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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

Madoka Minai (南井 まどか Minai Madoka) is a police officer and Tomoe Minai's younger sister. She is first introduced in the manga-exclusive arc Onisarashi and gains a much larger role in the Advanced Story.


A police officer in the Traffic Division of the Kakiuchi Police Department. Tomoe's younger sister.

She used to work as a hostess at a cabaret club, but got a job as a police officer on the recommendation of Yamaoki, one of her customers.

Because of her optimistic and carefree personality, she often clashes with Tomoe, who is the complete opposite, but she worries about her sister more than anyone else.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


Madoka has short brown hair and amber eyes with a mole under her eye. She typically wears a police uniform. In the console versions, Madoka's casual wear consists of a pink shirt, black jacket with green lining, and blue jeans.


Madoka cares about her sister and worries about her getting hurt on her assignments. Despite this, they still bicker sometimes, especially regarding Madoka's engagement to Yamaoki.

Madoka has a simple job as part of the transportation divison of the police station but is wary about provoking the wrong people and getting into trouble.


Madoka and Tomoe were born to Yuusuke Minai and Nobumi Minai. In 1971, the Minai sisters were orphaned when a fire broke out in their home, resulting in the deaths of their parents. Madoka developed PTSD due to seeing her parents corpses firsthand and became very afraid of fire, having panic attacks sometimes. Madoka began to do poorly in school, with Tomoe acting as her guardian and working jobs constantly to provide for them. Tomoe especially saved up for Madoka's future wedding fund.

One day, Madoka ran away from home and left a note for Tomoe, as she felt guilty for always relying on her. Madoka moved to Tokyo and got a job as a cabaret club worker. She met Kaoru Yamaoki during her job and developed a romantic relationship with him, later getting engaged. Madoka began to get over her fear of fire.

Madoka reunited with Tomoe at some point and got a job at Kakiuchi Police Station as a police officer, working alongside her sister at times. Madoka's relationship with Yamaoki is the source of rumors that she's dating him for Tomoe's benefit however.

Miotsukushi Ura reveals that Shirou Hanada was responsible for the fire that killed Madoka's parents long ago.


Role in the Story


Madoka tells Ooishi and Akasaka about the autopsy results for Aki Kimiyoshi's dismembered corpse. They determined that she died about 5 days ago from a cerebral contusion, and she was chopped up after the fact.


Madoka is first introduced in the TIP "Kindhearted Older Sister". She talks with Fujita about how Tomoe might not be cut out to be a detective since she's too compassionate.


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Madoka is out on patrol when Ooishi pays a visit to Kakiuchi Station and tells her on the radio she needs to bring Tomoe to the station. Madoka meets Tomoe at Kakiuchi Airport, where they discuss Tomoe's annual visits to the place and the rumors surrounding the airport's reconstruction. Each sister also apologizes for a prior argument, and Madoka brings Tomoe to the station.

A few days later, Madoka asks Tomoe to come with her to a meeting with Yamaoki's parents. Tomoe refuses but Madoka pleads her to come just this once and put in a good impression with the chief's parents. Tomoe relents. Madoka also mentions a dentist appointment, and Tomoe is given inspiration for a case.

The date with Yamaoki and his parents begins, but Madoka is concerned since Tomoe hasn't shown up yet. Yamaoki suddenly cancels things and takes Madoka with him to the hospital, where Tomoe was brought after being stabbed by a robber. Tomoe passes away soon after. Madoka is saddened to learn that Tomoe lost her life protecting the bankbook with her wedding fund in it.

Meanwhile, Kakiuchi Station is investigating the apparent disappearance of Aki Kimiyoshi, with her family being suspicious. Developments are made, and Madoka radios Akasaka and Ooishi with the info that Aki's severed head was found on a roadside.

Madoka and Akasaka talk, where Madoka reveals she's pregnant by Yamaoki and resolves to become stronger in the wake of her sister's death. Madoka plans to name her child Tomoe if it's a girl.

The final TIP "Letter from Madoka" features Madoka, now married as Madoka Yamaoki, sending a letter to Akasaka 3 years later and talking about how they caught Tomoe's murderer.


In 1982, Tomoe and Madoka go out to dinner and run into Tomoe's old friend Osamu Tsukada. Tsukada flirts with Tomoe a bit and leaves, and Madoka points out how Tsukada was concealing the wedding ring on his finger.

After dinner, Madoka goes back to her car to retrieve something when she sees some mysterious people standing by it and running away. Her car explodes right then, and Madoka starts to have panic attack. While Tomoe tries to calm her down, she sees Rena standing off in the distance and thinks she was responsible. Madoka is taken to the hospital to recover.

Tomoe and Madoka talk in the hospital about Tomoe's recent suspension when a patient enters Madoka's room and suddenly leaves. Tomoe is confused, and Madoka explains that the floors of the hospital are similar, so people will often walk into the wrong rooms on accident. Tomoe is inspired and manages to solve a murder case.

Miotsukushi Ura

In 1983, Madoka asks Tomoe to accompany her on a date with Yamaoki to meet his parents. Tomoe agrees. Later, Madoka shows concern for Tomoe overworking herself on a case.

After Tomoe's near-death experience at being caught in a trap by Hanada, she is brought to the hospital where Madoka spends a lot of time watching over her. Madoka praises Tomoe for being so dedicated to her job and managing to find leads in a case the rest of the station was struggling with. She laments not being as good as Tomoe and promises to do better.

The station obtains evidence regarding Akihiko Chiba's involvement in corruption, and Tomoe, Madoka, and Fujita start packing it up to send to the Nagoya District Prosecutor's Office. Tomoe suddenly uncovers the secret behind Kakiuchi Airport and the case her father had been investigating before his death. A man named Sorimachi from the Tokyo DPO then arrives and explains that the Nagoya DPO is actually working for Chiba and will delay the investigation. Trusting him, Tomoe tells Madoka and Fujita to mail the materials to Tokyo instead.

The police raid Kakiuchi Airport and Tomoe arrests Hanada, avenging the deaths of her parents. Madoka informs Yamaoki that she's pregnant with their child, and he goes a little crazy.


  1. Calculated given the Someutsushi TIP "Old Local News Article" taking place 12 years ago and listing Madoka's age as 13.