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This is a page for listing the characters in Haworthia. Most of the images are from the 07th Public Bath 2021 artbook by Remotaro.

Asaki and Yuu Yumemi

"This star, it’s become quite lovely, hasn’t it?"
— Asaki Yumemi
"You mustn’t run away, we’ll make it out of this hell together!"
— Yuu Yumemi


Motoki Punica Granatum and A. H. Haworthia

"No no, don’t be so stiff~! Feel free to call me Punica, okay?"
— Motoki Punica Granatum
"However, there is just one thing. Remember to sing of joy. And so, may it never be forgotten."
— A. H. Haworthia


Organics Automata S. and K.

"Everything is for the sake of this star. Organics Automata will restore this star’s beauty."
— Organics Automata S.
"Nice to meet you. I’m Tomomasa’s sister, her mother, myself."
— Organics Automata K.