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Volume 1

Legend of the Golden Witch Vol. 1 is the first volume of Kei Natsumi's manga adaptation of Legend of the Golden Witch and the first overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press in an omnibus format with Volume 2.

Publisher's Summary


この島にいるのは18人? 年に一度の親族会議のため、六軒島を訪れた右代宮一族。台風により閉ざされたこの島で、次々に起こる不可解な事件。浮かび上がる19人目の存在、魔女ベアトリーチェ。連続殺人幻想「うみねこのなく頃に」、ここに開幕――…。


Each year, the Ushiromiya family gathers at the secluded mansion of its patriarch, the elderly Kinzo. It has been six years since Battler joined his cousins at the annual event, but their happy reunion is overshadowed by worsening weather and an eerie premonition from his youngest cousin—not to mention their parents’ feud over the inheritance. Battler doesn’t hold much stock in dark omens, nor does he believe the tales of the witch rumored to have given his grandfather a fortune in gold…and who walks the halls of the mansion to this day… But when the eighteen family members and servants are trapped on the island by the raging typhoon, the grisly events that follow leave Battler shaken to his core. Is one of his relatives desperate enough to kill for the family fortune? Or is this the work of the Golden Witch?



The cover of Prologue

A very brief recount made in Battler's point of view.

The stage is Rokkenjima of the Izu Islands. For the sake of their annual family reunion, the Ushiromiya family gathers at that place.

A reunion filled with six years of nostalgia. We talked about fun things to bury away the empty time. And it would have continued...

Until one letter was delivered that drove everything into chaos...

The legend of the Golden Witch passed down in Rokkenjima. The shadows of unrest start to drift in...

A new tragedy opens the curtains.

Chapter One: Rokkenjima

The elderly head of the Ushiromiya family, Kinzo asks the attending physician Terumasa Nanjo how long he still has left before he dies. Nanjo does not give an answer and Kinzo shouts that he should not die yet until he sees Beatrice's smile once more.

In October 4, 1986 at 10:00 AM the families of Eva, Rudolf and Rosa are headed to Rokkenjima by boat. The story is told in Battler's point of view and throughout the chapter introduces his cousins. As soon as the passengers arrive at Rokkenjima, Battler's cousin Jessica makes fun of him for being unable to handle shaky transportation. Battler tries to grab her breasts and gets punched in retaliation. His nine-year-old cousin Maria consoles him and Battler tells her that when she grows up he should feel her breasts. Again, Jessica punches Battler for his perverted behavior. Jessica and their cousin George tell Maria she should not keep such promises.

Later on, Maria notices the shrine on the cliff has gone missing. Battler suggests that the shrine either weathered down or was knocked down by a wave. However, the servant Chiyo Kumasawa suggests that a giant lightning bolt destroyed the shrine, the event considered to be bad luck by the local fishermen. Maria starts to act strange, saying that bad luck is coming. Battler thinks that she was probably talking about the upcoming typhoon announced by the news. Kumasawa then says that unlike the rest of the group, Maria is able to sense the supernatural and begins to talk about the witch of Rokkenjima, only to be told by Jessica to stop. Battler becomes uneasy about the topic alongside Jessica and George, but Maria seemed to be excited. Meanwhile, the meeting between the siblings has begun.

Chapter Two: The Legend of the Witch

Before the meeting between the siblings, at 10:30 AM, Battler notices that the seagulls aren't crying as the newly arrived guests approach the stairs. Maria starts acting normal again and asks Jessica where the seagulls could have gone, to which she answers that the seagulls might have met somewhere else. Battler jokes that maybe she roasted and ate them all. George corrects them and says that they must have sensed bad weather and returned back to their nests. George then asks Jessica about their grandfather's condition, to which she replies that he is doing fine and is lively as ever. George then says that maybe someone should take care of him, to which Jessica complains about their grandfather's anti-social behavior and his hobby. As they reach the top of the stairs, everyone compliments on how beautiful the rose garden is. Maria then notices a withering rose which George marks by wrapping a candy wrapper around it. Jessica then calls out to the servant Kanon, who was carrying sacks of fertilizer in a wheelbarrow.

Distracted by Jessica's call, Kanon drops the wheelbarrow. Battler helps him out and is introduced to the servant by Jessica. Battler tells Kanon that he shouldn't be too polite since they are close in age, to which Kanon replies that he is only furniture. Kanon then continues his errands while Jessica tells Battler that he was just a bit shy. As the adults go to the mansion, the cousins go to the guesthouse where Battler is made to carry their baggage, assisted by George. decided to helped him and the cousins headed for the guest house. As the cousins leave, Kanon looks at Battler from afar with a melancholic look on his face, muttering "Even I...".

Battler is amazed that a structure such as the guest house was built during the period he had no contact with the Ushiromiya family. He points out how much Jessica, Maria and George had grown and then asks George about marriage which flusters him. As Battler continues to ask George about his fiancee, the servant Shannon arrives, informing the cousins that lunch had been prepared. Battler is then told that Kanon was Shannon's younger brother. Battler is surprised at how mature Shannon had become and attempts to grope her breasts, earning a punch from Jessica. Shannon is told by the cousins that if Battler were to touch her breasts again, she should slap him. She refuses at first, saying that she has no right because she is furniture, and George tells her it is an order, to which Shannon complies. Meanwhile, Maria was watching TV, where a news broadcast informs them that a typhoon will arrive in the Kantou Region and will last from evening to night.

The cousins then follow Shannon to the Ushiromiya Mansion. Battler is excited since he was told by Jessica that the one making the meals once worked at a hotel. As they walk through the corridor of the mansion, Battler notices a giant portrait of a woman in a dress. He asks who this woman is since it was the first time he'd seen it, and is told by Maria that it was Beatrice. It was painted a year ago and was commissioned by Kinzo. Battler is told that Beatrice is the witch of Rokkenjima, which makes him feel uneasy.

Chapter Three: The Golden Witch

During lunch Battler asks what Kinzo is doing, since he has not shown up yet. Meanwhile, Krauss knocks on Kinzo's door calling out to him that today is the day of the family conference, which annoyed Kinzo. He then asks for Genji to have him prepare the magical sake of wormwood. Krauss left to join the others for lunch announcing that Kinzo won't be joining them. Jessica remarks on how Kinzo is more devoted to the witch than his family. As she said this Battler remembers on how his father Rudolf would scare him about the legendary witch when he was still a child. He then tells himself that there is no way that witches exist. Hearing his remark, Maria begins throwing a tantrum on how Beatrice exists. George then calms her down. Krauss then begins to welcome Battler as he is the guest of honour, having returned to Rokkenjima after six years. Everyone then begins to have a conversation on how Battler has grown. Natsuhi also adds that Battler has inherited Kinzo's physique. When talking about his perverted behaviour on how it is similar to his father's, Maria says that she would let Battler feel her breasts when she grows up, much to Rosa's surprise and making Rudolf pull Battler's ears in a comical fashion. In the midst of the conversation, Kyrie brings up Battler's upcoming exams and asks him on how he is doing in his studies. Krauss also brings up the fact that Jessica also has upcoming exams and asks the same of her. Jessica then tells her father to shut up and Natsuhi tells her to correct her language. Jessica complains on how exam stories are boring.

Battler then asks who is the man sitting in the designated seat of Maria's father. Jessica tells him that he is Doctor Nanjo, Kinzo's attending physician. Battler shares food with Maria and comments on how good the food is. Battler is then introduced to Gohda, the chef who cooked the meals after hearing his comment. Then desert was brought to the family by Shannon. Battler and Rudolf began to sweet talk with her, with Jessica teasing Battler to how similar he is to his father, much to his dismay. Battler asks Shannon what is being served and Eva asks what the brand of the black tea was. Unable to answer their questions, Eva begins humiliating her to which Natsuhi gives Shannon the cue to leave. Kumasawa then surprises Battler answering his question. When Shannon left the dining hall, Kanon tells her not to be depressed and the ones to blame were Natsuhi and Eva for treating her like an enemy and Gohda for cooking the meals being served, having been responsible for indirectly humiliating her.

Chapter Four: The Golden Epitaph

Before the storm arrives, Battler, George, Jessica, Maria, and Shannon enjoy a picnic on the beach of the island. Maria, infatuated with the mystery and the possibility of a witch on the island, recites The Witch's Epitaph from her notebook. Maria excitedly exclaims that the epitaph is the hiding place for Kinzo Ushiromiya's gold. The five analyze the epitaph in an attempt to figure out where the treasure is hidden. They consider the treasure could be hidden in Odawara if one follows the river called Hayakawa, as that is where Kinzo is originally from. After coming to the more disturbing part of the epitaph, they are confused at why and how death and resurrection would be available for such a ritual. Battler explains his suspicion in how the gold was even obtained in the first place, as Kinzo says that he is a sorcerer and has traded his soul for it via the Golden Witch Beatrice. Maria, believing in magic, yells in defense of witches and Beatrice. Realizing that he had upset Maria, Battler apologizes. Shannon shares some ghost stories of Beatrice spread by the servants: she comes out of the portrait and glittering butterflies are found in the hallways. Maria takes this as more evidence that witches exist. Playing into her interests, George asks Maria if she can protect Battler and Jessica from the witch. Maria complies and gives each of them a scorpion charm, as they can block evil. She explains that putting them on a person's wrist will calm them and putting them on a doorknob will stop evil spirits from entering.

The wind picks up, as the cousins run back to the Guesthouse. Shannon is no longer with them. Maria is afraid that her rose will be blown away by the typhoon, so she insists that the four look for it. She points them to where it was, but it is no longer there. Maria insists that it is still there and demands that everyone search for it. When she realizes it is gone she freaks out, but still insists it's there. Rosa Ushiromiya approaches them and she sees that maria is upset. She agrees to help look for it and asks Maria to stop saying her signiture "uu-uu." After searching, she suggests that someone must have picked the rose. Maria, more upset, continues to cry out "uu-uu-," in response Rosa slaps her child. Maria falls to the ground crying and making the same sounds. Rosa, hearing this again, goes to slap her once again, but is stopped by Battler. In an attempt to justify herself she snaps that Maria is made fun of and doesn't have friends because she makes that sound constantly. Battler is shocked in what he is seeing, but George pulls him away saying the issue is between Rosa and Maria. Rosa returns to the Mansion, as Maria stays on the ground, crying, in the typhoon winds, looking for her rose.

The typhoon's rain starts to fall. Seeing this, Kinzo throws his proof of headship, his ring, into the dark as the start of the ritual. He cries as he wishes to see her smile once more, and will risk everything to revive her.

A person in a similar silhouette to Beatrice in the portrait appears next to Maria with an umbrella. The cousins only now realize Maria is not inside. They thought she had gone with Rosa to the mansion, but Kanon did not see her there, and Rosa thought she was with Battler. All of them, scared for Maria, run back into the Rose Garden to find her. They eventually find her on the ground with an umbrella, verbally ruminating over how she couldn't find her rose. Rosa hugs Maria and apologizes for being a bad mother.

Once inside, in the dining room, they realize they don't know how Maria got the umbrella she was found with. She insists she borrowed it from Beatrice. Everyone denies that they let her borrow an umbrella from them. Maria once again verifies that it was Beatrice that let her borrow the umbrella. Battler remembers the ghost stories of how Beatrice slips out of the portrait and wanders around, and Battler expresses disbelief that Beatrice really did appear.

Chapter Five: Letter from a Witch

Maria acts very honest and serious, so there shouldn't be any reason for Battler to doubt what she's saying. Even so, he can't believe that Beatrice really appeared and gave Maria an umbrella. The servants gather, where they all deny that they gave Maria the umbrella, and they don't think Kinzo did it, as he's not very fond of Maria. Kumasawa jokes that maybe Beatrice really did give the umbrella, and Gohda calls for everyone to get back to work. Kanon asks Genji if Madam Beatrice has really returned and that the master's ritual has already begun, to which Genji replies that Beatrice will show herself in front of Kinzo if that really were the case; they are furniture, so that does not concern them.

Dinnertime ends, and Maria pulls out a letter. The adults all stare at the seal on the letter, with Nanjo exclaiming that the seal is Kinzo's, engraved with his ring. They all believe the seal to be real, and Battler notices the fear in the adults' eyes. Rosa asks Maria where she got the letter from, and she happily replies that Beatrice gave it to her along with the umbrella. She was told to read it out after dinner as the "messenger." Natsuhi opposes the reading of the letter, but the other adults are interested in what it says.

Maria begins reading the letter, where Beatrice welcomes the family to Rokkenjima and introduces themselves as the Ushiromiya family alchemist. Beatrice worked as an alchemist under contract with Kinzo and has terminated the contract. Beatrice lent Kinzo a mountain of gold with a requirement that the gold be returned at the end of the contract, along with everything the Ushiromiya family has as interest. The adults become horrified, and Maria continues by reading out that there is a special clause. If someone solves the epitaph and discovers the hidden gold, then Beatrice will abandon their right to collect the gold and interest. Beatrice will also return everything that has been collected. Beatrice also writes that they've taken Kinzo's Head's Ring, which is indicated by the seal on the letter. Krauss slams the table, exclaiming that it's impossible for Kinzo to have given up his ring and that the gold does not exist. The other siblings realize that this big fortune Krauss knows nothing about must really be the hidden gold. Maria finishes reading the letter, capped off by Beatrice hoping that the night turns out to be intellectual and elegant.

Krauss and the siblings run up to the study and bang on the door, demanding Kinzo to explain if everything written in the letter is true. Kinzo tells Genji to ignore them, as he'll only leave the study when Beatrice revives or he becomes a sacrifice. Kinzo hopes to reunite with Genji in the golden village and raises his chalice, wishing to show Beatrice the power of miracles.

Battler walks towards the dining room and stops upon hearing the adults arguing over what to do with the hidden gold. He leaves and returns to the guesthouse, where Jessica is disappointed in her parents for acting so greedy. Jessica storms off to be alone for a while. George asks Battler where Maria went, and he replies that she's been crying in front of Beatrice's portrait ever since the adults refused to believe her story. Battler holds the letter in his hands, wondering just who or what this Golden Beatrice is.

Natsuhi talks to Krauss as they walk through a corridor, asking why he's so concerned about the letter. Krauss has always said that the gold legend is fake, and they stop at a door locked with a padlock. Krauss unlocks it and shows Natsuhi inside, revealing a single gold bar engraved with the One-Winged Eagle resting on a table. Krauss obtained this bar of gold from one of Kinzo's investors, who was entrusted with it; Beatrice's gold is indeed real. Taken aback, Natsuhi falls down and asks Krauss why he never revealed this to her, thinking he lacks trust in her. Krauss didn't want to get Natsuhi involved and tells her to rest, but Natsuhi yells out, feeling inadequate for not being able to help him.

Natsuhi leaves the gold room and leans against the corridor wall, suffering from a headache and feeling like her ability to be a mother and wife has been denied. Jessica runs into her and offers to fetch her some medicine. Natsuhi rejects her offer and thanks her for the concern, and Jessica pulls out the scorpion charm that Maria gave her earlier. Jessica gives the charm to Natsuhi, telling her to hang it on her doorknob, and Natsuhi wholeheartedly takes it, wanting to give Jessica one of her own charms later.

Battler gazes out at the rain and ponders more about Beatrice, thinking she may be an assassin sent by Kinzo to attack his greedy sons. Kyrie appears, taking a break from the conference and joining Battler in his theorizing. There are 18 people currently on Rokkenjima, and Kyrie brings up the possibility that there may be a 19th person. None of the 18 admitted to giving Maria the umbrella, so it makes sense to think a 19th person did it, but where are they now? Because of the typhoon, boats can't go to the island, and they certainly can't leave; this 19th person must still be on the island. Battler says they could hide anywhere, and Kyrie says that if they really are the greatest guest of honor then Kinzo would welcome them.

Battler thinks Kyrie is suggesting that one of the 18 is pretending to be Beatrice. Kyrie affirms it as such, having deduced it with chessboard thinking. If a 19th person really did exist, they were able to secretly go to the island and hide, revealing themselves when giving Maria the letter; the letter could've been mailed instead, but this 19th person took the time to hand it over in person. What's more, this person is still hiding, even after vaguely proving their innocence. Flipping the chessboard around, if Beatrice was one of the 18, then they wanted to create the illusion of a 19th person, reinforced by how they refused to show themselves after handing the letter over. Kyrie suggests that Maria may be conspiring with Beatrice, as she would've been overjoyed to meet a witch in person. Battler ponders this theory and is interrupted by Rudolf's appearance. He tells Battler and Kyrie that after the meeting is over, he wants to talk as a family. Battler is confused at what he means, and Rudolf states that he will probably be killed tonight. Battler stares dumbfounded, narrating that Rudolf's ominous words, Beatrice's presence, and Maria's letter invited tragedy.



Does the Witch Exist or Not?

Hello, I am Ryukishi07.

It brings me great joy to present to you another story, going from the world of Higurashi When They Cry to this new world of Umineko When They Cry. I truly hope you will enjoy this one just as much as the previous.

In Umineko, events will unfold similarly to those of a mystery novel, but the issue in question is not quite the same as the traditional "Find the culprit" narrative. In this case, the question is, "Does the witch exist or not?"

When it comes to mystery-suspense stories, the distinction between an occult tale and a mystery tale is a major one. However, because the answers to virtually all stories in this realm follow boilerplate mystery tropes, readers are able to pigeonhole what is presented ("It's just another one of those mysteries, after all"), which has caused much of the genre's original appeal to be lost.

Looking back, the blurring of the line separating occult and logical mystery,, which was a much greater part of mystery-suspense novels in the early twentieth century and before, created a much more exciting and vervous atmosphere for the reader. I wrote Umineko When They Cry with the hope of providing readers with that same tension and excitement.

Enjoy the rich and vivid witchly atmosphere at much as you can.

It's obviously just another mystery story, you say to yourself. Try to follow along and pick apart the mystery, and we'll see how far you get. The witch's torture has already begun.

Kei Natsumi

Nice to meet all of you. I am Kei Natsumi, artist for Episode 1 of Umineko. Thank you, everyone, for reading. As a huge Higurashi fan, I've been on cloud nine ever since my editor told me I'd have the chance to draw this series. Thank you, Ryukishi07-sama and BT-sama, for checking my drafts every time despite how busy you both must be. Thanks go to my editors Nozaki-sama and Koizumi-sama. Let our collaboration be long and fruitful.

So, we have our stage set with eighteen people trapped in a mansion on a tiny island as a typhoon rages outside. From this point, the story takes some hard and fast turns toward tragedy. I will draw this comic adaptation of the story to the very utmost of my ability! I hope you choose to share your time with me.

Special Thanks
Hinata, Rodriguez Nagai, Suzuka Asamine, Waon Peko, Asaka Horiuchi, Aya "Tomisho" Hosoyama, Sayuri "Akkiri" Akiyama, Hako Itagaki, Kai Yuna, Hiroko Watanabe, Midori Imai,
& You.


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