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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

MIYAO[1] is a mysterious entity that claims to be an alternate personality of Miyao Mitake.


MIYAO initially has the exact same appearance as Miyao. Later he appears with a body with crystal-blue skin and gold attachments.


MIYAO acts smug and condescending.


MIYAO claims to have knowledge of the future and claims to be an alternate personality of Miyao's created for the purpose of stopping his "murder program".


For You, the Replaceable Ones

MIYAO is introduced in Chapter 3 when he suddenly appears within Miyao's mind, having an identical avatar to Miyao. MIYAO claims that he's an alternate personality of his and that Miyao will kill Lingji, Koshka, and Jayden in the future. Miyao denies that any of that will happen, but MIYAO insists that Miyao is a murder program and can prevent this future by disappearing.

MIYAO appears again in Chapter 6 wearing a blue body, wanting to make things less confusing. He tells Miyao about the Three Kings' plans to create a hell on Earth where humans hate each other. If Miyao wants to stop them, then he must kill the Three Kings or kill himself.

In Chapter 13, Miyao arranges with other Gauntlet Knights to stop the worldwide conflicts by throwing battles. MIYAO says that this won't work forever, and sooner or later the knights will have to fight and kill each other to satiate the warmongers.

MIYAO repeats that Miyao is a program, suggesting that they both are clone programs of the original Miyao with fabricated childhood memories. The blue-bodied one shows an image of a dead Miyao with half of his body missing. Miyao refuses to believe this and asks why MIYAO doesn't just delete him if they're both programs. The other responds that he wouldn't be appearing like this if it were possible.

As proof that Miyao is a murder program, MIYAO says he can trigger it by showing an image of a certain person, and Miyao will become determined to kill that person no matter who stands in his way. MIYAO shows the image, and Miyao is confused.

In Chapter 22, MIYAO says that Miyao's started to sympathize with the Three Kings' desires to destroy humanity. MIYAO swears to delete Miyao when groups of Keropoyos suddenly appear, sensing MIYAO's presence as an unapproved program. MIYAO quickly disappears.

In Chapter 24, after the drone attacks, Miyao summons MIYAO and asks what will happen next; the latter agrees since Miyao finally acknowledged his existence. MIYAO explains that all of the 4DP satellites in Earth's orbit will construct strange totems and send them plummeting into the oceans, killing ocean life and poisoning the water supply and 8MS. A certain other 8MS will also begin attacking humanity like a virus. MIYAO says that all these tragedies are occurring because of Miyao's program and reminds him that the prophecy of him killing his friends is approaching. Miyao promises that if MIYAO really is telling the truth about the world's destruction, then he'll disappear. MIYAO accepts this, and more Keropoyos appear to hunt down MIYAO gain. MIYAO asks his other self to keep their relationship a secret since he's the only way to "free himself from the machine."