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Chapter List[]

Chapter Name (Japanese) English (Translated)
羽入のいない世界 A World Without Hanyuu
昼食バトル Lunch Battle
保健室にて At the Infirmary
敵は部活メンバー The Rival Club Members
新部長誕生 Birth of a New Club President
就任祝い…? Inaugural Celebration...?
夜の語らい Night Talk
運命をこの手に Fate Within Reach
詩音を説得 Persuading Shion
レナを説得 Persuading Rena
圭一の正体 Keiichi's True Colors
これって罰ゲーム? Is This a Punishment Game?
図書館デート Library Date
明らかになる真相 The Truth Revealed
愚か者の末路 The Fool's End
沙都子救出 Save Satoko
赤坂、再び Akasaka Redux
綿流し後の事件 Watanagashi Incident
梨花、行方不明 Rika, Missing
詩音の暴走 Runaway Shion
反撃開始 Commence Counterattack
5年前の再現 Return to Five Years Past
救出作戦 Rescue Operation
終末作戦開始 Operation Doomsday Begins
現れたのは…梨花? The One Who Arrived...Was Rika?
最後に笑うのは The Last Laugh
さよならのかわりに In Lieu of Farewell

A World Without Hanyuu[]

Lunch Battle[]

At the Infirmary[]

The Rival Club Members[]

Birth of a New Club President[]

Inaugural Celebration...?[]

Night Talk[]

Fate Within Reach[]

Persuading Shion[]

Persuading Rena[]

Keiichi's True Colors[]

Is This a Punishment Game?[]

Library Date[]

The Truth Revealed[]

The Fool's End[]

Save Satoko[]

Akasaka Redux[]

Watanagashi Incident[]

Rika, Missing[]

Runaway Shion[]

Commence Counterattack[]

Return to Five Years Past[]

Rescue Operation[]

Operation Doomsday Begins[]

The One Who Arrived...Was Rika?[]

The Last Laugh[]

In Lieu of Farewell[]