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Miguel Kurashiki (ミゲル・倉敷 Migeru Kurashiki) is a war veteran and Caleb's right-hand-man. He works as an assassin, threatening and killing people on Caleb's behalf to create fear. He first appears in Season 1.


Miguel has light blue hair covering his eye and wears a black and red kimono over a black shirt. His fingernails are painted green on his left hand and black on his right.


Miguel is misogynistic, always demeaning women and comparing them to soldiers from the war. He's also similar to Alfred in that he will point his gun or knife at anyone who opposes him, however he usually holds back when Caleb tells him to.

Miguel heavily dislikes surrender and makes it known that those who give up are no better than a corpse. Miguel also exhibits signs of PTSD on rare occasions.


Miguel fought in World War II and bore witness to his entire squad being gunned down by American troops during an attack. After feeling depressed for so long, he met Caleb and became his right-hand-man.



Season 1[]

Miguel is first introduced in 1947 shortly after Alfred's defeat when he cleans up some of his remaining henchmen. Miguel is later seen threatening a woman when she tries to avoid paying some mafia men, and Leo intervenes and fights with him.

Miguel accompanies Caleb when he tries to make Primavera join him, and after Rose sees Miguel tormenting Claudia, she slaps him and refuses Caleb's offer. Rose later regrets her decision and has Wayne drive her to GHQ but Miguel's men catch up with them. Miguel mocks Wayne and sends him to warn Primavera while he captures Rose and takes her to a warehouse to wait for Caleb. Miguel becomes displeased with Rose's belief that Caleb will accept her surrender and starts torturing her, stopping when Caleb and Leo arrive.

Miguel later accompanies Amanda to take over Primavera and raids Richard's apartment to find where he might be hiding Primavera's money. He then brings men to search Claudia's restaurant, thinking Rose and Leo are hiding there. He sets fire to the restaurant and makes Rose and Leo burst out of hiding, who then run away. Miguel's group pursues them and engage in a shootout with Leo and Wayne.

Season 2[]

Miguel takes Claudia and Wayne hostage after the gunfight. He interrogates Wayne for the location of Rose's hideout and starts beating him up when he doesn't talk. Miguel later rounds up members of the Caleb Family who start turning traitor and executes them.

Miguel continues to interrogate Wayne and is impressed when he still doesn't reveal any information despite his harsh treatment. Miguel starts telling him about his past as a soldier and has a breakdown, threatening to kill and shoot Wayne when Caleb's men stop him.

Caleb and Miguel go to GHQ to hand Butler the $100,000,000 they'd worked to get, and Miguel saves Caleb from a sniper shot; they start to think Rose was behind the assassination attempt and go into hiding. Rose later calls Miguel and wants to talk to Caleb, and Miguel asks her to come to the harbor alone or else something will happen to Claudia and Wayne. Rose agrees to it, and when they meet Miguel demands to perform a full-body inspection of Rose to ensure she doesn't have any weapons before taking her to Caleb. Rose was convinced by Meijiu to kill Caleb in person using a special ring filled with poison, and she plans to kill Miguel instead if he notices her ring. Miguel notices the ring and convinces Rose to take it off, who'd given up on the assassination plan after some deliberation. They get interrupted by Claudia and Wayne appearing, who had escaped earlier and come with a getaway car. A shootout ensues, and Rose escapes while Miguel's men flee the harbor when police draw near.

After hearing that Amanda and Primavera were taken hostage by Rose's group, Caleb rushes to save her and Miguel convinces him to stay, berating him for wanting to die so easily. They soon get trapped in their hotel hideout and encounter Rose, Leo, and Wayne in the lobby. After a short discussion, the two sides start attacking. Miguel and Caleb retreat to the penthouse, with Wayne following them and engaging Miguel in a bloody close-range fight. Miguel becomes gravely wounded and continues to attack Wayne with all his strength until Caleb orders him to stand down. Miguel accepts his command and collapses from exhaustion.

In 1948, the Wandering Dogs discover that Miguel is alive, having been hired by the Satomi Alliance after Caleb's defeat. Miguel escorts Rose to meet President Satomi regarding soy sauce distribution and later protects Rose when gangsters attack her at Caleb's bar.

Last Season[]

In 1950, Miguel and Caleb are recruited by Jeanne and Rose to fight Primavera. During the final battle Miguel protects Caleb from another sniper bullet, this one fired by Keith, and later engages Alfred in a knife fight.