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Massacre Arc Vol. 6 is the sixth volume of Hinase Momoyama's manga adaptation of Minagoroshi and the 24th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press as an omnibus (numbered 21) with Volume 5.

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Watching the people of Hinamizawa rally together to liberate her friend Satoko gives Rika hope that she too can defy fate and curb her tragic demise. But when the bodies of Takano and Tomitake are discovered, Rika fears her chance is slipping away. Not knowing who to trust and not wanting to put anyone else in danger, Rika pulls away from her friends. But as her experiences in this world continue to diverge from the norm, Rika clings to the hope that the events that lead to her murder might also change. She has the will to change her destiny, but will that be enough to defeat whoever-or whatever-wants her dead?


Chapter 22: The Beginning of the End

Chapter 23: Stopped Time

Chapter 24: Demise

Final Chapter: Apocalypse



A World Made of Overlapping Sheets of Paper

Hello, I'm Ryukishi07.

This volume brings us to the conclusion of the "Massacre Arc" of Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY.

The "Massacre Arc" gives the most answers of any of the other stories up to this point. After reading this arc, I think that all the scattered puzzle pieces that you have collected up until now should finally be fitting together.

Befitting an arc entitled "Massacre," this one also features the most characters so far. There is something that only you readers, who have seen the world through the various perspectives of the main characters, will be able to see—something that will help you find the truth. Something that may look merely like a line when you see only one piece of paper, but when you put the multiple sheets of paper on top of each other, they form a picture...Maybe the world of Higurashi is a world made up of individual pieces of paper laid on top of one another.

I'm sorry it took until the last volume to say this, but Hinase Momoyama-sensei, thank you for all the wonderful illustrations you drew for this manga. You always made the world of Higurashi so exciting with your great drawings, and I always looked forward to reading your rough drafts. I look forward to seeing your future works.

The world of Higurashi will continue just a little longer. I hope you will stay with me until the very end.

Hinase Momoyama

Thank you for reading this far. I remember reading the visual novel, and when I got to the terrible, terrible ending, the tears just wouldn't stop. And when Rika-chan refused to give up, seeing her fight against her hopeless fate...she was so heartbreaking and so glorious. Like Rika-chan, I would never have been able to safely bring this manga to a close all on my own.
Ryukishi—sama, Yatazakura-sama, Tokibi-sama, Tsubaki Naruse-sama, Nekozakura-sama, Kakumu-sama, BT—sama...
My editors: Nakagawa—sama, Koizumi—sama
And my assistants: Ekuni—kun, Aoi Shouno-sama, Taruma-sama, Tsuchii-sensei, Hime-sama, Maruyama-sama, Mito-sama, Yuukarin, Motchii-sama, Yamao-sama, Yoneda-sama.........
And my friends, family, the Nakagawa-sama who's not my editor (hee),
and all of you who read this. It's thanks to you. I've gotten so much help from all of you, I can never thank you enough.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!

The story is now down to just the final "Festival Accompanying Arc." How will the battle end between Rika-chan and Takano? Please take a look at that piece of the story too.

P.S. Keiichi's dad and Chie-sensei are there with the villagers in the last chapter. I made it kind of like a Where's Waldo?, so please look for them!


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