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Plot Summary
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Fragment 12 ~ Shirakaba Mountain Villa Siege Incident.

Fragment 2 ~ Kaoru Yamaoki.

Fragment 13 ~ Lowell Scandal.

Fragment 15 ~ Arrest of Ministry of Health and Welfare Official.

Fragment 14 ~ Public Security Detective’s Death.

Fragment 17 ~ Investigation Closed.

Fragment 23 ~ Lukewarm Canned Coffee.

Fragment 16 ~ Resignation Notice.

Fragment 21 ~ Madoka Minai.

Fragment 1 ~ At the Victory Celebration.

Fragment 3 ~ Natsumi Kimiyoshi.

Fragment 22 ~ Copy Medicine.

Fragment 4 ~ Beginning Clinical Trials.

Fragment 6 ~ New Semester and…

Fragment 30 ~ Incident Report 1.

Fragment 27 ~ Receipt and Ticket.

Fragment 31 ~ Incident Report 2.

Fragment 5 ~ First Day at the Public Relations Office.

Fragment 24 ~ Real Name Tomoe.

Fragment 25 ~ Drunken Boss’s True Identity.

Fragment 26 ~ Gone with the Ashes.

Fragment 28 ~ A 6 on the Dice.

Fragment 18 ~ Incident Report 3.

Fragment 19 ~ Incident Report 4.

Fragment 20 ~ Incident Report 5.

Fragment 11 ~ Retaliation for Failure.

Fragment 29 ~ The Conspiracy Has Started to Move.

Fragment 8 ~ A Fragment of Hirukowashi.

Fragment 7 ~ A Fragment of Someutsushi.

Fragment 9 ~ A Fragment of Kageboushi.

Fragment 32 ~ A Fragment of Tokihogushi.

Fragment 10 ~ A Fragment of Yoigoshi.

Fragment 33 ~ A Fragment of Miotsukushi.

Fragment 34 ~ Reversing the Gears.

Fragment 35 ~ A Fragment of Miotsukushi B.

Credits goes to Fawful 999.

Chapter List

Chapter Name (Japanese) English (Translated)
再戦 Special Investigation and Public Security
家族旅行 Family Vacation
幸せな時間 Happy Times
その肩にすがりたくて A Shoulder to Lean On
捜査難航 Difficult Investigation
夢魔の胎動 Growing Nightmare
壊れた心 Broken Heart
闇との決別 Farewell to Darkness
礼奈との再会 Reunion with Reina
号泣 Regret
悪魔の薬 The Devil’s Drug
真犯人は… The Real Killer is…
父からのメッセージ Father’s Message
正義は屈せじ Unyielding Justice
決戦、垣内空港 Endgame: Kakiuchi Airport
思い、果たされて A Wish Fulfilled
過去との絆 Ties to the Past

Special Investigation and Public Security

Family Vacation

Happy Times

A Shoulder to Lean On

Difficult Investigation

Growing Nightmare

Broken Heart

Farewell to Darkness

Reunion with Reina


The Devil’s Drug

The Real Killer is…

Father’s Message

Unyielding Justice

Endgame: Kakiuchi Airport

A Wish Fulfilled

Ties to the Past