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Mariana (マリアナ Mariana), from ACR Angola, is a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Cairo Memorial Squad.


From ACR Angola

A member of the Queen's Cairo Visit Memorial Squad of the ACR Combined Military First Aerial Knight Corps

Of the young children who received mental training at the Lubango Toddler Brainpower Research Center, she was the only one who achieved P3 levels that could compete with the world's best.

Despite the fact that her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude was merely average, her immense mental ability led her to having the highest grades in the ACR Angola Aerial Knight Corps.

Currently, the ACR Royal Brainpower Research Center has set up a research team for the sole purpose of raising her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude.


Mariana is a young lady with apricot skin, green hair and wears a circlet on her head. Her attire is a light cyan dress adorned with cyan ribbons, white knee-high socks and black mary jane shoes. Her Gauntlet resembles a tank and is painted with camouflage colors.


Mariana acts very emotionless, almost robotic as a result of her multiple split personalities vying for control. Despite this, she shows a lot of affection towards Gannet. She seems to hold a lot of loyalty towards the ACR and will follow orders no matter what.


Special Abilities[]

High-Output P3 User (S)

Her P3 levels are high enough that she can sometimes compete with Miyao, the world's best.

This talent mostly goes to waste because her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude can't keep up, but it may be set free sooner or later.

Cluster Missile Guidance (SS)

She can artfully control large numbers of high-maneuverability guided missiles at will. In the Battle Standard Festival Missile Guidance Event (artistic category), she received a gold medal. Unlike Miyao's skill of the same name, she specializes less in simultaneous impacts and more in novel and dazzling missile movements.

CPP Autism (-A)

As a sufferer of CPP, she developed a chronic condition where her multiple personalities each refuse to give up ground and her outward personality is unable to stabilize, with symptoms that appear similar to autism.

When her personalities are focused on fierce internal debates, that means her driver's seat is unoccupied, so she appears silent and emotionless to outside observers.

Role in the Story[]

Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones[]

Mariana is first introduced in Chapter 2 alongside the rest of her squad at the International Battle Standard Festival. She later accepts the Public Bath Oath and makes some WanyaDora friends.

In Chapter 10, Cairo Squad attends a ceremony with Rethabile.

In Chapter 18, Cairo Squad, Squad 601, and other ACR Gauntlet Knights engage the ABN forces above the Mediterranean Sea.

In Chapter 23, she and her squad suppress the drone revolt.

In Chapter 25, Mariana attends Miyao's Christmas party.