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This page describes minor Higurashi When They Cry characters that appear in console-exclusive arcs and content.

Kazuko Yamase[]

Kazuko Yamase (山瀬加寿子, Yamase Kazuko) is a nurse who works at Saeki Hospital and the director of the Care and Welfare Center for the Elderly. She first appears in Someutsushi-hen as a kindhearted, passionate caregiver and a mentor to Natsumi Kimiyoshi as she works part-time at the facility. Yamase is described as a gentle woman slightly older than Natsumi's mother who always looks out for Natsumi and appreciates her sincere efforts.

When Detective Tomoe Minai forcefully tries to interrogate Kazuma Hatakeyama (a former resident of Hinamizawa) regarding the Gas disaster, Natsumi intervenes and defends the elderly man. This compassionate act earns Nurse Yamase's admiration and she later urges Natsumi to consider becoming a caregiver after high school. Yamase's compliment greatly touches and encourages Natsumi who was previously distraught regarding her future career prospects.

Yamase is later unexpectedly murdered by a mentally unstable Hatakeyama after he develops the terminal symptoms of the Hinamizawa Syndrome. Natsumi hastily uncovers her dead body as the paramedics are carrying it out, and has a nervous breakdown after seeing her disfigured face.

Chisato Saeki later explains how Yamase was an excellent nurse and that the Care and Welfare Center for the Elderly was actually her proposal to the management. Earlier during her career, Yamase was compelled to leave her bedridden father in her son's care, due to her demanding hours. When her aged father had developed a fever, Yamase's son had treated it like a common cold, when it was actually organ failure and turned out to be fatal. Her regret motivated her to realize that the general population which didn't have medical expertise would feel burdened and incapable of providing adequate care for the ailing elderly. This led to her involvement and passion in establishing the facility at the Saeki Hospital.

Kazuko Yamase's murder along with Kazuma Hatakeyama's suicide becomes one of the main triggers for the events of Someutsushi-hen causing great mental distress to Natsumi who was already facing difficulties on various fronts in this arc.

Kazuma Hatakeyama[]

Kazuma Hatakeyama (畠山一馬, Hatakeyama Kazuma)is an elderly man hospitalized at the Saeki Hospital's Care and Welfare Center for the Elderly and a former resident of Hinamizawa. He first appears in Someutsushi-hen as an unsociable old man who was admitted to the center recently. Natsumi Kimiyoshi encounters him during her part-time job at the facility and becomes acquainted with him once they both learn about their shared Hinamizawan heritage. Natsumi encourages Hatakeyama to come out of his shell, socialize, and also look forward to recovering and going home to his family.

After the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, Hatakeyama's mental health deteriorates and his nearly delirious worship of Oyashiro-sama becomes a menace to the hospital. He later comes down with a fever after Detective Tomoe Minai attempts to interrogate him forcibly and is scheduled to be transferred to a psychiatric ward. He becomes one of the triggers for the events of Someutsushi-hen as his murder of his caretaker, Kazuko Yamase and eventual suicide become one of the stressors Natsumi faces in this arc.

In Kageboushi-hen, he doesn't play a very significant role in the main story as he did in Someutsushi-hen, having been sent home from the hospital early and it is implied he doesn't meet Natsumi. He however begins to exhibit strange behavior as he does in the previous arc, and begins to fanatically worship Oyashiro-sama after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. This becomes a big nuisance for his family and a spectacle for the neighbors as observed by Mamoru Akasaka when he visits the Hatakeyama household in this arc. Hatakeyama is later murdered by his neighbor, Kiyoshi Obata—one of his few friends and a former resident of Okinomiya.

Hatakeyama Family[]

A family who moved to Kakiuchi City from Hinamizawa. Kazuma Hatakeyama, the elder of the family, was admitted to Saeki General Hospital.

Kiyoshi Obata[]

Kiyoshi Obata (小幡清, Obata Kiyoshi) is a former resident of Okinomiya and one of Kazuma Hatakeyama's only friends in Kakiuchi City. He is first mentioned in Kageboushi-hen. Obata had moved to Kakiuchi City in 1976 and lived across from the Hatakeyama Household. Hence, he hadn't been interrogated by Detective Tomoe Minai and her team as a prospective offender for the mysterious murders happening across Kakiuchi amongst Hinamizawa immigrants, since he had moved to the city two years prior to the Dam Project's termination; while their list of residents only comprised of those who had moved from Shishibone City after 1978.

Obata is the perpetrator of Kazuma Hatakeyama's murder in Kageboushi-hen. At 6.00 PM inside his own house on the 1st of July, 1983, Obata is said to have stabbed Hatakeyama multiple times with a kitchen knife for reasons unknown before committing suicide by stabbing his own throat. This murder was highly unanticipated as Obata did not show any signs of suspicious behavior before the incident. It is speculated that their shared Hinamizawan heritage and Hatakeyama's fanatic behavior after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster may have sparked discord between them leading to their eventual demise.

Mamoru Yamashina[]

Mamoru Yamashina (山科守, Yamashina Mamoru) is Chisato Saeki's friend and upperclassman. His father is Chisato's chauffeur and his mother runs a café downtown in Kakiuchi City which a lot of students from their school frequent. He makes his first appearance in Kageboushi-hen when Chisato visits his family café with Natsumi Kimiyoshi and Tamako Makimura.

Mamoru is close to Chisato due to their family ties and him being her upperclassman in the same school until he graduated. Tamako; being Chisato's childhood friend; is well acquainted with him too. Mamoru is the one to point out to Natsumi's friends that her hometown Okinomiya is actually adjacent to the village of Hinamizawa, where the gas disaster took place. He knows this as he often visits the main branch of Angel Mort in Okinomiya.

Mamoru is a pragmatic and considerate young man. He is shown to care a great deal for Chisato—teasing her for her rampant behavior even as he gives her valuable advice regarding academics and cheers her up when she is feeling upset about Natsumi. Chisato looks up to him as an "older brother" figure and sometimes lets him in on her weak side. Mamoru often calls Chisato "my lady" albeit sarcastically due to his father being her family's employee, although she resents it and prefers he acts more familiar with her.

It is revealed that Mamoru has feelings for Chisato and has once confessed to her in the past, only to be rejected. Yet, he believes he still has a chance as Chisato continues to be close to him and often visits his shop. Chisato had once told him "Everyone loves people who are self-confident", which inspired him to cultivate such an attitude. It is implied that Chisato may also have some feelings for him but feels hesitant about being in a relationship with him until she becomes more emotionally mature so that they're both on equal grounds.

Kouhei Sawamura[]

Nagisa Ozaki's boyfriend and one of the students attacked by Rena Ryuugu in the incident at Ibaraki, who was hospitalized after the incident. Despite Kouhei's injuries, he was encouraged by the school not to press charges since they didn't want to have a bad reputation. The Connecting Fragments section reveals that Kouhei and his friends were setting up a haunted house attraction based on real events and obtained Rena's support, however for unknown reasons she attacked them later.

During a regular visit from Nagisa, it is discovered that he jumped from his hospital room on the 8th floor and died upon hitting the ground. It was initially thought to be suicide, but later investigation determined it was murder.

It is later revealed that Youko Hiranuma murdered him. Kouhei's room was originally on the first floor, and he was transferred to the 8th floor at some point. Because the hospital floors have a similar layout, patients often get confused when on other floors and will enter other rooms thinking it's theirs. A fire alarm had been pulled and caused a false alarm, and while Hiranuma was telling other patients not to worry, she told Kouhei there was a real fire. The confused Kouhei made to jump out his room window, thinking he was still on the first floor, and hesitated upon realizing he was on the 8th floor. Hiranuma then used this chance to push him out and kill him.

Youko Hiranuma[]

A nurse working at a hospital. It is later revealed in the chapter that she was bribed to kill Kouhei by an unknown man and made to run away to some other place by airplane before the police could find out. However, the police corner Hiranuma before she can board the plane and confront her with their information. Unbeknownst to her, the unknown man had slipped something into Hiranuma's drink that caused her to go violently insane. Hiranuma pulls out some knives she stole and tries to fend off the police, but soon kills herself.