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Meryl Tanashi (メリル・田無 Meriru Tanashi) is a lady of the night working for club Primavera and is known for her love of alcohol and guns.


She was the head girl at Primavera, along with Stella.

She was a vigorous drinker rather than a seductress. I remember that she was extremely popular among men who drank.

Contrary to her childish appearance, she has an older sister's temperament. She was very caring and loved to pick fights for her juniors.

Laughing, fighting, and drinking enough to fill a bathtub. Truly a dazzling flower of the night.

But I guess she needed to drink to get by. Rose's told me that she looked very lonely when she was sober.

(Translated from her profile on 07th Expansion's website.)


Meryl is a short woman with short blonde hair and red eyes. She wears a black and yellow striped headband that matches part of her dress.


Meryl is a very rowdy woman who loves to drink and have fun. She seems idiotic, but it is mostly a ruse because of the belief that smart women die young in her line of work. Meryl is very protective of other ladies of the night and will jump to their defense.


Meryl's family died in the earthquake. She later formed a faction of ladies of the night and joined with Rose and Stella to form Primavera.



Stella Maiougi[]

Meryl and Stella have a fierce rivalry because both of them led competing factions of ladies of the night. Though they've become better friends after joining Rose, they still bicker and argue a lot. Meryl is sometimes insulted and infuriated by Stella calling her a "chibi-loli".

In Last Season, even at Stella's funeral, Meryl can't help but give her a parting taunt and breaks down afterwards.

Role in the Story[]

Season 1[]

Meryl is introduced in 1947 heading to Primavera to help Rose when Alfred threatens her for protection money. She and the group later help rescue Rose when Alfred kidnaps her.

When Butler asks Primavera to find a missing American soldier, Meryl asks around in a Primavera-affiliated location. Butler holds a dance party at Primavera to celebrate their success in finding the man, but when Alfred threatens to bomb the club, Meryl and the other ladies try to keep the guests entertained while the bodyguards search for the bomb truck. Rose distracts the crowd with her singing while Meryl and other ladies search near the club, and they find the bomb and disarm it.

Rose gets Meryl, Stella, and Amanda to support her goal in fostering the Japanese economy by encouraging people to buy things from Japanese businesses.

Caleb and Amanda take control of the club, and though Meryl and Stella try to stand up to them, they get chased away at gunpoint. The women meet up at Rose's apartment when it gets attacked by Caleb's men. Meryl and Stella fend them off as Rose escapes, with Meryl spraining her ankle during her own escape. As Meryl and Stella roam the streets later, they reinforce their support for Rose as Madam.

Meryl and Stella attempt to steal a car, but another car full of gangsters stops them and asks the women to come along.

Season 2[]

Meryl and Stella are brought to a Chinese hideout owned by Meijiu, where Rose and the others are. After laying low for a while they form a plan to defeat Caleb and take back Primavera. Meryl, Stella, Richard, and Cyrus are sent to the club to capture Amanda as part of the plan. Caleb sends a group led by Maurice to push them back, but after a gunfight, Meryl's group comes out victorious. Rose ultimately defeats Caleb.

In 1948, Meryl and the club members meet Zel. Meryl later provides the Wild Dogs with a camera, which they use to do reconnaissance on some shady Chinese businesses.

Season 3[]

Meryl attends a Pasta Gathering. When Zel is outed as Wang's assassin for attempting to poison Rose, Meryl speaks with Nina and arranges for the other Wild Dogs to hear the story from Rose herself.

In 1949, Stella decides to quit Primavera, much to Meryl's surprise. Meryl realizes that she hasn't done much to help Rose after the war with Caleb and regrets that she wasn't knowledgeable enough to do anything. Stella asks Meryl to take care of the ladies on her behalf, and she now becomes Madam of Club Primavera.

After Stella's death, Meryl laments that she's always acted dumb so that smart women like Rose and Stella would disappear before her. Meryl swears with Wayne to stop being dumb and do what she can.

Last Season[]

At Stella's funeral, Meryl gives her departed friend one last talk before breaking down crying.

In 1950, Meryl hears that Richard plans to wage war with the GDS to avenge Stella's death. She tries to find where Rose was being held during her recovery and reunites with Zel and Leo. Meryl has Zel reform the Wandering Dogs to help find Rose.

After rescuing Rose, Meryl explains the situation to a gathering of Primavera ladies. Richard sends a squad to take out Meryl since she's more loyal to Rose, but she manages to escape the attack.

Meryl reveals to Wayne that ever since Stella's death, she learned bookkeeping and has been diverting some of Richard's funds for personal use, which she can now use to fund Rose's crusade against Primavera. Meryl bribes some of Richard's men to defect to Rose's side and takes part in the final battle.


  • Meryl has several references to the characters Satoko Houjou and Miyo Takano from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Meryl's dislike of pumpkin[1] is similar to Satoko's and both have rather similar eye and hair colours as well as hair styles, and she shares the same blood type and birthday as Takano. Furthermore, Meryl's real name being Miyoko Tanashi is the exact same as Takano's real name.