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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Maurice Monobe (モーリス・物部 Mōrisu Monobe) is a war veteran and member of the Caleb Family. He first appears in Season 2.


Maurice has dark green hair tied into a ponytail and wears black shades. He also wears a black shirt with a gray tie and brown shoulder holster and suspenders.


Maurice is very tough and perceptive. He likely has PTSD as a result of his war experiences and takes drugs.[2]


Maurice was one of many war veterans who were recruited to join Caleb.



Season 2[]

Maurice is first introduced in 1947 when he leads a group to rescue Amanda, who was taken hostage by Primavera. Amanda tries to help Primavera stall for time by pretending to be threatened by Richard, however Maurice shoots and grazes her, having seen through her ruse while voicing his dislike for her.

Maurice's group engages in hostilities with Primavera and then retreats after learning that Caleb is being attacked at the Belton Plaza Hotel; Maurice being sent to attack the club was just a diversion.

Maurice's group returns to the hotel and encounters Leo standing alone in the lobby. They start attacking him however Leo skillfully evades them and even manages to destroy Maurice's gun by shooting into it. In the end, Leo singlehandedly defeats Maurice's group of 40 men.

In 1948, it's shown that Maurice and the rest of Caleb's men joined Primavera after his defeat. Maurice becomes the leader of Battalion, Primavera's main fighting force.

He's the leader of Battalion and Cyrus Saimura's best man.

There was a time when they were enemies, but that's in the past.

He's back from the war, and he's a top-notch fighter. I heard that Leo Shishigami had a hard time with him.

He was a member of Primavera's martial arts cadre and supported Madam Rose.[3]

Season 3[]

When Rose begins her final conflict with Wang, Maurice is sent to destroy warehouses filled with Wang's cheap soy sauce.

In 1949, Maurice hires Alan and Keith to assassinate a reporter pestering one of Butler's men. He later sends them to assassinate Davis Degawa.

Last Season[]

Richard plans to meet with Meijiu and Zilong and assassinate them, and as part of a ploy to fool the Chinese into thinking a third party is after Primavera and the GDS, Maurice recruits several men including Oliver to protect a body double of Richard in a procession to the meeting. Maurice then sets up another group in disguise to attack the body double, resulting in Oliver's death.

Maurice later talks with Alan after the latter returns from Chinatown and informs him of the assassination plan, unaware that Alan believes in the GDS' innocence. Alan rushes to stop the assassination, and Maurice becomes convinced that Alan betrayed Primavera and is siding with the GDS.

In 1950, Maurice reunites with Leo after the latter returns to Japan. Maurice then swears allegiance to Richard, who's taken over Primavera, and goes to snuff out traitors including James Tomitake.

Maurice gathers a fighting force for Richard during the final battle, and he fights with Alan a little bit before being distracted by Zel. Zel asks Maurice about him suddenly recruiting Oliver to protect Richard's procession, and Maurice gloats that he was the one who ordered the attack and caused Oliver's death. Zel and the rest of the Wandering Dogs then work together to defeat Maurice, ending with his death.



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