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This article is about locations in
Umineko When They Cry.
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This pages lists the minor locations in Umineko When They Cry, including the ones that may be Golden Fantasia stages. Locations are roughly listed by the order they appear in the original story.

Nijima Airport[]

An airport. The Ushiromiya family meets here before heading off to Rokkenjima.


An aquarium in Okinawa that George and Shannon visit on a date in Turn of the Golden Witch.

It is a stage in Golden Fantasia.

Jessica's School[]

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The school that Jessica attends. In Turn of the Golden Witch, Jessica takes Kanon on a date here and performs at the school festival.

The School Festival is a stage in Golden Fantasia.

Skyscraper Roof[]

The roof of a skyscraper that Ange Ushiromiya jumps off of in the Banquet of the Golden Witch ???.

It is a stage in Golden Fantasia.

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Rosa's House[]

The house that Rosa and Maria live in.

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Nanjo Clinic[]

A clinic on Nijima that Terumasa Nanjo used to run before passing it on to his son Masayuki.

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Sabakichi's House[]

A house where Chiyo Kumasawa's son Sabakichi resides.

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Kawabata's House[]

A store called "Marufuku Sleep Shop" where the boat captain Kawabata lives with his son and daughter-in-law.

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Hachijo's House[]

The house that the reclusive author Tohya Hachijo lives in.

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Featherine's Library[]

A location in the Meta-World where Featherine Augustus Aurora stores many Fragments. In Dawn of the Golden Witch, Featherine has Ange read to her here. She later permits Chick Beato to read up on the Fragments detailing the original Beatrice's previous games.

Zf r1ap

Zepar and Furfur's Room[]

A room in the Meta-World similar to The Witch's Smoking Room used in Dawn of the Golden Witch. The contestants in Zepar and Furfur's love trial hang out here in-between rounds.

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A theater in the Meta-World featured in Requiem of the Golden Witch where Clair presents her story to an unseen audience. Bernkastel later summons Lion and Ange to this theater to show them the truth of Rokkenjima.

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Library Fleet[]

A fleet of pirate ships dispatched from the City of Books that Erika uses to assault the Golden Land in Twilight of the Golden Witch.

It is featured as a stage in Golden Fantasia.