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Lingji Liu (劉 鈴姫 Liú Língjī (CH)) [1], from COU China, is the leader of the Gauntlet Knight squad Baibao.


From COU China

A member of the Imperial Guard Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Baibao" of the COU Combined Military HQ

During her newborn mental evaluation, she was recognized as a National Special Growth Target. Later on, she was given the best of educations, complete with the best human resources, material resources, and budget, and was fated to become the queen of the Aerial Augmented Infantry representing all allied countries of the COU. She then splendidly answered to those expectations as the strongest Gauntlet Knight in the COU.

The Kunlun Military Research City proposed a five year plan with an annual budget of 100,000,000 wan for the purpose of copying her mental ability, and this request was accepted.


Lingji has black hair tied into braids. She wears a white hanfu and white socks with black boots. Her Gauntlet resembles knight armor with a pair of ribbons hanging off the shoulder.


Lingji is very kind-hearted and responsible, valuing her friends while also maintaining her position as an ace Gauntlet Knight of the COU.


Special Abilities

Genius-Class Aerial Augmented Infantry Aptitude (SS)

Since birth, the whole structure of her brain was miraculously suited for joining the Aerial Augmented Infantry. No one doubts that she's a candidate for the strongest Gauntlet Knight on the planet.

Midair Close Quarters Combat Ability (SS)

She's created a system for close-range fighting designed to work in one-on-one fights against Gauntlet Knights. It's said to be based on the Chinese martial arts and is both devastating and beautiful. All the other COU aces have tried to copy her, but none have managed to master it.

Wants to Experience Defeat (S)

Like a sixth sense, she has the ability to subconsciously make the correct decision all the time. It's a type of genius, or possibly a supernatural power.

The Tibet Supernatural Research Center recognizes this as a supernatural ability, but estimates that it is limited to adolescence and will be lost sooner or later.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Lingji is first introduced in Chapter 2 with the rest of her squad at the International Battle Standard Festival and duels with Miyao, coming out on top. She accepts the Public Bath Oath soon after. Later, Meow's existence is revealed to Jayden, and Lingji and the other female aces help the Mitakes and Jayden reconcile.

In Chapter 11, Lingji and the other Gauntlet Knights decide to complete missions without human casualties in adhering to the Public Bath Oath. Lingji's squad is later sent to destroy ABN mining machines.

In Chapter 16, Lingji shows interest in Miyao's Order of the Public Bath and is later appointed Master by him. In the next chapter Lingji's squad engages AOU forces, including Grave Mole, above the Amur river.

In Chapters 19 and 20, Lingji's grandfather is revealed to be one of the provisional directors recruited by LATO for the signing of a global truce. Lingji contacts him to see if there's anything she and her comrades can do to help, but her message goes unread when her grandfather is killed in the ensuing explosion incident.

In Chapter 22, Lingji encourages Setsugekka Squad to have faith in Miyao when he asks to take control of their Gauntlets and fake a combat scenario.

Chapter 25 has analysts being appointed to observe Gauntlet Knights during the battle before the second global truce since mass sabotage is suspected. Lingji decides to suspend the "don't kill" part of the Public Bath Oath and orders the Gauntlet Knights under her to follow. Lingji and Miyao soon have a midair fistfight, where Lingji is suddenly using a new, golden Gauntlet instead of her standard one. Miyao tries to make Lingji come back to her senses but winds up killing her when his Gauntlet is hijacked by his father, forcing him to destroy Lingji's head with a Rejection Shield-powered punch.


  • Lingji's name was originally inaccurately romanized as "Lingzhen", likely due to the Japanese wikitionary wrongly listing that as a reading of the second character (姫). This was fixed by the time of the second demo.
  • Her name means "bell princess", both in Chinese and Japanese.
  • In the Japanese version, her name read as "Ryuu Rinji", based on the furigana. Some fans calls her "Suzuhime" or "Suzuki", as that's how her name read in Japanese.
  • Her way of speaking bears a resemblance to Satoko Houjou from Higurashi When They Cry, as she speaks politely and ends her sentences with "wa" (). That's also how stereotypical "ojou" characters speak in anime, as Lingji was born in a wealthy family.
  • In chapter 3, she addresses Miyao as "Miyao-san" at first, but soon drops the honorific. The English version translates that part as "Second Lieutenant Miyao" instead.


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