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This is a page for listing the minor characters that appear in Rose Guns Days. Characters are listed by the order they first appear.

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Peter McDowell

An American lieutenant with ties to a mafia family and an interest in Japanese culture. He falls in love with a woman, Helena Kanzaki, and tries to save her from prostitution.

Helena Kanzaki

A Japanese woman who can speak English, sold into prostitution because of the massive debt her father owed. She falls in love with Peter and runs away with him to try and live a peaceful life.

Olivia, Mariah, and Caesar

New characters appearing in the Season 2 stage play adaptation.

Yuuji Maiougi

Richard and Stella Maiougi's nephew. His father died in the war and his mother passed in an accident. He is being raised by Richard and Stella, but Richard's landlady takes care of him during the day.

President of Central Fruits and Vegetables

The owner of a company who allies with Primavera. After Rose refuses to join Caleb, Caleb's men attack various businesses in retaliation, and the President is badly wounded and taken to the hospital where he later dies. Rose blames herself for his death and starts trying to make amends with Caleb.

Satomi Yoshikage

The owner of a company that specializes in soy sauce. Rose negotiates with him to start producing soy sauce so Primavera can distribute it and move towards preserving Japanese culture.

Elia Kazan

A film director who takes inspiration from Zel's singing.

Zel's Father

Zel's father, who was held hostage by the Chinese mafia. His life and safety were used as leverage to make Zel an assassin.

Davis Degawa

Jin Wangyong

President of Yamapan