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Massacre Arc Vol. 1 is the first volume of Hinase Momoyama's manga adaptation of Minagoroshi and the 19th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Higurashi When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press as an omnibus (numbered 19) with Volume 2.

Publisher's Summary



The Curse Killing Arc...The Time Killing Arc...As each incarnation of the terrible events in Hinamizawa unfolds, Rika Furude must watch as her friends descend into madness and despair, knowing the only fate that awaits her is death. With the unique ability to see all of these worlds, Rika desperately searches for the common links between them that will help her stop the cycle and give her and her friends a happy future beyond June 1983. But with less than a month before the cotton drifting in her current life, will Rika be able to change destiny in time?


Chapter 1: Frederica

Chapter 2: In the Mountains

Chapter 3: The Power to Change Destiny

Chapter 4: A World of Good Fortune

Chapter 5: Miraculous Reunion



What Lies Behind the Murders

Hello, I'm Ryukishi07. The explanation of the Rules X, Y, and Z at the beginning of this volume indicates that this long arc will finally take us to the depths of the mystery.

These three rules intertwine in complex patterns, creating the stories leading up to this one. ...And when you put the previous stories together and look through them, what comes faintly into view are these rules.

Thinking on it, I suspect our society is similar. Each and every incident has its own conclusion. But in most cases, the motive and the background of each crime never come to light.

However, if you put all the incidents together, maybe you can start to see certain rules behind them...?

I want us not to think about each incident individually, but to find the background to each one. I think that by doing that, we will be able to keep thinking past the trivial problem of "Who did it?" and think about why these crimes happen.

We can discover the problem and face it and fight to prevent these things from happening again. This is what it means to oppose the tragedy.

And now that you know the rules, you can put a period on all the previous Higurashi stories, rife with mysteries, and get closer to what lies beneath it all.

I hope you will all join Rika and see this story through to the end.

Hinase Momoyama

How do you like the "Massacre Arc"? I hope you enjoyed it. The real battle starts in the next volume. It will be truly painful for Rika and her friends...But I hope that I can keep drawing to the best of my abilities as they work and grow in their attempts to beat destiny.

Special-Special Thanks!!
Original story, Supervisor: Ryukishi07-sama, BT-sama
Editors: Nakagawa-sama, Koizumi-sama

My assistants, who met my unreasonable demands (heh)! (You're the best!)
My friends and family who supported me behind the scenes! (I love you!)
...And you!!!


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