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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Lilja Viljakainen (リリャ・ヴィリヤカイネン Rirya Vuiriyakainen)[1], from AOU Finland, is a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Grave Mole.


From AOU Finland

A member of the 100th Aerial Augmented Infantry Experimental Squad "Grave Mole", of the AOU Combined Military Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center

She is currently serving time as a Class 1 Criminal (her crime is not public knowledge), but has been allowed to leave in exchange for volunteering as a research subject at the Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

Her grades at the Suomenlinna Aerial Augmented Infantry School before her arrest were incredible, and her records at that school still haven't been broken.

Large changes have been noticed in her personality and character since her imprisonment, and some sort of experiment at the research center is rumored to be the cause.


Lilja has blonde hair, green eyes and wears accessories resembling pulla. She wears a green jacket over a shirt with a red bow with a frilly skirt and brown boots. Her Gauntlet resembles medieval knight armor. She's also spotted to have two small fangs.


Lilja is very loud and wild, typically making fun of Koshka. Though she may not show it, she does care for Koshka. Lilja also has a habit of punctuating her sentences with "meow" and other cat sounds, done deliberately to make Koshka open up to her.


Special Abilities

Clay Glrl (SS)

This is apparently a code name that researchers use to refer to her brain. It's said that God made humans out of clay, but...

Also, she was in a different building than Koshka at the research center, so neither knows what sort of secrets the other might have.

Alr Power Control (A)

Her control over the skies, obtained by advancing thick waves of autonomous weaponry, can force any enemy to retreat or die once it's fully deployed. It's a powerful skill, but it takes time for her to deploy it. It's also possible for her to use that slow deployment to put pressure on her enemies.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None (B)

A breakdown of her weaponry reveals it to be colorful and varied, like a kid's toy box. She can skillfully handle just about anything, but she couldn't tell you right away if you asked what her best weapon is. However, she has enough weaponry to deal with any sort of situation.


As "equipment" for the Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center, Lilja was spared the death sentence for a crime she committed. She became a Gauntlet Knight and was placed into Grave Mole. Like Koshka, a shock function has been embedded into Lilja's head that electrocutes her when a button is pressed, as a form of discipline. Phase 1, Chapter 24 reveals that Lilja's crime is accidentally killing some instructors when she tried to fly past them as a trainee.

Role in the Story

For You, the Replaceable Ones

Lilja is first introduced in Chapter 1 alongside her squad mates in Grave Mole. After showing results at the International Battle Standard Festival, they continue to train. Chapter 8 has Lilja and Koshka suddenly glitching out while speaking in a virtual room with Chloe, with the implication being that her brain is being studied by scientists.

In Chapter 15, Lilja becomes a part of the Order of the Public Bath, agreeing with Miyao's plan to not kill anyone when fights between countries start erupting all over the world. Chapter 17 has Grave Mole going into combat in a battle between AOU Russia and COU China where Lilja shows her prowess with controlling drones.

In Chapter 24, Chloe and Lilja instruct some newly-deployed Gauntlet Knights, where Lilja reveals her crime in a rare moment of self-reflection.

In Chapter 25, Lilja is suddenly electrocuted with her shock function by Chloe and curses her out as she falls into the path of incoming missiles. Her final status is unknown.

The Data Fragments show more interactions between Lilja and her squadmates. "Scolding Withdrawal Symptoms?" shows that Lilja and Koshka were aware of Chloe's "evil" personality beforehand. "Auxiliary Major General Gustafsson" explains Lilja's verbal tics and reveals she's an important part of the Pandora Replication Experiment.


  • Lilja means "Lily" in Finnish.
  • In the Japanese version, Lilja also shown to have other verbal tics as well, such as "mii" (some of them still translated to "meow"), "nipah" or "nano desu", which are a reference to Rika Furude's verbal tics from Higurashi When They Cry. She also speaks in third-person, referring to herself as "Lilja-chan(-sama)".
  • Her name is often misread as "Lil-ja", but more correctly, it is read as "Lee-lee-ah" (as in Lilia).

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