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Volume 7

Festival Accompanying Arc Vol. 7 is the seventh volume of Karin Suzuragi's manga adaptation of Matsuribayashi and the 31st overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press as an omnibus (numbered 25) with Volume 8.

Publisher's Summary[]



At last, after countless failures, Rika has exposed Takano's mad plot to destroy the village of Hinamizawa for the sake of her and her grandfather's research. Barricading herself in Irie Clinic, Takano draws her allies in close even as Rika and her friends organize a siege outside the facility. Takano's cleverness has allowed her to elude capture in every other world. Will Rika find a way to defeat her would-be murderer and reclaim her life beyond the Cotton Drifting? This final confrontation will decide everything!


Chapter 29: Miyo and Miyoko[]

Chapter 30: Battle on the Back Mountain[]

Chapter 31: Forcible Entry[]

Chapter 32: Breaking the Barrier[]



Somebody Has to be the Villain?

Hello, I'm Ryukishi07.

How did you like this volume of the "Festival Accompanying Arc"?

Takano, woman of mystery. In this story, we are getting close to the heart of her feelings. Takano is one of the few adult women in the Higurashi series. To prove the validity of her and her grandfather's work, she tries to take hold of Rika and all of Hinamizawa. Of course, to Rika and her friends, Takano's actions are terrible, and she is a contemptible enemy. And because Takano has taken on the role of villain... the story approaches its conclusion.

Is it true that a story doesn't end unless someone is the villain? Will the story never be resolved unless someone is made out to be the enemy? If there's no conflict, then no one is the enemy. It may be very difficult to find such a fragment. But you have come this far into the world of Higurashi; you can do it. Would you please look out for that fragment for me? You are capable of taking the witch's step.

I recommend it.

I hope to meet you again in the next volume—the climax of this story.

Karin Suzuragi[]

Thank you for reading this far. The "Festival Accompanying Arc" is just one battle after another, and the grown-ups really get to show their stuff. This is the seventh volume of that arc; the next volume will be the last. I feel like it took a long time, and yet it also seemed to fly by. Thank you for supporting me through it all. I hope I can make the climax really exciting. I would love it if you watched over me to the very end!


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