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There are 16 total achievements:

Image Name Description
Higurashi ch5 Goodbye Sister Achievements.jpg Goodbye, Sister Broke out of a prison.
Higurashi ch5 Hello Sister Achievements.jpg Hello, Sister Reunited with a close relative.
Higurashi ch5 A Hopless Pair Achievements.jpg A Hopeless Pair Went shopping with a nice young man.
Higurashi ch5 Possessed Achievements.jpg Possessed Heard a story about Oyashiro-sama.
Higurashi ch5 Plea ignored Achievements.jpg Plea Ignored Listened to someone's desperate request.
Higurashi ch5 Absentee present Achievements.jpg Absentee Present Covered for a murderer.
Higurashi ch5 Train to nowhere Achievements.jpg Train to Nowhere Had a dear friend go missing.
Higurashi ch5 Payment Achievements.jpg Payment Reconciled with a close relative.
Higurashi ch5 defilers Achievements.jpg Defilers Broke into a forbidden place.
Higurashi ch5 sting of payback Achievements.jpg Sting of Payback Took the first step towards revenge.
Higurashi ch5 Tying your own noose Achievements.jpg Tying Your Own Noose Took another step on the journey of revenge.
Higurashi ch5 the path to hell Achievements.jpg The Path to Hell Continued down the road into darkness.
Higurashi ch5 Shocking End Achievements.jpg Shocking End Killed someone very dear to you.
Higurashi ch5 revelation Achievements.jpg Revelation Reached an epiphany at the end of it all.
Higurashi ch5 Meakashi Staff Room Achievements.jpg Meakashi Staff Room Had a chat with Ryuukishi07.
Higurashi ch5 Detective - Meakashi Achievements.jpg Detective - Meakashi Read all TIPS in Meakashi.