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Plot Summary

This page provides a summary of the TIPS in Miotsukushi-hen Omote. These are identical to the ones featured in the original PS2 version.

Shion and Akane

This TIP is unlocked after "Birth of a New Club President".

At the Sonozaki Main House, Shion's boiling some water when Akane meets her. Akane thinks she's hiding something and offers some alcohol, laughing and retracting the offer when Shion shows interest. She asks if Shion should be heading home soon, thinking that this event is bringing up bad memories for her. Shion doesn't mind since Mion's situation is different from back then.

Akane accepts Shion's view of the situation and reminds her that what happened back then wasn't done out of spite, it was because the other party was a bad fit. Shion thinks she's calling Satoshi a bad person, but Akane thought he really was a good boy looking out for his sister. The problem is that Shion's still a Sonozaki, and they didn't want her becoming a social outcast. Shion asks if Akane's talking about herself or Oryou, and her mother replies it's both; Shion is just as important as Mion, but Oryou's playing the villain, so Shion needs to show some understanding. Shion says her answer immediately would be "no", but she might change it given some more time.

Shion finishes boiling her water, and Akane hands her a bottle. Shion apologizes and thanks her, saying that's two bottles to fill Akane's share.

Moving Blunder

This TIP is unlocked after "Persuading Shion".

A delivery man discovers that a piece of furniture scheduled for delivery tomorrow was loaded two hours ago and will reach the customer today. He shows annoyance that the customer will be angry when it comes earlier than expected, but another deliveryman says the customer called them that day and asked it be delivered early. The first deliveryman is even more annoyed since the manager told them not to deliver anything that day since they're low on manpower and asks who this customer was anyway; the other replying that it's a "Mr. Ryuugu."

An unknown girl giggles.

Fate of an Outlaw

This TIP is unlocked after "Save Satoko".

Teppei runs through the woods, finally stopping to catch his breath after thinking he'd outran the police. He's sure the police knows about the medicine now, which he'd even kept hidden from Ritsuko, but now everything's fallen apart. Teppei will definitely be put in jail for two to three years because of this. He swears to kill Satoko when he gets back, but Takano appears behind him and says that won't be possible.

Teppei sees she's the nurse from the Irie Clinic and plans to take her hostage, drawing a knife. Takano laughs and mocks him, catching Teppei off guard since he's clearly at an advantage. Takano slowly walks towards Teppei, frightening him because of her aura. Teppei threatens to stab her, and Takano shoots him a few times, making him faint.

Takano isn't going to let Teppei die that easily since he brings back unpleasant memories.

Lost Item

This TIP is unlocked after "Runaway Shion".

Some old people assist in cleaning up the Furude Shrine the day after the Watanagashi Festival. They're still excited from Rika's performance last night and are worried for her since she's still resting from a fever, but this is their chance to help her and make the shrine more beautiful than it was before. A villager then notices a heavy bag hidden behind a small shrine, thinking it must be important.