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Higurashi When They Cry.

This page describes minor Higurashi When They Cry characters that appear in manga-exclusive arcs and content.


Natsumi's Family (Aki, Touji and Haruko)[]

Natsumi's family moved from Hinamizawa to another city (Kakiuchi City) despite the complaints of Aki, Natsumi's grandmother and a fierce believer in Oyashiro-sama. Shortly after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, Aki begins performing bizarre rituals involving the death of animals and placing charms all over the family's house. Haruko and Touji, Natsumi's parents, do their best to keep Aki under control and hide the fact they're from Hinamizawa.

One day Natsumi sees her mother stabbing Aki to death, and a crazed Haruko encourages her family to chop up her body and hide it. The police soon discover Aki's body however, and Haruko assaults Touji for botching the disposal. Touji suggests to Natsumi that they turn themselves in to the police, but Haruko kills him by stabbing him in the throat. Haruko then attempts to kill Natsumi and they wrestle over a knife, leading to Natsumi killing her mother with it.

It's then revealed that Natsumi actually killed Aki. She pushed her down and accidentally killed her when she hit her head on a table, and Natsumi forced her family to chop up her body and hide the parts. She then attacked her dad for messing up the corpse disposal and later killed both of her parents. Haruko managed to call Akira for help when he called the house however.


Yukari Sumitomo[]

Yukari Sumitomo (住友 ゆかり Sumitomo Yukari) is the class representative of Shion and Mizuho's class in St. Lucia Academy.

Sister Maria[]

Sister Maria (シスター・マリア Shisutā Maria) is a nun working at St. Lucia Academy and the liaison officer.

The Twins[]

A pair of students at St. Lucia Academy who eavesdrop on Shion and Mizuho's budding friendship.

Saki Ootori[]

Saki Ootori (鳳 咲 Ōtori Saki) is a mysterious girl at St. Lucia Academy who claims to be the same as Mizuho Kousaka. Saki tells Mizuho to pay attention as another girl apparently commits suicide by jumping off a nearby roof.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei[]



Gato (賀戸) is a nurse who works at the Okinomiya middle school. She tends to Inori Mikazuki's wounds after she falls down some stairs in Hoshiwatashi and Oniokoshi.

Mayor Kimiyoshi[]

Mayor kimiyoshi rei hoshi

The mayor in Hoshiwatashi

The current mayor of Hinamizawa in 2019.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Oni[]

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Okai Sonozaki[]

Okai sonozaki

Okai Sonozaki (園崎 おかい Sonozaki Okai) is the grandmother of Yuuki and Ryou. She gives swordsmanship practice to Kiichirou.

Yuuki Sonozaki[]

Yuuki sonozaki

Yuuki Sonozaki (園崎 佑魕 Sonozaki Yuuki) is the older brother of Ryou Sonozaki and a mentor to Kiichirou Kimiyoshi. He was to become the next heir to the Sonozaki family.[1] At some point Yuuki fell ill, and in 1923 was supposedly attacked by Chiyoko Kimiyoshi and disappeared, his torn kimono found floating in Onigafuchi Swamp.

Chiyoko Kimiyoshi[]

Chiyoko kimiyoshi

Chiyoko Kimiyoshi (公由 千代子 Kimiyoshi Chiyoko) is Seiji Kimiyoshi's mother. She was popular with male villagers, and many made advances on her. In 1923 she was "possessed by a demon" and disappeared into Onigafuchi Swamp, with many villagers believing she was responsible for the deaths of Oryou's parents and Yuuki's disappearance, and was cursed by Oyashiro-sama as a result. Seiji was shunned by the village afterwards.

Souhei's Parents[]

A young Souhei and his parents

Souji (宗司) and Itsumi (伊都美) were Souhei Origuchi's parents. After the young Souhei and his friends snuck into the ritual storehouse one night, Souji and Itsumi mysteriously died. Souhei's grandfather took him to escape Hinamizawa and live in Tokyo.


  • Gato has a similar appearance to Gertrude from Umineko When They Cry. "Gato" sounds like the first half of Gertrude's name pronounced in Japanese (Gātorūdo), and the symbol worn near Gato's neck resembles the symbol seen on Eiserne Jungfrau uniforms. Gato's assistant additionally looks similar to Cornelia.
  • Souhei's parents bear a resemblance to Oliver and Zel from Rose Guns Days.