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Umineko When They Cry.
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The Meta-World (メタ世界 Meta Sekai) is a dimension separate from known physical reality, seen most frequently as a drawing room where the Game Master initiates and arranges the game, then takes turns with the challenger(s), revealing and examining the Rokkenjima scenario.

Other entities may appear if possessed of sufficient ability to travel or if summoned. They interact freely between games, but during the game, generally only those engaged in it or serving one of the participants will appear in the drawing room proper.

From here, all consistent histories generated when the box is opened can be viewed, and the Game Master typically displays the one most beneficial to her/his strategy while the challenger will seek to undermine it with his or her own experiences and facts given in Red Text.

In Golden Fantasia, the Meta-World is used as a gameplay mechanic where players can activate it to unlock passive abilities and super moves.

Notable Locations[]

Although the Meta-World looks exactly like Rokkenjima, it has two known areas which are only exclusive to this dimension.

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