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This is a page for listing the minor characters in Ciconia When They Cry. Characters are listed by the order they first appear or are mentioned in the story.


Gunhild's sister and owner of the restaurant Monster Party. Gunhild regularly sends money to her and another sister Maja.

Mr. Gray

A member of the Order of Prometheus and Seshat's subordinate. In Phase 1, Chapter 12, he informs a high-ranking LATO officer about the Three Kings' plans and tries to give him a Wisdom. Seshat invades their meeting and determines Gray a traitor, "passing judgment" and later erasing the memories of everyone in the room. It is unknown what really happened to Gray.


A member of the AOU Gauntlet Knight squad Baba Yaga. In Phase 1, Chapter 18, she and her squad are wiped out during a battle between AOU Russia and COU China.

Tiankai Liu

Lingji's grandfather and a member of the COU Joint Parliament. In Phase 1, Chapter 20, Tiankai becomes appointed by LATO as a provisional director and is killed when an explosion occurs at the IPMA HQ, where the directors were planning a worldwide peace treaty.

Cyril Negentien Africacommonwealthrealm

Rethabile's brother and a prince in the ACR Royal Family. Cyril is 19th in line for the Africa Commonwealth Realm's Throne and Honorary Director of the Royal South African Spiritium Research Corporation. In addition, he is a well known philanthropist outside of his country.

Rethabile describes her brother as "having a cowardly personality," as he immediately apologized after making statements that criticized of maintaining a healthy military balance. [1].

Phase 1, Chapter 20 reveals that Cyril was asked by LATO to become a provisional director, but he declined. In Chapter 22, Rethabile discovers that Cyril had anticipated that the provisional directors would be killed at the IPMA HQ and prepared a written accusation against the possible masterminds. Cyril becomes a target of assassination by the Ninth Prime Chivalric Order, and when Rethabile goes to meet Cyril in his safehouse, he is killed by a hacked drone. His safehouse is blown up by a missile strike, destroying his written accusation.


One of Vier Dreissig's subordinates. In Phase 1, Chapter 21,he builds a machine that generates a giant earthquake to disrupt the world's Environmental 8MS, committing suicide with a Wisdom afterwards.


  • "Negentien" means 19 in Afrikaans.


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