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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Miyao Mitake (御岳 都雄 Mitake Miyao), from AOU Japan, is the main protagonist of Ciconia When They Cry and the leader of the Gauntlet Knight squad Warcat.


From AOU Japan
A member of the 0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Warcat" of the AOU Combined Military Central HQ

The current world record holder for highest P3 level measurements. His overwhelming score far surpassed second place.
Current Gauntlet engineering is unable to make use of most of his P3 potential, so he's currently in a state where his talent has outstripped technology.
Because of his unique level of ability, the AOU Next Generation Genetic Research Center and the AOU Joint Parliament have budgeted $100,000,000 towards his genetic analysis.


Miyao has short, red hair with yellow eyes. He wears a white coat with what resembles a harness and black shorts with black socks and brown shoes. His Gauntlet resembles medieval knight armor.

His height is pretty short and he's been teased by Jayden for that very often.


Miyao likes to play around on his off-time, but during training and simulations he acts very harsh, marking down everything his squad mates do wrong and punctuating it with something positive. Miyao displays very strong leadership abilities and responsibility.




Miyao and Jayden are best friends, and they often duel each other during training. Their friendship hits a rocky path after Meow's existence is revealed and Jayden starts to treat Miyao differently, but they get over it.

Meow Mitake

Miyao and Meow have a brother-sister relationship. They sometimes bicker over how Miyao treats his body, as part of the reason he doesn't want to exercise and build muscle is because he thinks Meow won't like it.


MIYAO claims to be an alternate personality of Miyao. He frequently speaks to Miyao in his mind and mocks his attempts at striving for world peace while telling him about the impending tragedies. In Phase 1, Chapter 24, Miyao begrudgingly forms an alliance with MIYAO and considers he may be telling the truth.

Toujirou Mitake

Miyao and Toujirou don't talk often due to Miyao always training and Toujirou traveling the world. Miyao frequently calls him "the old bastard," but he genuinely respects Toujirou for raising him and listens to his advice.

Special Abilities

High Output P3 User (SS)

The fact that his average P3 levels surpass the maximum output of the average member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry proves that he's a Gauntlet Knight prodigy. As Gauntlet technology improves, he'll probably be able to draw out more and more of his true worth.

Cluster Missile Guidance (SS)

His specialties are simultaneous attacks against multiple targets and saturation attacks against a single target, performed by simultaneously yet precisely controlling overwhelmingly large numbers of high-maneuverability guided missiles. This suggests that he's capable of carrying out all his duties perfectly.

Friendly Observation (S)

He observes the movements of friendly units even more closely than his enemies. In battle, he constantly thinks about coordinating with his allies, and in training, he's capable of thoroughly nitpicking his allies once their training is over.


Miyao is ciconia-born, a rarity in the AOU. He was raised by his biological father Toujirou and undertook PP training at a very early age, going on to become one of the best Gauntlet Knights in the world.

MIYAO suggests that Miyao is actually a clone of the original Miyao and has fabricated memories, designed to be a murder program.


For You, the Replaceable Ones

Much of the story centers around Miyao and his experiences as a Gauntlet Knight. He and his squad Warcat display great results at the International Battle Standard Festival, with Miyao dueling the COU ace Lingji and losing. Miyao eventually creates the It's A Wrap Public Bath virtual room, uniting other Gauntlet Knight squads and aces around the world. He arranges a Public Bath Oath where the Gauntlet Knights swear not to attack retreating enemies and not to kill each other.

Miyao soon comes into conflict with MIYAO, an entity who claims to be Miyao from the future and makes predictions of Miyao killing his fellow Gauntlet Knights Lingji, Koshka, and Jayden. He also claims that Miyao is a program made for the purpose of killing them and that in the end the Gauntlet Knights will all kill each other; Miyao rejects him and swears that the Gauntlet Knights will get along.

Miyao is revealed to have another, female personality inside him named Meow, and she becomes romantically involved with Jayden. Miyao and Jayden face some issues due to Jayden treating him like a girl, and they soon duke it out and resolve it.

As tensions worldwide begin rising, Miyao and other Gauntlet Knights show concern over being deployed for actual combat. They all start to believe that there's some criminal mastermind instigating wars, and they all decide to carry out their missions in such a way that nobody actually dies. After the initial worldwide conflicts, MIYAO reappears with proof that Miyao is a murder program and shows him an image of someone he's supposed to kill. Miyao later speaks to his father Toujirou and learns he's the Grand Master of a chivalric order he made.

In Chapter 15, Miyao officially forms the Order of the Public Bath, recruiting Gauntlet Knights worldwide for the purpose of upholding world peace. They swear not to die and not to kill, making missions intentionally fail. This proves to be a heated topic of discussion later on as the worldwide conflicts ramp up in intensity, making it difficult to keep to the Public Bath's oath.

In Chapter 22, the Ninth Prime Chivalric Order, who had infiltrated the Public Bath, catches on to Miyao's plans and assassinates a key person who could have helped him. Afterwards, Warcat is deployed to the Glass Sea again, and they create a farce where Miyao and Gunhild help an enemy squad survive by taking control of their Gauntlets and dodging missiles launched by Jayden.

In Chapter 24, MIYAO continues pestering Miyao about him being a program and causing a horrible future, and Miyao decides to listen to him; if there is undeniable proof that Miyao is a program made to destroy the world, then he will disappear.

In Chapter 25, many superior officers in governments worldwide begin to notice that Gauntlet Knights are sabotaging missions because of Miyao's Order, and they appoint analysts to ensure things go smoothly. Miyao accepts this turn of events and invites every Gauntlet Knight in the world to join a virtual Christmas party as they fight to the death in real life.

At the climax, Miyao has a midair fistfight with Lingji and tries to make her calm down after she sends a message permitting her ally Knights to kill. Toujirou soon hacks into Miyao's Gauntlet and forces him to kill Lingji, leaving him to wonder what had just happened.

The Data Fragments show more insight into Miyao's training as a Gauntlet Knight.


  • It is not implied in the English translation, but the speech patterns between Miyao and MIYAO are different. Miyao's is more masculine, using pronouns such as "ore" () for himself and "omae" (お前) or "anta" (あんた) for others, while MIYAO's is calmer and more neutral, using "boku" () and "kimi" () as his pronouns.
  • His first name means "a hero in the city", as it's said in Phase 1's epilogue. It could be considered as a pun, as his name sounds like a cat's sound.
  • In chapter 3, he addresses Lingji as "Lingji-san" at first, but soon drops the honorific. The English version translate that part as "Lieutenant Lingji" instead.
  • In the Japanese version, Miyao calls his father "oyaji" (親父), roughly means "old bastard". He occasionally calls him "papa" (パパ).