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This article is about locations in Higurashi When They Cry.

This page lists locations in Higurashi When They Cry that may not have enough information to warrant an entire page.

Maebara Mansion

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The Maebara Mansion (前原屋敷 Maebara Yashiki) is a house built on a lot purchased by Keiichi Maebara's parents before they moved to Hinamizawa. It's large enough that most villagers call it a mansion, much to Keiichi's surprise.

The backgrounds were inspired by the Shirakawa Clean Center in Shirakawa-go.[1]

Ryuugu Residence

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A house lived in by Rena Ryuugu and her dad. The front yard is filled with junk and treasure that Rena has brought home from the junkyard.

Dam Site and Junkyard

The dam site (ダム現場 damu genba) was where construction for the dam project was to be held, but villagers dumped junk there in defiance of it. Rena often comes here for treasure hunting and even has a small sanctuary set up for herself.

Houjou Residence

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A house in Hinamizawa where Satoko Houjou, her brother Satoshi, and their aunt and uncle used to live in. After the aunt's death and Satoshi's disappearance in the fourth year of the curse, Teppei abandoned the village while Satoko went to live with Rika, leaving the house empty.

In arcs where Teppei returns to the village, he returns to this house and forces Satoko to live with him.

Sevens Mart

Sevens Mart (セブンスマート Sebunsu Māto), also called Seventh Mart, is a grocery store. Rena and Keiichi's mother are frequent shoppers and run into each other there a lot.

Toy Store/Da Vinci

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The toy store in Okinomiya, called Da Vinci (ダビンチ Da Binchi) in various ports and adaptations, is owned by Mion's uncle Yoshirou. Game tournaments are often held there.