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This is a page for listing the minor characters in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. This includes characters who are named but do not have sprites or those who are unnamed and are of recurring significance. Some characters listed here may have expanded roles in extra arcs.

Characters are listed by the order they are first mentioned in the story.

Main Story

In order of mention in the story arcs:

The Dam Construction Manager (Oyassan)

The person who was in charge of the project to build a dam in Hinamizawa and was Kuraudo Ooishi's best friend. The manager ends up becoming the first victim of Oyashiro-sama's curse, and Ooishi becomes determined to solve and avenge his death.


Yoshirou (善郎 Yoshirou) is the owner of a toy store in Okinomiya that Mion frequents. He frequently lets Mion hold game tournaments in order to boost his store's revenue.

The Reporter

At the end of Tatarigoroshi, a reporter interviews Keiichi after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster and is cursed by him to die a water-related death. The reporter winds up drowning at sea two decades later.

See Ryuuichi Arakawa for this character's expanded role in extra arcs.

Minister Inugai

The minister of construction. He was contacted by an unknown group holding his grandson, Toshiki, hostage, with the demand that the Dam Project in Hinamizawa gets cancelled. This incident was investigated by Akasaka's division.

Toshiki Inugai

The minister of construction's grandson. He gets locked up in the back of a car and is driven to an abandoned house in a remote village. At one point, he fakes an illness in order to signal a doctor, Kyousuke Irie, to contact the authorities, but to no avail. He later gets rescued by Akasaka and Ooishi.


Yoshiroh (義郎 Yoshirou) is one of Shion Sonozaki's uncles. He is one of the initial people to support Shion after her escape from St. Lucia Academy, and offered her a job as an office helper.


Kamisone (上曽根) is the Japanese Prime Minister, named such in the credits for the Outbreak anime. In Minagoroshi he is convinced to sign permission for usage of the Emergency Manual once Rika's death is reported.

Orphanage Staff


Natsumi's Family (Aki, Touji and Haruko)

Natsumi's family moved from Hinamizawa to another city (Kakiuchi City) despite the complaints of Aki, Natsumi's grandmother and a fierce believer in Oyashiro-sama. Shortly after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, Aki begins performing bizarre rituals involving the death of animals and placing charms all over the family's house. Haruko and Touji, Natsumi's parents, do their best to keep Aki under control and hide the fact they're from Hinamizawa.

One day Natsumi sees her mother stabbing Aki to death, and a crazed Haruko encourages her family to chop up her body and hide it. The police soon discover Aki's body however, and Haruko assaults Touji for botching the disposal. Touji suggests to Natsumi that they turn themselves in to the police, but Haruko kills him by stabbing him in the throat. Haruko then attempts to kill Natsumi and they wrestle over a knife, leading to Natsumi killing her mother with it.

It's then revealed that Natsumi actually killed Aki. She pushed her down and accidentally killed her when she hit her head on a table, and Natsumi forced her family to chop up her body and hide the parts. She then attacked her dad for messing up the corpse disposal and later killed both of her parents. Haruko managed to call Akira for help when he called the house however.


Akutagawa, Chiaki and Machi

Akira Otobe's companions, who drive to Hinamizawa with him and appear to go missing. It's later revealed that they were part of a suicide group and came to Hinamizawa to kill themselves. Chiaki kept a bank card as a memento of her dead husband, which Otobe stole and ran away with.

Otobe's group discover their bodies inside of their car resting peacefully, and Otobe apologizes to them and tries to return the bank card. Chiaki's ghost appears to let him keep the card and laments that they chose to die instead of live, however Otobe still returns the card and comes out feeling like a much more positive person.


Mifune (三船) is a member of the Sonozaki Family that arranged for Akane Sonozaki's assassination in an attempt to become the next head of the family. He and his henchmen have been isolating Mion's group by getting rid of their vehicles and trying to eliminate them.

Mifune holds Otobe at gunpoint to demand the ceremonial handbell, however Otobe refuses and Arakawa charges into Mifune. He knocks him away and is soon slain by Mion.

Advanced Story

Kazuko Yamase

A nurse working at Saeki General Hospital and Natsumi's boss.

Kazuma Hatakeyama

Hatakeyama Family

A family who moved to Kakiuchi City from Hinamizawa. Kazuma Hatakeyama, the elder of the family, was admitted to Saeki General Hospital.

Kiyoshi Obata

Mamoru Yamashina

Kouhei Sawamura

Nagisa Ozaki's boyfriend and one of the students attacked by Rena Ryuugu in the incident at Ibaraki, who was hospitalized after the incident. Despite Kouhei's injuries, he was encouraged by the school not to press charges since they didn't want to have a bad reputation. The Connecting Fragments section reveals that Kouhei and his friends were setting up a haunted house attraction based on real events and obtained Rena's support, however for unknown reasons she attacked them later.

During a regular visit from Nagisa, it is discovered that he jumped from his hospital room on the 8th floor and died upon hitting the ground. It was initially thought to be suicide, but later investigation determined it was murder.

It is later revealed that Youko Hiranuma murdered him. Kouhei's room was originally on the first floor, and he was transferred to the 8th floor at some point. Because the hospital floors have a similar layout, patients often get confused when on other floors and will enter other rooms thinking it's theirs. A fire alarm had been pulled and caused a false alarm, and while Hiranuma was telling other patients not to worry, she told Kouhei there was a real fire. The confused Kouhei made to jump out his room window, thinking he was still on the first floor, and hesitated upon realizing he was on the 8th floor. Hiranuma then used this chance to push him out and kill him.

Youko Hiranuma

A nurse working at a hospital. It is later revealed in the chapter that she was bribed to kill Kouhei by an unknown man and made to run away to some other place by airplane before the police could find out. However, the police corner Hiranuma before she can board the plane and confront her with their information. Unbeknownst to her, the unknown man had slipped something into Hiranuma's drink that caused her to go violently insane. Hiranuma pulls out some knives she stole and tries to fend off the police, but soon kills herself.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei

Kazuho's family

Kazuho Kimiyoshi's family consists of her father Minoru Kimiyoshi (公由 稔 Kimiyoshi Minoru), who is the son of Kiichirou Kimiyoshi; Kazuho's mother Kanae Kimiyoshi; and older brother Rei Kimiyoshi (公由 怜 Kimiyoshi Rei). In Kazuho's original world they all died in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.

The world that Kazuho travels to showcases a different history, where Minoru killed his family in a murder-suicide during the dam war.

The new world Kazuho travels features Minoru alive, however he is Ayaka Furude's guardian.


  • The original Comiket release of Onikakushi contained references in the files to a character named Karin that were removed from Watanagashi onwards. The kanji for Karin (花梨) are the same as the kanji for Rika (梨花) but backwards.(1) There was also a removed audio track by the name of Karin.
  • The generic villager sprites used in the PC version of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou are edited from sprites used in Rose Guns Days.
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