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This is a page for listing the minor characters in the original Higurashi When They Cry story and assorted games. This includes characters who are named but do not have sprites or those who are unnamed and are of recurring significance. Some characters listed here may have expanded roles in extra arcs.

Due to the extensiveness of side content, this page has several subpages:


This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of the original Higurashi When They Cry story and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Main Story[]



Kaieda (海江田 Kaieda) is principal of the Hinamizawa Branch School. He is a bald man with martial arts skills.

Japanese VA: Yōsuke Akimoto

The Dam Construction Manager (Oyassan)[]

Nicknamed Oyassan (おやっさん Ol' man), he was Kuraudo Ooishi's best friend and mentor, and the person in charge of the project to build a dam in Hinamizawa. The manager ends up becoming the first victim of Oyashiro-sama's curse, and Ooishi becomes determined to solve and avenge his death.


Takezou Makino (牧野 竹蔵 Makino Takezou)[1] is an old man who's auditor of the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance. In Himatsubushi he gives Mamoru Akasaka a tour of the village in 1978. Shimiko Makino is his niece.[1]

Relatives to Major Characters[]

Tamae Houjou[]

Tamae Houjou (北条 玉枝 Houjou Tamae) was Teppei Houjou's wife and the aunt of Satoko and Satoshi Houjou. Tamae and Teppei fought a lot, and they were very abusive towards Satoko and Satoshi when they became their legal guardians. The abuse intensified when Teppei left the house to live with his mistress. In 1982, Tamae is murdered by Satoshi with a baseball bat on the night of the Watanagashi Festival, becoming the fourth-year victim of Oyashiro-sama's curse. Satoshi is demoned away soon after, however Tamae's murder is blamed on a drug addict, who confessed to the crime after being arrested.

Miyoko Tanashi's parents[]

Takemitsu Tanashi (田無 武光 Tanashi Takemitsu) was Miyoko Tanashi's father and Hifumi Takano's student. He and his wife got into a train accident, with Miyoko's mom dying in it. A wounded Takemitsu tells his daughter to call Dr. Takano and get his help shortly before passing away.

Okinomiya Police Department[]


Takasugi (高杉) is the Section Chief of the Okinomiya Police Department.


Hondaya (本田屋 Hondaya) is head of the Public Safety Division and a friend of Kuraudo Ooishi.


Atsushi () is a police officer for the Okinomiya Police Department. In Watanagashi he joins the police in a raid on the Sonozaki main house.

In Tsumihoroboshi he and another officer search for Rena at the junkyard, who mistakes them for Sonozaki gangsters. Atsushi and his companion are called off to search for Rena in Gogura after being told she's there. Rena overhears them talking and believes the Sonozakis are watching her house and are hunting her down because she has Takano's scrapbooks.


Komiyama (小宮山) is a police officer for the Okinomiya Police Department and Ooishi's close associate.

Old Man from Forensics[]

The unnamed old man in forensics (鑑識のじいさま Kanshiki no Jii-sama) is a member of the Okinomiya Police Department. He is one of Ooishi's mahjong partners and a trusted colleague and confidante.

Japanese VA: Kenichi Ogata (drama CD), Eiji Maruyama (anime, games)

Sonozaki Family Syndicate[]


Yoshirou (善郎 Yoshirou) is the owner of the toy store Da Vinci in Okinomiya that Mion frequents. He frequently lets Mion hold game tournaments in order to boost his store's revenue. In the live-action drama and the Gou anime, his name is spelled 善朗 instead.


Yoshiroh (義郎 Yoshirou) is one of Shion Sonozaki's uncles. He is one of the initial people to support Shion after her escape from St. Lucia Academy, and offered her a job as an office helper.

Souhei Sonozaki[]

Sohei Sonozaki (園崎宗平 Sonozaki Souhei) was the husband of Oryou Sonozaki and the grandfather of Mion and Shion.

In Watanagashi and Meakashi, Shion tells a story of how Sohei had a fortune built up through black market connections, and during World War II he had a job disposing of infected human corpses and participated in human experimentation akin to Unit 731. He helped create "meat substitutes" that were made from human flesh, canned, and sent to soldiers on the battlefield. After the war, Sohei helped revitalize Hinamizawa using these same canned goods that were stolen from the Japanese army, but he kept secret that they contained human flesh. This act helped the Sonozaki family obtain their current influence and power. After Sohei's death, a person close to him admitted to the food containing human flesh, continuing the stigma of Hinamizawans being cannibals.[2] Shion made up the canned flesh parts however, and says her story is half-true.[3]

See Souhei Origuchi for his appearance in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Oni manga.

Saburou Sonozaki[]

Saburou Sonozaki (園崎三郎 Sonozaki Saburou) is one of Mion and Shion's uncles and a member of the prefectural assembly. In Minagoroshi he joins the village protests to save Satoko. In Matsuribayashi he challenges Ootaka's claim of being friends with him and drags him away.

Child Consultation Centre[]


Harayama (原山) is the social worker from the Child Consultation Center in charge of Satoko's case.


Saitou (斉藤) is an employee of the Child Consultation Center.


The Reporter[]

At the end of Tatarigoroshi, a reporter interviews Keiichi after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster and is cursed by him to die a water-related death. The reporter winds up drowning at sea two decades later.

See Ryuuichi Arakawa for his expanded role in extra arcs.


Kanou (嘉納 Kanou) is Mamoru Akasaka's superior at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.


Sato (サト) is a friend of Kuraudo Ooishi and an informant who works with Mamoru Akasaka who has access to sensitive information regarding the Sonozaki Family. It is suggested that his name "Sato" is just an alias. He assists Mamoru Akasaka during his investigation into the Onigafuchi Defense Alliance in 1978.

Minister Inugai[]

The minister of construction. He was contacted by an unknown group holding his grandson, Toshiki, hostage, with the demand that the dam project in Hinamizawa gets cancelled. This incident was investigated by Akasaka's division.

Toshiki Inugai[]

Toshiki Inugai (犬飼寿樹 Inugai Toshiki) is the minister of construction's grandson. In 1978 he was kidnapped and taken to an abandoned house in a remote village near Hinamizawa. In an attempt to get help, Toshiki takes advantage of a scar from a prior surgery and fakes pain, encouraging his captors to get medical help from an unaware Kyousuke Irie.

Toshiki's dropped wallet is found by a bystander and turned in to the police. Because it was found in an abandoned area, Akasaka and Ooishi get the clues they need to rescue the boy.


Akihito (アキヒト) is a man whom Rena's mother Reiko fell in love with, causing her to divorce Rena's father Yasunori.

In Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei,Akihito and Reiko have Nao Houtani together but later divorced while she was in elementary school.


Ootaka (大高 Ootaka) is Chief Inspector of prefectural police headquarters. He's on bad terms with Kuraudo Ooishi.

In Tsumihoroboshi he takes control of the situation with Rena and the bomb and attempts to raid the school with riot police. Ooishi and Kumagai to try to stall him until they can confirm the hostages are safe and the bomb is disarmed.

In Matsuribayashi Ootaka suddenly shows up at the police station and threatens to ruin Rika's 48-hour plan by asking to inspect Rika's "corpse" himself. Ooishi refuses to let him pass, and Ootaka claims he was asked by Representative Saburou Sonozaki to conduct the investigation. Unfortunately for him, Saburou himself arrives with Akane just then and has no idea who he is. Saburou and Akane drag off Ootaka to "have fun" with kendo practice.


Aida (相田) is the chief of local affairs from Shishibone City Hall's social department of welfare. He becomes a mediator between the Hinamizawa Town Council and the head of the Child Consultation Center in Minagoroshi when Keiichi begins a protest movement, demanding immediate custody of Satoko from her uncle, Teppei Houjou.


Kamisone (上曽根) is the Japanese Prime Minister, named such in the credits for the Outbreak anime. In Minagoroshi he is convinced to sign permission for usage of the Emergency Manual once Rika's death is reported.





Japanese VA: Manabu Sakamaki

Akutagawa (芥川), nicknamed Akkun (あっくん), was a member of Otobe's suicide group. The visual novel version of Yoigoshi shows that Akutagawa had a wife and child.[4] He became depressed after falling deep into debt and met up with Otobe, Machi, and Chiaki to commit suicide in Hinamizawa in 2006.

They plan to kill themselves through carbon monoxide inhalation, however, Otobe has second thoughts and sneaks away with Chiaki's bank card after everyone finishes setting up and takes sleeping pulls. Arakawa discovers the abandoned car later and informs Mion and the others when he encounters them, wanting them to call the police.

As Otobe and his group head to the Sonozaki estate, they come across the suicide car again. Otobe apologizes to everyone and has one final conversation with their spirits.

Chiaki and Machi[]

Akira Otobe's companions, who drive to Hinamizawa with him and appear to go missing. It's later revealed that they were part of a suicide group and came to Hinamizawa to kill themselves. Chiaki kept a bank card as a memento of her dead husband, which Otobe stole and ran away with.

Otobe's group discover their bodies inside of their car resting peacefully, and Otobe apologizes to them and tries to return the bank card. Chiaki's ghost appears to let him keep the card and laments that they chose to die instead of live, however Otobe still returns the card and comes out feeling like a much more positive person.

Minor Organizations[]

Hinamizawa Fighters[]

The Hinamizawa Fighters (雛見沢ファイターズ Hinamizawa Faitāzu) are a baseball team comprised of Hinamizawa kids who mainly play for fun. Kyousuke Irie coaches the team while Satoshi Houjou used to be a member. In Tatarigoroshi, the club helps out the team in a baseball game against the Okinomiya Titans.

Okinomiya Titans[]

The Okinomiya Titans (興宮タイタンズ Okinomiya Taitanzu) are a baseball team comprised of Okinomiya kids. Yukikazu Kameda was a star player on their team. While the Hinamizawa Fighters player for fun, the Titans mainly play to win.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei[]

Kazuho's family[]

Kazuho Kimiyoshi's family consists of her father Minoru Kimiyoshi (公由 稔 Kimiyoshi Minoru), who married into the Kimiyoshi family to become Kiichirou Kimiyoshi's successor; Kazuho's mother Kanae Kimiyoshi; and older brother Rei Kimiyoshi (公由 怜 Kimiyoshi Rei). In Kazuho's original world they all died in the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.

The world that Kazuho travels to showcases a different history, where Minoru killed his family in a murder-suicide during the dam war.

The new world Kazuho travels features Minoru alive, however he is Ayaka Furude's guardian.


Akitake (秋武) is Tomoe's colleague, a lady who works at a police museum.


Higo (比護) is director of the police museum Tomoe works at. He wears an eyepatch due to an eye injury.

Yuu Tsukumi[]

Yuu Tsukumi (津久見 由宇 Tsukumi Yuu) is a girl who claims to be Kazuho's St. Lucia roommate from the Heisei C world. She first met Kazuho when she helped Tsukumi find her way to class, and they became friends since then. Her world's version of Kazuho apparently committed suicide in her dorm, and Tsukumi was first to find her. Tsukumi is interviewed by Miyuki and her group regarding this.


  • The original Comiket release of Onikakushi contained references in the files to a character named Karin that were removed from Watanagashi onwards. The kanji for Karin (花梨) are the same as the kanji for Rika (梨花) but backwards.(1) There was also a removed audio track by the name of Karin.
  • According to the Tsumihoroboshi credits, Ryukishi07 intended to give names to every student in the Hinamizawa school but he gave up.[5]
  • Kaieda may be inspired by the character Edajima Heihachi from the manga Sakigake!! Otokojuku due to their similar appearances.[6]
  • The generic villager sprites used in the PC version of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou are edited from sprites used in Rose Guns Days.


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