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Volume 4

Massacre Arc Vol. 4 is the fourth volume of Hinase Momoyama's manga adaptation of Minagoroshi and the 22nd overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press as an omnibus (numbered 20) with Volume 3.

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See Minagoroshi-hen Manga Volume 3#English.


Chapter 14: Showdown with Oryou[]

Chapter 15: Oryou's Power[]

Chapter 16: True Strength[]

Chapter 17: On the Night of the Cotton Drifting[]



True Power

Thank you for your patronage. I'm Ryukishi07.

The Satoko rescue story in the "Massacre Arc' is actually the greatest answer to an important theme in all of the Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY stories. It goes without saying that Satoko's family environment is tragic and complicated and that it's too big of a problem for one boy like Keiichi to handle all by himself. In the "Curse Killing Arc," Keiichi tries to solve her problem with a shortsighted and violent tactic—ambushing Teppei. And when you read that arc, you readers probably thought that was the best solution to the problem.

The "Massacre Arc" is the story that offers the correct answer to the problem. Keiichi, who is just one helpless boy, uses the power of a large group of people and eventually even gets the mayor involved. With that political power in hand, he solves the problem. However, there is one point here that I want to make very clear so as to leave no misunderstanding. I want you to see that what was right was for Keiichi to consult all those people—he didn't solve the problem by going to specific people who already had political power and authority

It's true that in the story Oryou talks directly to the mayor, and the result is that the child consultation center intervenes and the problem is solved. That might lead you to believe that Oryou was the only real help in reaching the solution and that Keiichi only needed to go to her. In fact, the world is overflowing with stories where people solve problems by using their connections to people with power, and it makes sense that there are people who think that's how you solve problems. And Oryou really did have enough influence that she could have solved the problem on her own. But it was essential that the village council agree to join the cause before Oryou made any move. And to get the consensus of the council, the support of all the adults of the village was indispensable. In other words, Oryou represented the whole village when talking to the mayor. The problem would not have been solved if left to her influence alone.

It's the same in real life. Reality isn't so kind as to let you solve every problem just by talking to an influential politician and making connections. It's only after you gain the support and understanding of many people that their support transforms into political power and the problem is resolved through political means. If you ignore that process and try to solve problems politically without public consent, then that's no different from resorting to violence without authority. What's important in this story is that Keiichi asked for help from a lot of people and was able to get support from all of them.

When people come together, then people with all kinds of abilities will join your cause. Their various skills will blend together to become an even greater power, and then problems can be solved peacefully and in the correct manner. For the purposes of moving the story along, all of that power culminated in the one character of Oryou Sonozaki, but I sincerely hope that will not give you readers the wrong idea.

True power is based on the will of the people. If you try to ignore that, it's the same as committing an act of violence. If you can understand that, then I think you will also have a better understanding of just how amazing Keiichi's accomplishments in this story are.

I hope all of you who are trying to do what's right will stop doing things on your own, assuming that no one will understand, and go to others for help and support. I hope with all my heart that this story will come across the way I meant it to.

Hinase Momoyama[]

Thank you so much for joining us on volume four of the "Massacre Arc." I'm so relieved that the climax of the first half, Satoko's rescue, ended without incident. I'm so glad that they broke down Rule Z and changed the village, and that Satoko was able to grow and mature!!
And, and! As for me personally, it was really fun being able to draw the older characters—Oryou-san, Teppei, the Sonozaki assembly man, etc.

Now it's finally revealed that Takano-san is the true culprit behind Oyashiro-sama's Curse, and thus we begin the second half's battle. How will Rika and her friends fight against Rule Y? I'm going to keep working my very hardest, so please keep reading.

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