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Matsuri (マツリイ Festival) is the seventh chapter of Part 1 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei's main story.

Plot Summary[]

Part 1[]

A flashback occurs to a few days ago, where Kazuho voices her concerns to Mion that she doesn’t deserve to be in the games club and thinks she’s bringing everyone down. Mion assures her that she’s okay in the club since she has the desire to play games.

In the present, Kazuho can’t believe why Mion, Hanyuu, and the villagers are surrounding them. Nao believes Mion was deceiving them from the start and that they were actually going to become sacrifices for the Watanagashi, having figured out the Watanagashi Festival’s etymology. Mion claims Kazuho and Nao betrayed her first by ignoring all of her warnings. Kazuho feels the presence of tsukuyami among the crazed villagers and worries since she’s never fought human tsukuyami before. Nao is poised to kill, but Kazuho refuses to do that. Kazuho then sees an opening in the crowd of villagers leading to a river, and tells Nao her plan. Using their Role Cards, they keep the villagers at bay and escape by crossing the river, as Kazuho figured it should be deep enough that kids who fall in during festival prep can be saved. As Mion angrily sics the villagers after them, Kazuho and Nao keep running into the woods.

Part 2[]

After running for some time, Kazuho and Nao take a break and plan to find Miyuki. They suddenly get surrounded by more crazed villagers, but Shion and Keiichi arrive to save them. Keiichi says Shion told her about Mion wanting to make them sacrifices and came to help. Nao asks if Shion even met with Miyuki, but she doesn’t answer and tells the group to keep running.

Shion says she lied about having never met Keiichi, and actually has been working with him to collect information for some time. They kept it a secret just in case they got found out. Kazuho wishes they could’ve been told they were becoming sacrifices sooner, and Shion says they might’ve tried to escape Hinamizawa in that case. Nao gets angry at that, and Kazuho stops her.

Kazuho asks why Shion and Keiichi even came to help, and Keiichi asks if she and Nao are actually not from this world. Kazuho’s reaction confirms it. Shion says “that girl” said Kazuho and Nao were on a different time axis, and now believes it since Kazuho and Nao managed to keep calm despite being attacked by villagers. Kazuho asks who “that girl” is when they get attacked by more villagers.

Part 3[]

Kazuho and Nao ask if Shion even met with Miyuki and think she abandoned her. Shion explains she did intend to meet with Miyuki and came to the shrine with Keiichi, but then they got attacked by villagers. Shion and Keiichi tried to escape them and take an alternate route to the ritual storehouse, and then ran into Kazuho and Nao getting attacked. Keiichi says “that girl” must also be getting there by a different path, and Kazuho again asks who that girl is supposed to be.

The group makes it to the main shrine grounds, where Kazuho is horrified to see many dead villagers. Other crazed villagers continue attacking and killing each other. As Kazuho tries to maintain her grasp on her sanity, she asks Nao if she knows what state the Great Hinamizawa Disaster victims were in. Nao denies it, and Kazuho says that the bodies were all cremated since they were contaminated, and starts to believe it was actually done to cover up the massacre that’s occurring right now.

Kazuho’s ankle is suddenly grabbed by a wounded mother and her crying child, pleading for help. Kazuho is conflicted with feelings of escaping or helping her. The mother’s hand is knocked aside by a villager, but another crazed villager attacks him and then attacks Kazuho. Nao knocks him out using the flat side of her box cutter. Kazuho comes to her senses and keeps on running, forcing herself to ignore the crying child.

The ritual storehouse is finally in sight, where the group finds Akasaka carrying a wounded and bleeding Miyuki. Miyuki apologizes for helping her dad despite promising not to think about him. Akasaka explains that he was suddenly attacked by Ooishi, but another kid the same age as Kazuho and the others stalled Ooishi while Akasaka ran away with Miyuki.

The group prepares to head out to get medical attention for Miyuki when Ooishi catches up to them. Akasaka pleads with him to come to his senses, but Ooishi ignores him. Sensing that tsukuyami have completely possessed Ooishi, Keiichi and Shion prepare to fight him.

Part 4[]

Keiichi and Shion attack Ooishi with their bat and stun gun, creating a light that Kazuho sees is similar to Role Cards. They seem to drive Ooishi into a corner, however the detective then transforms into a tanuki monster, which Kazuho sees was the same one that captured Nao earlier. Keiichi asks Kazuho and Nao to join in the fight, but Kazuho is worried about killing Ooishi. Keiichi asserts that he’ll stop her if it seems like she’ll kill Ooishi, and Kazuho decides to trust him.

Part 5[]

The group successfully defeats the tanuki monster. It disappears into light, leaving behind an unconscious Ooishi. Kazuho is relieved he’s not dead. Keiichi says that humans will change back to their original form unlike animals, and is glad that it matched what he was told. Shion says Ooishi should return to normal when he wakes up, however he’s too heavy to carry to the Irie Clinic. Kazuho then sees a black Role Card on the ground. Wondering what it really is, Kazuho sticks the card in her pocket and then helps Shion and Keiichi pick up Ooishi’s body. They hide him underneath the floorboards of the nearby shrine to keep him safe from villagers, and then continue onwards.

Shion is asked how she and Keiichi knew that possessed humans would turn back to normal, and she explains once again that it was “that girl”, and that without her she’d be on the “other side.” Shion explains that when she tried to tell Mion and the others earlier than the tsukuyami weren’t normal, she started to get brainwashed into believing that she was wrong.

A flashback occurs to Shion’s encounter with “that girl.” She appeared before Shion one day and asked if she forgot anything. The girl says Shion’s soul hasn't been swallowed by “evil”, and so she can remember why she returned to Hinamizawa. Shion says it’s because of Satoshi, and then realizes that her memories were altered completely. Remembering her purpose, Shion then planned to get Keiichi on her side, as he had just gotten banished from Hinamizawa. Kazuho sees that what happened with Shion’s memories was something she herself had already experienced, and accepts that some magical power was causing it.

Shion explains that she’s also gotten Tomitake on her side, and has asked him to wait with a van beyond the rope bridge in the back mountain so they can escape. Nao asks who Tomitake is, and Kazuho explains that he was the photographer loudly taking pictures during Rika’s ritual dance. Nao is confused since she never heard any camera shutter noises and thought the dance was eerily quiet, and Kazuho becomes concerned.

The group finally reaches the rope bridge, and after confirming nobody else is around, runs up to the van. Shion sees that Tomitake is nowhere to be found. The group believes that Tomitake went to search for them since they got there late. Shion suddenly senses someone and tells everyone to get ready, but when nothing happens, she shines her flashlight on the person and finds Tomitake lying on the ground and bleeding from his throat.

Part 6[]

Akasaka confirms that Tomitake is dead and has already stopped breathing. The group wonders who could’ve killed him. Kazuho posits that maybe he accidentally died, but Shion can’t believe it. Miyuki hears something hiding in the bushes nearby and warns the group, but is too late; Takano emerges, followed by several Mountain Dogs. The group sees that Takano was responsible for killing Tomitake and ask who the uniformed men with her are, but Takano doesn’t say and declares they’re all going to die.

The group doesn’t feel the presence of tsukuyami from Takano and her men, and face the realization that they genuinely want to kill them. Akasaka and Keiichi take fighting stances, prepared to die so the others can escape. Just then, Kawata arrives and dispatches all of the Mountain Dogs, and traps Takano by throwing one at her. Kawata tells Akasaka to take the car and drive everyone to the Irie Clinic, as she’s already informed Irie of the situation. Kawata says Akasaka should be familiar with the clinic since he was brought there 5 years ago, but ominously says that there's a chance he wasn’t. Kazuho is reluctant to leave her behind, but Kawata assures her that she’ll be alright. Kazuho, Nao, Miyuki, Shion, Keiichi, and Akasaka load into the car and drive off.

Kawata confronts Takano alone, the former having purposely explained where the others were going as a way of declaring that nobody will chase after them. Kawaya says she doesn't dislike Takano and that this is unfortunate since this is the 8th or 9th life she’s done this. Kawata then summons a Role Card and transforms it into a rifle, mocking Takano by revealing that she knows she also owns a gun in her “real” job. As her men get back up and ready their guns, Takano asks if Kawata is with the police, was sent by Tokyo, or is an unrelated agent. Kawata replies that she’s none of those, and is also unlike Takano or the kids themselves. Kawata finally states that she’s a “Hunting Dog”, and pulls the trigger.

Part 7[]

The group successfully drives to the Irie Clinic without incident. Unsure if there’s anyone hiding nearby, the group quickly exits the car, runs into the clinic, and blockade the entrance by stacking furniture. Irie comes out to see what the commotion is and gets confused. The group explains that the villagers went crazy and that Ooishi transformed into a monster, but that makes Irie even more confused, as all he heard from Kawata was that something happened at the festival. They also explain that Tomitake is dead and Takano killed him, which further shocks him. Akasaka introduces himself and pleads with him to believe them, and Irie reluctantly agrees.

Irie asks everyone to keep it down as someone else is resting, and takes them to see Satoko sleeping. The group realizes they never saw Satoko at all since the festival incident, and Irie explains that an hour ago, she apparently got sick at the festival and came to the clinic alone.

Miyuki gets her head wound treated and starts feeling better. Akasaka finds that all of the phones don’t work and may have been cut, which surprises Irie since Kawata called him 30 minutes ago. The group worries about what to do now and how to protect the clinic from invasion, but Irie has an idea. He asks them to take care of Satoko and transfer her, and reveals a secret entrance to the clinic’s basement. The group is surprised by how high-tech the clinic actually is, and Irie promises he’ll explain everything later; he tells the group to take refuge in an office in the basement for the night, and asks them not to search around anywhere. Irie will stay behind since he has work left to do.

The group takes the sleeping Satoko downstairs and gets settled in an office. Satoko and Miyuki each sleep on couches while everyone else sleeps on cardboard, with Akasaka keeping watch. Nao sees Akasaka watching the sleeping Miyuki and tells him to think of her as a distant relative, and to forget about what happened back then. As Kazuho goes to sleep, she believes that Akasaka is starting to catch on to who Miyuki really is.

Part 8[]

Kazuho has a dream of her brother telling her to wake up and join their family. Kazuho keeps calling for him and then jolts awake to find she’s still in the clinic basement. Everyone else is still sleeping, and even Akasaka has fallen asleep. Kazuho checks the time on her pager and sees she got a notification from Tamura, but never noticed since she set it to silent at some point.

Kazuho sneaks out of the room to find a phone and walks down the dimly-lit hallways, coming upon another dimly-lit room. She peers inside the room to see someone sleeping in a bed and thinks it’s her brother, but can’t see his face clearly. Kazuho sees the door is unlocked and prepares to go in when Shion suddenly appears, having gotten worried since Kazuho disappeared. Kazuho says there’s a boy inside the room and Shion rushes in, but she says there’s nobody there. Kazuho checks for herself and is surprised that the bed is now empty. Shion figures she mistook a shadow, and says she got excited since the boy might’ve been Satoshi. Kazuho asks what Satoshi is to her, and she admits that he’s her first love. Kazuho receives another notification from Tamura right then and tells Shion about finding a phone. They determine that the only phone is back on the first floor. Shion agrees to go along so she can get regular food from Irie, and sneaks upstairs with Kazuho.

Part 9[]

Kazuho uses the pay phone in the first floor waiting room while Shion goes off to find Irie. Despite the phone lines being cut and the phone itself not accepting coins, Kazuho still manages to connect to Tamura. Tamura is caught up to speed on wha happened since the last time she called, and says that she already knew and says that the boundaries separating Kazuho’s world and her world are fluctuating. Tamura says it can’t be stopped and so is planning to send Kazuho, Miyuki, and Nao back to the Heisei Era.

Tamura explains that using the Fragments they’ve found so far, they can open a gate back to their world. Kazuho gets angry that Tamura kept this secret while they believed they could never return to Heisei, and Tamura apologizes since she saw it as an emergency option and didn’t want to force the girls to make a decision. Tamura orders Kazuho to head to the dam construction site and defeat a powerful tsukuyami there to get an immense Fragment, giving them all the power needed to transport the 3. She alludes to something bad happening if the Fragment is lost. Tamura also says the tsukuyami’s Fragment is the core of this world and is about to say more when the call suddenly disconnects.

Kazuho decides to talk it out with the others and get their help to prepare for this strong tsukuyami. Just then, Kazuho smells something burning and hears strange noises. She follows the noises to the exam room, where Shion has apparently stabbed Irie with a knife. A distraught Kazuho asks Shion why she did this, and Shion asks her to think about it. Kazuho realizes this is actually Mion in disguise, and demands to know what happened to Shion. Mion replies that Shion is still in the basement and cackles, as she might not come back out.

Having overheard the phone conversation, Mion asks Kazuho what she meant by “this world”. She says she’s just following Oyashiro-sama’s orders and prepares to kill Kazuho. Kazuho flees.

Part 10[]

Kazuho curses herself for not realizing that the real Shion already knows the phone lines were cut. She tries to get back to the basement to warn everyone but finds the path blocked by fallen lockers and shelves. Mion catches up to her, saying she gained info about the clinic basement earlier and took measures. Kazuho then realizes that Mion set the basement on fire. Mion cackles, saying that Kazuho’s friends were so tired they never noticed her sneaking in. Kazuho continues running, intending to break the barricade or find a different path, and ends up in a room where more crazed villagers break in through the windows and surround her.

Mion gives Kazuho the choice of joining them. She expresses how Kazuho’s friends are all surely dead now, and that there’s no reason for her to return to her original world since she no longer has family there. Mion promises that she’ll protect Kazuho and let her continue to play club games. Kazuho starts crying and ponders her situation: remembering Miyuki and Nao’s words that they’re all united despite having different goals, Kazuho rejects Mion’s offer and professes that, even if she doesn’t have a reason to return, Miyuki and Nao do, and they acknowledged her despite that.

Kazuho swears to never give up, and at that moment, Miyuki, Nao, and the others arrive through the windows, having survived the basement fire. Mion is shocked, and Miyuki says she used to go camping, so she’s familiar with sources of fire. They also wrapped themselves in fireproof blankets and escaped through an emergency exit. Mion can’t believe that hidden exits exist, and Irie, who survived his attack, appears and says there’s no point having secret exits. Keiichi admonishes Mion for being too harsh to Kazuho despite being possessed by tsukuyami.

Fed up with them, Mion becomes covered in darkness; her Shion disguise disappears and she regains her original Mion clothes, now wielding several weapons.

Part 11[]

The group defeats all of the attacking villagers, and are able to push back against Mion and her fire powers. Unwilling to give in, Mion roars and transforms into a dragon, breaking out of the clinic and flying outside. Shion and Keiichi share a laugh at how unexpected this is, and psych up Kazuho into lending a hand.

Part 12[]

The group successfully defeats the dragon, and it transforms back into Mion. They rush over to tend to her, and Mion gets confused as to what she was doing; her referring to Keiichi as Kei-chan is proof she’s back to normal. Keiichi hugs her in happiness and gets kicked away. Mion then sees Kazuho and apologizes profusely to her for everything she did. Kazuho is fine and thinks that even though Mion was possessed, she was still trying her hardest not to hurt Kazuho. Kazuho then sees another black Card dropped on the ground and assumes this is what allowed Mion to transform. She sticks it in her pocket.

Irie’s bleeding wound is treated and he gives treatment to the rest of the group. Satoko is still sleeping, and never woke up even when they were escaping the basement. Mion is given an IV drip, and she apologizes to Irie for attacking him. Keiichi asks Mion who told her he was bullying Rika in the first place, and Mion says Rika told her herself. Mion at first believed Rika was mistaken about something or was doing a punishment game, but she started to actually believe that Keiichi did something horrible. Keiichi then asks if Mion ordered everyone at school and the village to start treating him coldly, and Mion swears that she never did that, and tries to separate school and village life.

Shion accepts that Mion really wasn’t behind anything else, just like “that girl” said. Miyuki asks who that girl even is and asks for a name, but Shion is unable to say it. "That girl"’s name isn’t able to come to mind at all. Keiichi doesn’t know her name either, and wonders if Kawata knows since she introduced him to “that girl.” Nao asks if they can remember anything else about the girl like her height, appearance, or hair length, but Keiichi and Shion are unable to say anything else about that. Kazuho wonders about that. The group decides to plan about what to do now.


未来から来た少女…… ? Girls From The Future...?
2人の父親 Two Fathers
2人の刑事 Two Detectives
祭直前 Before The Festival
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