Minagoroshi (皆殺し編 Minagoroshi-hen, lit. Massacre Chapter), also known as the Massacre Arc in the manga, is the third chapter of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai and the seventh in the overall series. It was released at Comiket 69 on December 30, 2005 and is followed by Matsuribayashi.

The original release of Minagoroshi includes the previous two chapters.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

~The final truth~

- Massacre Chapter -
This story introduces the unit inside and out, using all the actors.
This is no longer a story, it's a public autopsy for all to join.
As they say, after loving someone,
cut open their belly and eat their organs.
It's the same with stories.
The difficulty is quite mild. Well suited for those with pride.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Main article: Minagoroshi-hen/Plot Summary

Rika Furude has traveled through countless Fragments with the help of Hanyuu in her search for a happy ending. This Fragment looks to be the same as any other until Keiichi succeeds in breaking fate. Renewed with confidence, Rika becomes determined to change her own fate until unforeseen events occur.

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  1. Rules of the Labyrinth (aired: August 10, 2007)
  2. How to Change Destiny (aired: August 17, 2007)
  3. Fluctuation (aired: August 24, 2007)
  4. Negotiation (aired: August 31, 2007)
  5. Confrontation (aired: September 7, 2007)
  6. Strong Will (aired: September 14, 2007)
  7. Hinamizawa Syndrome (aired: September 25, 2007)
  8. Finale (aired: October 1, 2007)

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