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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

Midori Kusunoki (楠木 みどり Kusunoki Midori) is the main protagonist of The Princess' Lie. She is an actress girl who is beloved by almost everyone.


She once had a lot of respect and boasted the wealth of her household. But now she is neglected in class and treated exactly the opposite. In reality and on stage, she's the vain girl who wants to be a princess.

With the Black Tea Gentleman's power, today she is performing as a princess on a stage that exists only for her to see.

Incidentally she does have a lot of acting ability. If she can put up with her current misfortunes, she'll surely blossom.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


Midori wears a yellow headband holding back her brown, wavy hair. She wears a Western-styled white dress with blue buttons, blue hems matching her capelet, and a single blue ribbon on the side. She wears knee-high eggshell white stockings and shoes that match her dress.


Midori is a nice girl and humble girl who loves acting, but she is envious of Nozomi in the real world.


Midori comes from a rich family, which led her to being bullied by her classmates where they would beat her and make her do their homework. Midori was in the drama club and envied the girl Nozomi Kawada, who was treated like a princess and could get any role she wanted while Midori was relegated to doing chores.

After Nozomi gets the lead role in the play Rokkenjima, which Midori wanted, Midori meets the Black Tea Gentleman and trades a part of her soul in exchange for being able to live as Nozomi Kawada. Midori is thrust into an illusory world where she's treated like the princess while Nozomi is bullied. Within this world however, Midori continues to feel real pain from her classmates, unaware of what's really going on.



First Night

The Princess' Lie

Midori comes to class and is met with praise by her peers. When her friends get irked at Nozomi staring at them, Midori tells them not to bully her. Midori thinks she'll eventually become friends with Nozomi once she learns to stop bragging about her wealth. Midori starts to copy her friend's homework when she feels a sudden pain in her arm. She summons Black Tea Gentleman and asks about her constant phantom pains, but the youkai says it's nothing to worry about. Midori thinks she's just feeling stressed from preparing for an audition.

Midori remembers the day she first met the Black Tea Gentleman, when she was forced to make props in the drama room. Midori believes she simply asked the gentleman for the role of "princess". Midori auditions for the lead role in the play Rokkenjima and succeeds. She sees Nozomi glaring daggers at her and feels more phantom pains. Midori goes to see the school nurse, who doesn't find anything wrong with her and sends her away.

While practicing her part in Rokkenjima, Midori sees Nozomi reading the play script while doing her chores and thinks she's trying to steal her role and has cursed Midori to experience these mysterious pains. Midori tries to power through, but during lunch one day she finds several dead insects thrown into her food. Black Tea Gentleman once again tells Midori not to worry about it, but she thinks he's contracted with Nozomi to curse her. The youkai says he'll always be on Midori's side and encourages her not to let Nozomi get the best of her.

A determined Midori goes to the drama room and begins dressing into her play outfit when she notices several bruises all over her body. Marie battles Black Tea Gentleman and makes him undo the spell on Midori. Nozomi enters right then, demanding to know why Midori is putting on her dress and forces her to take it off. Midori remembers that she herself was bullied for a long time while Nozomi was treated like a princess. When she first met Black Tea Gentleman, Midori asked to have the role of Nozomi Kawada and began living an illusion where their roles were switched.

With the illusion broken, Midori worries that nothing is going right, and Black Tea Gentleman tells her to just focus on acting. Midori envisions a crowd cheering for her as the youkai welcomes her back into the illusion.

Second Night

Welcome to the Mirror World

Marie encounters a mirror world version of Midori who still loves acting but is horrible at it. Midori boasts about her wealth and status while the mirror Black Tea Gentleman encourages her.

After School

In this dream world, Midori is delirious from Black Tea Gentleman's illusion and doesn't seem to recognize anything in front of her. Izanami tries to make her and Aya fight.