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This page is for detailing information for the lesser characters of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni series.

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This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, possibly including the manga. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Main Story


Kawabata (川畑 Kawabata) is the plane pilot at the beginning of Legend of the Golden Witch who brings the Ushiromiya family to Nijima. Though he has the exact same name as the boat captain Kawabata, he is a different character.[1]

Kinzo's legal wife

Kinzo´s wife in the Requiem of the Golden Witch manga

Kinzo Ushiromiya's wife, who he was forced to marry by the Ushiromiya elders before he became a soldier in World War II. Not much is known about her, aside from the fact that she came from a high aristocratic family and was the mother of Krauss, Eva, Rudolf and Rosa, and thus the grandmother of Jessica, George, Battler, Ange and Maria. Throughout the series she has only been referred to by a very few characters, and a very few times, mostly by her children or grandchildren.

She was mentioned once by Kinzo during EP7. Kinzo never really love her nor did he hate her, he just did not care about her, like how he did not care about their children. It is unknown whether the feelings she had for Kinzo were mutual, but it was noted by Eva that after Kinzo moved his family to Rokkenjima, she became suspicious of him and was somewhat aware of the existence of a blonde haired woman living in a hidden mansion, due to his frequent visits. When she died, it was noted by Rudolf that Kinzo cried in her funeral, though not as much as when he cried for Beatrice in EP7.

Like Asumu, she did not get a sprite but was given an appearance in the manga adaptation, though she only had one picture.

President of Marusoo

A company president that Kinzo supposedly showed his legendary gold stockpile to. The president was allowed to take a gold bar from the pile and have it examined, which revealed the gold to be pure and genuine.[2] When the president of Marusoo died, Krauss obtained his gold ingot, further proving the epitaph's gold really did exist.[3]


Hina (ヒナ Hina) is a classmate of Jessica and Saku.

Dale Watanabe

Rudolf's lawyer for a case involving a foreign company.[4]

Erika's former lover

In EP6, Erika reveals to Dlanor that the reason she strongly denied magic was because of her experience with a man in college who claimed to love her. Day by day, Erika found circumstantial evidence that he could have been cheating with another woman. When confronted, the man reacted violently and threw her out, thus ending their relationship. This emotional scar, which would remain carved into Erika's heart could possibly be the reason why Erika denies love and magic.

It is also possible that Erika's cruelty and most likely, her inferiority complex stems from her former lover's betrayal. Therefore, it is deemed that Erika grew to despise him. This is attested when Erika's mockingly refers to him after showing Dlanor her past kakera.

Maria's father

Photo of Rosa and Maria's father at the beach. From the Requiem of the Golden Witch manga Chapter 10.

Maria's father and Rosa's partner, who abandoned them before Maria was even born. He and Rosa were never married, though Rosa loved him deeply. Rosa had become a cosigner for a loan and helped him borrow money so he could improve his business but then he disappeared, leaving Rosa with a ton of debt.[5]

Ranko Edogawa

The unnamed Inquisitors from the Requiem manga.

An originally-unnamed Inquisitor who appears in the prologue of Requiem of the Golden Witch and argues with Will over a maid being the culprit. Her name was given in Shinsou Kaimei Dokuhon Episode 8.


Diana from the Requiem manga.

Willard H. Wright's pet cat. She is known to have digestive issues and due to this she can only drink warm milk. She is also believed to be rather vicious even though she has such a calm and cute demeanor.

Beatrice Castiglioni's father

Beatrice Castiglioni's father was a high-ranking official in the Salo Republic of Italy. He and several other Italian soldiers were on a submarine carrying a mountain of gold bars and were taking them to Italy. After a mine hit the sub and damage it greatly, many of the soldiers onboard, Bice's father included, died soon after.

First Lieutenant Yamamoto

Yamamoto from the Requiem manga.

Kinzo's commanding officer. He summoned Kinzo to act as an interpreter for the Italian soldiers when they were taken into the military base on Rokkenjima. After learning about the gold the Italians were carrying on their submarine, he tried to negotiate with them so he could have some of the gold for himself. However, when that failed, he commanded an attack on them in an attempt to steal it from them, resulting in a massive firefight.

Later in the firefight, Yamamoto took Beatrice Castiglioni hostage and killed Angelo with his pistol. After that, Kinzo came to Beatrice's rescue and Yamamoto shot at him and grazed his ear, thinking that Kinzo tipped the Italians off. Kinzo then shot Yamamoto in the chest, killing him.

Tajima and Warrant Officer Hiraoka

Soldiers from the Japanese Army and Kinzo's colleagues on the military base. A discussion between the Japanese and Italians turned violent, with the almost-dead Hiraoka being the first thing Kinzo saw when he heard gunshots. Tajima attempts to warn everyone else of what's going on and is shot and killed form behind by Italians. Both of their deaths discouraged Kinzo from wanting to die.

Lieutenant Angelo

One of the Italian soldiers taken into the Rokkenjima base on a damaged submarine. He wanted to keep the gold secret from the Italian government and the Allies but saw fit to try and embezzle it later. He discusses with Yamamoto and the Japanese soldiers about splitting the gold but when they get attacked he orders a massacre of the Japanese on the base. Angelo is ultimately killed by Yamamoto.

Gino and Rubens

Italian soldiers that were killed by Japanese soldiers on the base.


A painter who painted the portrait of Beatrice that hangs in the main hall of the Ushiromiya mansion. In Twilight of the Golden Witch, they are once again hired to make a new Beatrice portrait for the Fukuin House.

Side Arcs


Akihito (アキヒト Akihito) is a man that Rosa dates in Labor Thanksgiving Day Gifts. He's the chief producer of a design office.

Rudolf's mistress

A woman that Rudolf's dating in Labor Thanksgiving Day Gifts despite his marriage to Kyrie. He secretly talks with her over the phone and prepares a private meeting with her but soon reschedules after receiving a threatening gift from Kyrie.



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