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Ryukishi07 has a habit of making references to pop culture in his works, sometimes anachronistic. This page compiles them and lists them in the order they appear.

Note that cases of Ryukishi07's works referencing each other are not listed. References to real life historical events are also not listed.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni


""How was it? Find a treasure trove?"
"Oh, yes~ So listen! Ah ...um, you see! There was...! A Colonel Sanders doll!♪"
"A Colonel Sanders doll!? ...Oh, that thing. Those statues they always have out in front of that fried chicken place...That life-sized dummy?"
Keiichi asks Rena about what she found at the junkyard, Day 2

Colonel Sanders is the founder and mascot of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant chain. Various adaptations and console ports change Sanders' name to either Kenta or Randy, with the KFC name changed to similar acronyms if shown.

"Everyone, listen! Rena's in big trouble! All of you, please look for Rena!"
"...It's a bigger problem than a jumbo jet crashing into your family's house?"
...Oh, yeah, it had turned into that, hadn't it. Mion whistled nonchalantly, trying to avoid the blame.
"Yeah! It's not even in the same league as jumbo jets! What fell on Rena's house...Was a space colony!!"
"A-A space colonyyyyy!?"
"Yeah, it's a really big disaster! Everything in a 100 kilometer radius was obliterated! But that's only the prelude to this tragic tale!! This is the beginning... the start of a war for independence by the Propagandapality of Zeon!!
— Keiichi tries to trick Rena during a game of zombie tag.

This is a reference to the anime Mobile Suit Gundam, which is known for featuring colony drops (space colonies hijacked and made to plummet onto Earth's surface) committed by the antagonists, the Principality of Zeon.

"Ker Poooow! A rumble shook the classroom!
"...That's the principal's aerial opener!"
Boof pow whap!! Zazhing! KaboOoOom!!! Following the launcher with a jab, jab, strong, fierce combo!? He's even using meter!
"From how it sounded... the principal's jumping fierce sounds like a multi-hit combo."


"PrincipaaaAaaAal!!! I challenge you...hurRrk!!!!!!"
I heard what sounded like a "zhazhing" three times. His 3-gauge super!?
— The club tries to do punishments involving the school principal.

A reference to Street Fighter II, which released in 1991 and is known for introducing the combo attack mechanic that would become a mainstay of fighting games. The updated rerelease Super Street Fighter II Turbo would introduce the super meter/gauge.


"...'Card Master Sakura' is written down here."(...)"Sa--Sa-Sa--Sa-kura can only mean 'Card Master Sakura,' can't it!?!? It's a super-popular anime that's broadcast every week on the government-run networks!!!" (...) "...Um yeah, even without the forced explanation, I know about it. It's that thingy where she fights in a different costume every week, right? Yeah. I know, I know." (...) "I saw it for the first time recently. Sakura is cool and so cheerful all the time!" "...I like that girl who's always filming with the camcorder." (...) "Sakura means Sakura Kinomoto!! Sakura-tan *pant pant*!! Card Master Sakura is the right answeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!"
— The club plays Sympathy

A reference to the series Cardcaptor Sakura, which began in 1996. It stars a girl named Sakura Kinomoto who fights evil and wears various outfits while doing it. The character Tomoyo Daidouji follows Sakura and records her battles with a camera.

Hinamizawa Bus Stop

The "Mouseland in Tokyo" is likely a reference to Tokyo Disneyland.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Ciconia no Naku Koro ni

For You, the Replaceable Ones

""Nice! I guess this makes you the second frog in the world to call himself a knight! That's so cool!"
"Heheheh? What do you mean? Has there ever been another frog knight?"
"...After this, I should talk to Maricarmen about setting up an Order of Classic JRPG Lovers..."
— People commenting on Keropoyo being appointed as the secretary of the Order of the Public Bath, Chapter 16

A reference to the RPG Chrono Trigger released in 1995, which features an anthropomorphic frog knight character.