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Michiru Sakurada (桜田 みちる Sakurada Michiru) is a girl with the ability to sense spirits. She is the main protagonist of Shrine of the Guardian Deity and My Best Friend.


A girl with a self-proclaimed sixth sense. She really does have the gift to sense the supernatural. She is revered by a club of occult girls who believe in exorcisms and the power of charms. And although it healed a long time ago, she doesn't take off her eye patch. It's her evil eye.

She often dresses up in goth-loli outfits due to her parents hobbies. Her favorite brand name is Anti-Rosa.

Her spiritual powers rapidly accelerated after her meeting with Mesomeso-san.

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Michiru has brown hair tied into long twintails and has blue eyes, one of which is covered with an eyepatch. She wears a black and pink dress with white sleeves and a purple bow, pink striped socks and lavender shoes.


Michiru is a quiet and reserved girl who keeps to herself. She gets anguished over people not believing in her sixth sense and warnings.


Michiru was born with a sixth sense allowing her to see youkai and other spirits. She is often consulted by other students as an occult expert.



First Night[]

Shrine of the Guardian Deity[]

When some girls destroy a shrine at school, they begin suffering a strange curse with one girl getting hit by a chair while going home. Michiru prays to the deity inhabiting the shrine and asks it to stop hurting others with its curse. One of the girls from earlier then appears and asks Michiru what to do. Michiru explains that the deity in this shrine was protecting the place from evil spirits but was lonely, and now that the shrine is broken, the deity's accumulation of negativity has spilled forth. The girls who broke the shrine need to get together and apologize to the deity if they want to fix things.

Michiru helps summon spirit protectors for the girls by bringing them to meet Marie. Later, the girls try to convince each other to apologize to the deity but some of them refuse to. Another one of the girls prepares to go home alone as Michiru plans to drop a fire extinguisher on her, but Marie stops her. Michiru cries and confesses that she tricked the girls into thinking there really was a curse by throwing things at them. She wanted them to believe her when she said the guardian deity was angry. Marie says the shrine has already been fixed and the deity is happy, so Michiru doesn't need to do these things anymore.

Michiru wonders if she really has a sixth sense since she couldn't accurately gauge the deity's emotions, and Marie says she indeed has one before abruptly disappearing in front of her.

Second Night[]

Reaper of the Thirteenth Step[]

Aya Souma goes to Michiru for advice on how to stop Izanami's curse. After speaking to Sakunoshin, Michiru tells her that the curse lasts for 49 days and no youkai can defeat Izanami, but there is another boy trapped by him that Aya could go to for help.

Welcome to the Mirror World[]

Marie encounters a mirror world version of Michiru, who is very skeptical about supernatural phenomena despite other girls trying to convince her otherwise.

My Best Friend[]

Michiru becomes friends with Tomoko Okada, having similar interests in occult topics and drawing in a notebook. After Tomoko's sudden death, Michiru spends the next few days in a depressed funk, always crying after seeing her notebook full of memories. Sakunoshin comforts Michiru at school when the girl suddenly decides to resurrect Tomoko. Sakunoshin tries to dissuade her, but Michiru is convinced she can find a solution.

At home, Michiru creates a magic circle and summons a great demon who offers to teach her the art of resurrection. Since Tomoko's body is no longer available, Michiru prepares a stuffed toy for a vessel. The demon will teach Michiru what to do, but in exchange she can never greet anyone except Tomoko ever again, and if she violates the contract then the resurrection will be undone and she cannot ask any other demon to redo it. Michiru accepts the terms.

Michiru spends the next day never greeting anyone. Seeing that she kept her end of the deal, the demon reappears and tells Michiru to perform a ritual at school using its massive spiritual energy. If Michiru summons Tomoko's soul and affirms their friendship, the resurrection will succeed.

Michiru creates the magic circle on the school roof and summons the demon again, only to be told she must burn her notebook as it contains strong memories of Tomoko. Michiru hesitates, but she tearfully burns the notebook and summons Tomoko's soul. Unbeknownst to Michiru, Tomoko doesn't want her to be sad for all eternity by giving up her greetings, so she had the notebook burned so Michiru wouldn't be burdened by the memories.

Michiru puts her hand towards Tomoko for a handshake so she can finish the resurrection, but Tomoko refuses it. She pretends to mock Michiru for being a gloomy girl all the time and goes on about how much she hates her, the latter believing that these are her true feelings. Michiru apologizes for waking up Tomoko like this and sends her away.

Michiru sadly goes home as Marie and Sakunoshin console her. Michiru accepts that Tomoko will always be her best friend, yet she can't hold on to every trace of her otherwise Tomoko won't be able to rest. She promises to live a new life as Tomoko watches her go.

After School[]

In this dream world, Michiru and Hikaru Nihei "battle" each other using Sakunoshin and Hameln.


  • Michiru has a similar design to Shizuru Nakatsu from Rewrite, which Ryukishi07 was working on while designing Michiru.[1]
  • Michiru's favorite brand, Anti-Rosa, shares its name with the clothing company owned by Rosa Ushiromiya in Umineko When They Cry.