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Magi-Cu 4-Koma Umineko no Naku Koro ni Volume 1 (マジキュー4コマ うみねこのなく頃に(1)) is the first volume of Magi-Cu 4-Koma Umineko no Naku Koro ni.


Title Artist
Ushiromiya-Style Punishment Game (右代営流 罰ゲーム) Kuroha
Suspicion (疑惑) Senri Kou
Night Owls (夜更かしし) Kazuha Araki
A Brief Case Study of the Ushiromiya Family (ひどくちの営家事件簿) Kuroe Mura
When Rokkenjima Cried (六軒島のなく頃に) Sakamari Miyano
Tragedy Avoidance Battle! (惨劇回避BATTLE!) Tomomi Mizuna
Ushiromiya Typhoon (右代営タイフーン) Junka Morozumi
Rock n' Roll Mizumi
Rokkenjima Witch Club (六軒島まじょ倶楽部) Azusa Watarai
Umineko Hour (うみねこアワー) Sir Nagano
Puppet★Maria (パペット★真里亜) Akihito Fujido
Sweet Home Room (スイートホームルーム) Raina
Teatime Before Tragedy (惨劇前のティータイム) Takuma
When You Get a Headache (づつうのタネたら) Kairi Fujisawa
Welcome to Rokkenjima (六軒島へようこそ) China Yuzuki
Present-Day Ushiromiya (今日の右代営) kgr
Kihihi Syndrome (きひひシンドローム) ico
Two People's Romance (ふたりの恋路) Horio Shiwasu


Ushiromiya-Style Punishment Game

Shannon spills a cleaning bucket, and a disappointed Natsuhi says she'll begin punishing her for every mistake she makes. She has Shannon put on a school swimsuit, saying it's a punishment costume passed down though the Ushiromiyas for generations.

Kanon can't believe Natsuhi would make Shannon wear that, and she realizes she's late for her next shift. Natsuhi makes Shannon wear cat ears next and taunts her with a bell collar. Kanon watches the scene confused.

Kanon spills a wheelbarrow and kneels before Natsuhi to accept punishment. Natsuhi makes him add "-danyan" to the end of his sentences for the next 24 hours.

Gohda watches from behind a corner and becomes jealous. He announces he burned a dish, but Natsuhi seems to ignore him.

Natsuhi is shocked that Gohda wants a punishment and makes him do 1000 Hindu squats, then goes back to Kanon.

George prepares to propose to Shannon with a ring and enters a room to see her wearing the swimsuit, cat ears, and collar. He bolts back out the room, blood surging from his nose.

Shannon checks on George's bloody body, commenting on how tragic he looks. George says he's fine and asks what's going on, and Shannon says this is a penalty passed down through the Ushiromiya family. George grins with ambition.

Gohda finishes his squats and reports to Natsuhi, but he trips and knocks over a dish cart. Natsuhi makes him do 2000 sit-ups next.

Natsuhi watches Genji and thinks about how he's a faithful servant, but even she has a punishment planned. She accidentally knocks over Kinzo's most prized vase and breaks it, and Kumasawa slides in to say she must also face a punsihment, to set an example. Natsuhi is not pleased.

Natsuhi embarassedly puts on a sailor school uniform. Krauss notices it and takes off his suit jacket, thinking Natsuhi must be trying hard tonight. Natsuhi pulls out a Winchester in response.

Shannon messes up again, and Genji tells her to let him take the blame. Genji reports to Natsuhi, and she tells him to put on a custom-made Beatrice dress.


Rudolf lays into Battler for talking bad about him to Kyrie behind his back. He performs the Konami Code on Battler while hurting him.

On the airplane, Battler freaks out about the feeling of falling, and George says the airplane has only begun takeoff. He says the feeling of falling will still be the same then, and Battler falls unconscious. George appreciates the new peace and quiet.

Battler reunites with Jessica and is surprised to see she grew breasts, asking to rub them. Maria looks on with interest, and Jessica tells Battler to get ahold of himself when he's in front of a nine-year-old.

Battler reunites with Shannon and also asks to rub her breasts. Maria once again appears and takes an interest, and Battler stops himself. Jessica sees he's crying.

Shannon says she's just furniture. Maria wonders why Battler wants to touch her when she's furniture, and Jessica says he also lusts over wardrobes. Battler yells it's a misunderstanding.

Jessica asks if Battler acts this way around every woman, and he says it's just his manner of communicating. They look at Maria, and Jessica pulls her away and says to be careful around the shady Battler.

Maria is asked if Battler did anything weird to her, and she says 6 years ago, Battler asked to rub her. The younger Battler just gave her a chest poke, and the present Battler despairs.

Maria starts calling Battler a 12-year-old lolicon, and he resolves to clear up this misunderstanding. He looks over at Kanon and asks to rub his chest.

Battler explains his goals to Kanon, and he says he's just furniture. Jessica watches with awe, and Battler gets surprised.

Kumasawa watches from behind a corner and comments on how much he's grown. She takes notice of his apparent interest in men, and Battler denies it.

Kanon reports everything to Kinzo, who says he's a disgrace to the Ushiromiyas for generations to come.

Night Owls

Battler, George, and Jessica play board games. Jessica recommends they try black magic next, surprising the guys. Jessica says it was actually Maria talking in her sleep and interrupting her.

Jessica wonders if Maria really loves black magic so much that she talks about it in her sleep, and then she hears her muttering curses. Jessica becomes horrified.

Jessica says they'll do card fortune telling next, having gotten into it when it became popular at school. Jessica says she can read their futures, but Battler says he's pursuing higher education while George is climbing the corporate ladder. Jessica gets angry.

Jessica wants them to ask something, but Battler asks her to tell her own future. Jessica says that's against the rules. She offers to make a quick divination for Battler and tell him the chances of getting caught for sexual harassment in the future, much to his displeasure.

Jessica performs the fortune tell and is confused by the result. Battler says the question must be rude, but Jessica repeats it some more and is enraged as to why the chance is 0% in the future.

Jessica gets tired and decides to do love fortunes next. Battler likes the idea of taling about love affairs, and both him and Jessica address George.

George is sure the others have more experience than him, but Battler says there are so many targets while Jessica is the diviner. They look at George expectantly.

They decide to figure out who George likes. Jessica performs a tell and decides he likes quiet maid-like women with short hair. George meekly says it's too specific.

George asks to become the diviner for the others, but the color drains from Jessica's face, and she says she feels like reading the weather now.

Jessica thinks the theme was too vague, and Battler says they should ask if they'll get married. The two of them perform the tell, and then they grovel before George and say they're on his side.

Jessica says they keep getting weird answers when they tell the future, and Battler says it must be a coincidence. Suddenly a loud noise rings out, but they see it was just Maria rolling out of bed, still asleep.

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