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This article is about a character in Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni.

Masashi Tadamura (忠村 正志 Tadamura Masashi) is the father of Yukito Tadamura and Yue Tadamura, and the oldest of the Tadamura brothers.


Yukito's biological father and Yue's father-in-law. In an attempt to help his remarried wife with her business, he tries to borrow his mother's inheritance, but fails. His wife disappeared, and ever since, Masashi has been in a downward spiral.

(Translated from the official website.)


Masashi has black hair and wears a white collared shirt.


Masashi is very level-headed and serious. He rarely ever complains about things.


Masashi and his brothers were born and raised in Hirasaka by their mother. Masashi left the village and got married to an unnamed woman, having Yukito with her. When Masashi's wife died from overwork, he became stricken with grief since he felt it was his fault for neglecting her. He remarried to a woman named Yumeko, making Yue his daughter-in-law. Yumeko wanted to pursue business ventures, and Masashi wanted to avoid making the same mistake he did with his first wife by directly supporting her business.

When Grandmother won the lottery, Masashi borrowed the money to aid his wife's business. The money soon ran out, and Yumeko disappeared from home one day. As a result, meetups with his brothers tended to go poorly since the topic of the money always came up.



Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni

Masashi, Yukito, and Yue drive to Hirasaka in 2016 to attend their grandmother's funeral. They stop at the village entrance to wash their hands in the wash basin, as per the village's customs. Masashi's family winds up the last to arrive, after Nobuteru's family and Tsunemasa. After paying their respects to Grandmother, they have dinner and talk. Masashi talks about the situation with his wife and a drunken Nobuteru insults him for squandering Grandmother's fortune. The next morning, the family finds that Grandmother's corpse disappeared and that two suns are in the sky, among other weird phenomena. Masashi finds that his car radio won't work. When Nobuteru tries to inspect strange fog near the house and collapses, Masashi rescues him.

Masashi, Nobuteru, and Yukito drive around the village, going to a cliffside road and finding that the fog covers the entire area. They hear a loud noise behind them and try to run away from it, but the car doesn't start. Masashi's group is pushed through the guardrail, and their car rolls down the cliff. They abandon the car and return to the house.

Masashi and his brothers explore the village some more and get attacked by a swarm of gakiban. They lose track of Tsunemasa while running away and pick him back up when he emerges wounded from a woods. They carry him home and are attacked by wild dogs on the way, soon saved by the family and Takano. Masashi rests from his wounds at home. When Nobuteru passes away from his injuries, Masashi gives words of comfort to a grieving Terumi.

The fog river invades the house. While talking about other safe houses to go to, Masashi says that Grandmother gave a protective charm to the Murata family, whose house was nearby. The group takes Nobuteru's car and relocates there, however they go somewhere else since the Murata household doesn't have the same glow from the charm that their old house did.

Masashi sacrifices himself to help the others escape

After settling down in another new house, Yue sees that Masashi's wounds aren't getting any better and are growing more swollen. When the topic of searching for more supplies comes up, Masashi tells the group to try the Hirasaka Community Center. They hear demons outside and realize that the charm protecting this house was broken by Chiharu's struggling earlier. Something starts rumbling towards the house, and Masashi tells the group to abandon him and run away since it's too late for him, as he doesn't know when he can remain himself. Suddenly, a giant fist crashes down through the roof. Masashi grabs the attention of the giant demon, getting picked up and carried away.

Masashi is taken to Hell's Cauldron and buried alongside his brothers. The cousins pray for their parents and successfully send them to the afterlife.