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Massacre Arc Vol. 3 is the third volume of Hinase Momoyama's manga adaptation of Minagoroshi and the 21st overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press as an omnibus (numbered 20) with Volume 4.

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Keiichi's appeals to the Child Consultation Center receive an outpouring of support from his classmates and teachers, but still the authorities refuse to intercede. Hinamizawa is a village controlled by three powerful families, and without the support of the Sonozakis-and their fearsome head, Oryou-the Center will not budge. As Keiichi struggles to convince Oryou, Rika feels her dream of living a happy life beyond the summer of 1983 begin to fade away. Does Keiichi have what it takes to make a miracle happen? Can Satoko be saved? Can Rika...?


Chapter 10: Saving Hands

Chapter 11: The Third Appeal

Chapter 12: Oyashiro-sama's Curse

Chapter 13: The Spirit of the Defense Alliance



The Source of Terror

The "Massacre Arc" is the story in which all the mysteries of Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY are solved. Basically, that means it's something of a point of no return—once you've read this story, you'll understand everything and you'll never reexperience the suspense and excitement you felt before you read it. And so, I remember when I released this arc, I felt very sad because we were reaching the final stages when I would have to say good-bye to Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY.

Now, in the "Massacre Arc," we meet a new character—Hanyu. She is a mysterious being, and you could say that she is the embodiment of Oyashiro-sama. The true identity of the deity around whom such eerie traditions revolve as told in all the other arcs is this strange little girl. I suppose a lot of readers were disappointed that she wasn't much more dignified. And of course, I designed her deliberately with that in mind. It's just like Rena's paranoia in the "Atonement Arc." ...When you learn that the "Oyashiro-sama" that you've feared all this time, imagining some kind of ghastly creature, is this pathetic crybaby of a girl, you'll never be afraid of her again. Nothing is more terrifying than something you've decided you don't understand.

That is the source of everything that goes by the name terror. People fear what they are unfamiliar with. That being the case, once you get to know something, the fear is swept away. Get to know the thing you fear, and when you understand each other, there will be nothing to be afraid of.

That's the message I wanted to deliver by making Hanyu so different from what all the other stories would have made you imagine.

Hinase Momoyama

Thank you so much for staying with us so far. At about the end of Volume 2, Keiichi and company got a lot more people to join their fight. And as that happened, the number of background characters really grew...
I hope that I can keep working hard without getting discouraged, just like Keiichi and company.

Special special thanks!

Original Story, Supervisor: Ryukishi—sama, BT—sama
Editors: Nakagawa—sama, Koizumi—sama
My Assistants: Ekuni—kun, Hime-sama, Cyco-sama, Mito-sama, Muramura-sama, Motchii-sama, & my family, & everyone who read this!!!


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