The same green ribbon is adorned on it.


Takano has a mysterious aura about her and loves to talk about Hinamizawa's legends.

Takano regularly meets Satoko. She's one of the few adults who regularly speaks to Satoko and shares a love of stuffed animals.[2]


Takano came to Hinamizawa and became a nurse at Irie's clinic. At some point she started researching Hinamizawa's past and writing down all of her findings and theories in scrapbooks.

See Miyoko Tanashi for more information.





Takano is first introduced when Keiichi visits the Furude Shrine and sees her with Tomitake. Her name is not given, however she is shown to be close with Tomitake.

The day after the festival, Keiichi learns from Ooishi that Takano had gone missing. This is the first time her name is given.


Takano and Tomitake break into the shrine's ritual warehouse, and they allow Keiichi and Shion to come inside with them. Takano starts telling them about Hinamizawa's past and how the villagers used to make human sacrifices as part of the Watanagashi Festival.

Sometime after the festival, the police discover Takano's corpse burnt inside an oil drum near the mountains. At the climax of the chapter, Keiichi learns from Ooishi that after further investigation, they determined that Takano's time of death was 24 hours before the festival; she was supposed to be dead while Keiichi was inside the storehouse with her.


Shortly after Keiichi buries Teppei's corpse, he gets lost and Takano sees him, offering to give a ride home. As they drive, Keiichi sees that Takano has a fold-up bike in her backseat and learns that Tomitake has a similar one, wondering why Takano didn't put the bike in the trunk.

Takano drops off Keiichi at his house and tells him that they never met that night. Keiichi curses her and thinks that he should kill Takano if he needs to.

Near the end of the chapter Keiichi learns that Takano has died, her corpse found burnt inside an oil drum. Keiichi thinks that he really did curse her to die.


Takano talks to Shion a bit.

A similar event to Watanagashi-hen happens where Takano and Tomitake invite Keiichi and Shion into the ritual warehouse with them. After the festival, Takano's corpse is found burnt inside an oil drum.


Takano talks to Rena and gives her one of her scrapbooks containing records of Hinamizawa's past. Rena learns from the book that alien parasites came to the village long ago and starts believing there is a conspiracy afoot. After the festival, Rena's paranoia grows when she learns from Ooishi that Takano's corpse was found burnt inside of an oil drum.

Rena takes the Hinamizawa school hostage, and Ooishi and the police realize that Takano's scrapbooks are what made Rena go crazy in the first place. They investigate Takano's house and discover several other scrapbooks she wrote which all contain different theories for Hinamizawa's past and amount to fiction.


Rika allows Takano and Tomitake to enter the ritual storehouse in the hopes of making them allies.

The night of the festival, Takano injects Tomitake with an advanced strain of Hinamizawa Syndrome and dumps his unconscious body on the side of the road, expecting him to wake up and soon kill himself. Takano also plans to make herself "disappear" as the fifth victim of Oyashiro-sama's curse, and when her subordinates discover a burnt corpse in the mountains, Takano uses it to trick the police into thinking its hers.

Rika has realized that Takano is the mastermind and rallies the club for help, but Takano and her men kill most of them. Upon request by Rika, Takano dissects her, still conscious, in front of the Furude Shrine. Takano finally carries out the Great Hinamizawa Disaster by having her men gather up all the villagers and execute them, planning to pass it off as a volcanic gas disaster.


Takano's past as Miyoko Tanashi is revealed, and the Connecting Fragments section details her quest to make her grandfather's research known.

After hearing that Rika has suddenly disappeared, Takano orders the Mountain Dogs to search for her however they fail.

At the climax, Okonogi understands that Takano has already lost and gives her a gun loaded with a single bullet, expecting her to kill herself with it. Takano instead uses it to threaten the rest of the club when they confront her. She shoots at Hanyuu only for Rika to suddenly stop time and grab the bullet.

Takano is soon surrounded by police, and Tomitake shows up to convince them that she's suffering from Hinamizawa Syndrome and wants her to get a checkup.

Other Appearances


  • In the original Comiket version of Onikakushi, Takano didn't have a sprite. [3]
  • Ryukishi07's later works feature characters that are similar to Takano in appearance and name, usually a reference to the fact that Miyo (三四) consists of the Kanji characters "three" and "four".
    • Umineko no Naku Koro ni features Lambdadelta, the Witch of Certainty, whose name is Greek for the number 34. The extra arc Memoirs of the ΛΔ implies that Lambda was responsible for granting Miyoko the powers to make her certain determination come true. However, in an interview with Ryukishi07, he confirmed that Lambdadelta and Takano's similarities are just merely red herrings rather than them having an actual connection with each other.[4]
"My certain conviction will forge a certain future. Nobody can interfere. Nobody can stop me. I won't allow the die to roll a one. I won't admit that diligent efforts can be erased by a mere train accident. I'm going to make all the dice roll sixes. I won't entrust the die to God. I won't give in to luck. The only people who pray to God are people who don't want to work hard. I don't trust God. I'm going to create results myself. My strong will is going to create a certain future that God can't possibly prevent... I'll rise above the die. I'll decide what to roll on it. I'll decide my own fate. I'll do that with my unshakable, certain willpower."
— Takano's inner monologue in Matsuribayashi


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