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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Leo Shishigami (レオ・獅子神 Reo Shishigami) is a war veteran and drifter who finds work at Club Primavera as a bodyguard.


He is the man of legend, Leo Shishigami.
There was no one to beat him: not in a fistfight, not in a shootout, and not in snide remarks.
And he was also known for his philandering. He'd try to seduce any woman he set eyes on.
I remember he hit on me too. ...*giggle*. He reeked of danger, the charmer. The war ended in '44. His salvage ship had been sunk by a mine, and he was mistakenly arrested ashore and thrown into an internment camp.
He returned to Japan in '47, three years later. He must have been bewildered at the sight of his homeland, which had been transformed into a completely different country. There was no place for him to go after he got out of the repatriation office.
And then he met Rose. That's where it all started.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Leo has blue eyes with orange spiky hair. He wears a red shirt with black tie, a green jacket wrapped around it, and similar green trousers.


Leo is very smooth and womanizing, often lending his assistance to any pretty lady. Despite his cool exterior, he harbors some regret for not settling things with his past comrades.


Leo worked as a combat instructor during the war and fought in a country to the south that was trying to gain independence. Leo then left the country when the Japanese army was recalled, ending up falsely accused and in prison for a few years before getting released.

After being released in 1947, Leo sought to find work and wound up working for Rose Haibara after a chance encounter.



Rose Haibara[]

As Rose's bodyguard, Leo does his best to protect her and help with any problems around the club. Leo and Rose regularly have discussions over the latter's goals and morals, and Leo always reassures her that her reasons are just so long as she truly believes in them.

Caleb Keireiji[]

Leo and Caleb start out as war buddies, both sharing their grief in how much Japan has changed since the war. While Leo and Caleb are each unaware of the other's true selves at first, after learning the truth they still maintain a professional relationship. Leo still has enough respect for Caleb to listen to his requests, even if he winds up rejecting them later.


Season 1[]

Leo is first introduced in 1947 trying to find a place to eat and saves Rose from a group of thugs. He's later hired by her to become a bodyguard for Club Primavera, assisting them in defending from Alfred's attacks and other odd jobs. Leo also forms a friendship with Caleb after introducing himself as Shishigami and gets his help in searching for a missing American soldier. After Alfred hatches a plot to bomb Primavera, Leo gets more help from Caleb in finding his hideouts and soon fights Alfred one-on-one, defeating him.

Caleb then forms his own mafia group and starts taking over City 23. He asks Leo to join him, still believing he is Shishigami and unaware of his involvement with Primavera, but he refuses. Caleb then discovers Leo and Shishigami are the same and captures Rose, offering to set her and Primavera free if Leo to joins him again. Leo refuses once more and takes Rose back to her apartment.

Leo starts looking after Rose and helping her get better when they are attacked by Caleb's men. Leo fends them off after helping Rose get to Claudia's restaurant, and he soon starts hiding out there as well while going undercover throughout the city. He reunites with Wayne after the latter had abandoned Primavera for failing to protect Rose earlier, and Leo gives him some lessons in martial arts and shooting.

Miguel's men soon attack Claudia's restaurant, and Leo and Wayne help Rose escape again while engaging in a shootout with them.

Season 2[]

After fending off Miguel's group, Leo reunites with Rose and the rest of Primavera in Chinatown. He gives Rose some lessons in firing guns and spars with Meijiu. Leo reassures Rose that the members of Primavera are willing to fight for her and makes her promise that if she were to fight by herself, then she must spend the night with him.

Rose later becomes convinced to kill Caleb by strapping a dynamite vest to herself, and Leo talks her out of it. Leo then makes good on his promise.

Primavera begins making preparations to take on the Caleb Family, and Leo convinces James Tomitake to join their side. They successfully isolate Caleb at one of his hideouts, a hotel, with Leo, Wayne and Rose going to challenge him. After the initial firefight, Wayne and Rose go upstairs to chase Caleb while Leo stays behind in the lobby. A combat team led by Maurice Monobe arrives to help Caleb, and Leo singlehandedly defeats them all.

After Caleb is defeated, Leo is seen off by Rose and leaves Japan so he can end his war.

Season 3[]

Leo does not appear, however other characters make reference to the fighting down in the south and comment that it seems to be going well.

Last Season[]

Leo ends his war and returns to Japan in 1950. He meets Jeanne and learns of how much Primavera and City 23 had changed since he left. Leo also reunites with Cyrus and Richard and hears about how the GDS supposedly killed Stella and Yuuji.

Leo keeps asking to meet Rose, but Richard keeps rejecting him; Leo is also bribed however he rejects those. Leo then learns that Rose was wounded and is recovering in secret, and Richard is purposely keeping her isolated. Leo teams up with Jeanne and the Wandering Dogs to rescue Rose, and they get stopped by Keith, who's taken up a sniping position. Leo manages to destroy Keith's sniper scope and escapes with everyone.

Leo and the rest begin gearing up to take on Primavera, attacking Richard's group at a graveyard. Leo duels Cyrus and comes out on top, and he listens to Cyrus' last wish to let Richard escape.

After everything's said and done, Leo goes to live the rest of his life happily with Rose; Julie turns out to be their granddaughter.


  • The first two characters of Leo's surname (獅子 shishi) in Japanese mean "lion".