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This page documents collaborations and crossovers of Ryukishi07 works with non-07th Expansion-affiliated companies and games.


Higurashi When They Cry[]


Main article: Sanrio#Collaborations_with_Higurashi

As an April Fool's joke in 2021, Sanrio collaborated with Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU.


  • The Banpresto game Super Heroine Chronicles features several characters as playable units. Rena is a standalone unit while Mion and Shion, and Satoko and Rika each form a single unit respectively.
  • The gacha game Last Period featured Higurashi characters as obtainable units from April 20 to April 30, 2018.[7] The Last Period anime also had an episode dedicated to Higurashi. Someone resembling Ryukishi07 can be seen in the episode.
  • Elemental Story had several collaborations. A new one was announced to take place starting April 15, 2021.[8]
  • The mobile gacha game SINoAlice announced a collaboration where Higurashi characters were available as units.
  • The horror game Ao Oni Online announced a collab on February 8, 2021.
  • The Japanese version of PUBG Mobile announced a collab with Higurashi Sotsu on September 30, 2021. Voice cards of various characters were added.[9]

Umineko When They Cry[]

  • The Square Enix mobile game Mashiro Witch had a collaboration event where Beatrice could be fought as a boss.

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