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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Maricarmen (マリカルメン Marikarumen) is a member of the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee and hails from LATO Mexico.


From LATO Mexico

A member of the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee of the International Peace Mediation Association Military

She has a natural talent for acrobatic flying, and it's thought that she would've been guaranteed a medal if she had been able to participate in the Battle Standard Festival.

She's been in the acrobatics division so long, many thought she wasn't well-suited for combat, but later, it was revealed that she was a star pupil who had received combat training at a special institution. It's suspected that her true power is an unknown quantity, even within LATO.

When she formed a rotte with Valentina, it was thought that her power would finally be revealed, but she's only gotten so-so scores so far. She remains an unknown quantity.


Maricarmen has long, light blue hair and wears a white uniform with a skirt. She also wears black thigh-high socks and white boots. Her Gauntlet resembles a trumpet.


Maricarmen gets worried easily and tries her best to maintain a serious facade.


Special Abilities

A Skilled Hawk Hides Its Talons (SS)

She likes surprising people, so she never reveals what's up her sleeve easily. On the contrary, she'll even feign ignorance for the sake of a surprise. Nearly everyone is fooled and mistakenly thinks they're better than her. And that Is when she grins.

Aptitude for Simultaneous Summoning of Weaponry (SS)

Her ability to simultaneously summon multiple weapons in a large area, hold them there, and control them is ahead of the pack, even when compared to aces from other factions. This is thought to be the result of her brainpower, as well as technology allowed only to LATO.

Observer of Military Balance (A)

As an observer from the Healthy Military Balance Oversight Committee, she's able to throw her weight around a bit when dealing with militaries from other factions.

Since none of the factions want LATO as their enemy, no matter which military cafeteria she goes to, she always gets as much free dessert as she can eat.


For You, the Replaceable Ones

Mari is first introduced in Chapter 2 as a referee for the International Battle Standard Festival. She later accepts the Public Bath Oath. Through the course of the story she and Valentina act as mediators for when worldwide tensions rise and the Gauntlet Knights begin to get restless.

In Chapter 12, she and Tina stand guard at a meeting between a LATO executive and a man named Mr. Gray, learning of the Three Kings. Seshat invades the meeting and wipes the memories of everyone present. When Mari wakes up later inside of a hospital and questions what she was doing, she jokingly suggests that aliens did it.

In Chapter 16, she and Tina are made members of the Order of the Public Bath as witnesses to ensure they remain just in their goals of preserving world peace.

In Chapters 19 and 20, Mari and Tina work as bodyguards again during the signing of a global peace treaty at the IPMA HQ. They manage to protect Toujirou from an explosion that kills most of the provisional directors.

In Chapter 21, Mari informs the Order of the Public Bath about the state of the world going forward: many Environmental 8MS were damaged from a superearthquake, Erbil L5 had evolved and was rampaging after it was initially eradicated. and thus a food crisis was likely to occur.

In Chapter 23, Mari and Tina escort Toujirou and go on a stroll through a beach ruined by the drone revolt. Toujirou's casual analysis of the destruction leads Mari to think he may be inhuman and is just watching the world like some outside observer. Regardless, Mari and Tina ask him some questions and learn that a "World Reset Cult" is indeed masterminding more than just the drone revolt.

In Chapter 25 she and Tina attend Miyao's Christmas party.


  • Maricarmen's nickname used to be "Marica", but this was changed to "Mari" in an update on November 10, 2019. This was likely due to "marica" being an offensive word in Spanish.