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Volume 1

Eye Opening Arc Vol. 1 is the first volume of Yutori Houjyou's manga adaptation of Meakashi and the 11th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press.

Publisher's Summary[]



After a year at boarding school, Shion Sonozaki flees the oppressive institution and secretly returns to her hometown in the mountains, telling only her twin sister Mion of her arrival. Though the Sonozaki family has kept the sisters apart to prevent conflict over who would become the next family head, Mion and Shion have remained close - enough so that Shion can easily impersonate her identical twin. When Shion encounters Satoshi Hojo in town, he is completely taken in by her "Mion" disguise. And Shion is quite taken with him...


Chapter 1: Homecoming[]

Chapter 2: Reunion[]

Chapter 3: Oyashiro-sama[]

Chapter 4: Unforgivable...[]

Chapter 5: The Cotton Drifting[]



That Which Exposes "The Underside"

Based on the contents of the "Eye Opening Arc," you could easily call it the "Shion arc."

Shion Sonozaki is Mion's younger twin. At the same time, she is the other side of Mion—or rather, she is a character positioned on the other side of the story. She is the only one of all the heroines who doesn't live in Hinamizawa; she's not even allowed to live in Hinamizawa. While she is the spitting image of Mion, her existence is the exact opposite. So I think you'll understand that writing Shion's story is basically the same as depicting the underside of the world of "Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY."

The "Eye Opening Arc" starts in 1982, one year before the main story's setting in 1983. What underside will this arc expose? ...I sincerely hope you will continue to enjoy it.

When everything in the "Eye Opening Arc" is revealed...Maybe it will spectacularly betray some of your speculation or your deductive reasonings or your expectations. But please, don't be afraid of that. Because those of you who experience that feeling are the ones who will have enjoyed the "Eye Opening Arc" most of all.

Yutori Houjyou[]

Thank you very much, everyone who read this!! How did you like Volume One of the "Eye Opening Arc"? The next volume will be even more muddled and gruesome. I'm afraid to start drawing it!! Well then, see you in Volume Two.
Yutori Houjyou
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