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Meow Mitake (御岳 ミャオ Mitake Myao), from AOU Japan, is an alternate personality of Miyao Mitake and is like a little sister to him. She first appears in Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones.


Due to being an alternate personality of Miyao, Meow has the same appearance as him and usually wears the same clothes. During her date with Jayden, Meow wears a pink dress with white frills, a blue collar, and a white hat.


Meow is very kind and caring, watching out for others even when Miyao is in control.



Meow was created as a result of Miyao's P3 training. Miyao and Meow share a brother-sister relationship and take control from time to time. Meow was kept secret from Miyao's friends, and any time she goes out, she puts on makeup and spends time in places far away from Miyao's usual spots. After Jayden accidentally meets her, she opens up to the other Gauntlet Knights, becoming friends with them and eventually forming a romantic relationship with Jayden.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Meow first appears when she's relaxing at a game center and is found out by Jayden, who notices that she looks just like Miyao. After explaining things to him, Jayden accepts that Meow is an alternate personality of Miyao and has been the one inserting positive comments in all of Miyao's training reports. Jayden however starts to treat Miyao differently, and Miyao, Meow and the Gauntlet Knight aces talk about this and help the three of them get along. Jayden and Meow later go on a date, where Meow promises to reveal her biological gender to him when Christmas comes.

In Chapter 25, Meow suggests to Jayden that they postpone their date and instead host a Christmas party and invite every Gauntlet Knight in the world to attend. Jayden passes this on to Miyao since he wouldn't listen if Meow said it directly.


  • It is not implied in the English translation, as the Japanese honorifics aren't in the English patch. Meow calls Jayden "Jayden-kun," and Miyao "Onii-chan" (big brother).