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This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of Umineko When They Cry, possibly including the manga. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

This article attempts to describe solutions to the gameboard's mysteries in Legend of the Golden Witch. It is primarily based on content from the manga versions of the final two arcs, which Ryukishi07 has stated to be an official answer from him.[1]

Willard's solutions and the elaborations in the Requiem of the Golden Witch manga are the most direct solutions and are taken verbatim from the story. In addition, the page will contain additional information as well as solutions to other mysteries based interviews, side materials, and story content from analogous scenes in the Twilight of the Golden Witch manga. Clair's descriptions of the mysteries are also listed whenever they exist.

This page only aims to describe the whodunnit and howdunnit of the mysteries. There is a wealth of additional emotional subtext behind many of these scenes that will not be described here due to its greater reliance on reader interpretation of the scenes themselves. We strongly encourage rereading the story in order to discover this for yourself.


Role People
Culprit Sayo Yasuda, who appears as Shannon and Kanon.
Common Accomplices Genji Ronoue, Chiyo Kumasawa, Terumasa Nanjo, and Maria Ushiromiya.
Accomplice Roulette Eva Ushiromiya and Hideyoshi Ushiromiya
Rule Description
X Different coconspirators each time.
All adults are in need of money. Buying their cooperation is easy.
Y Any lies that all parties agree upon are depicted as reality.
Even better when it pertains to locked rooms. Those who see golden butterflies are either on the culprit’s side or dead. Those who haven’t been bought off will not see the butterflies until thirty minutes before their death.
Z Someone please stop me.
I won’t pray for absolute certainty. I want you to solve it, so I won’t put too much pressure on you. Winning by killing everyone or losing by having my mystery solved are both outcomes I desire.

Before the Murders

Sayo enlists the help of Kumasawa and Nanjo in setting up a fake murder mystery for Battler[2]. Genji is told the true nature of Sayo's murder-suicide plan, but still pledges his cooperation due to his loyalty and a sense of guilt for having contributed to Sayo's suffering[3].

The removal of Maria's rose is implied to have been the result of Gohda, who is shown cutting the stem of a rose in the Twilight of the Golden Witch manga as it is damaged[4]. In Legend of the Golden Witch, he states that his lunch dessert contains rose petals taken from the rose garden[5].

Once Maria is alone in the rose garden, Sayo plays the part of Beatrice and gives her the letter. No disguise is necessary as Maria recognizes people by their appearance, and believes Beatrice to be possessing Sayo[6].

At some point before the first twilight, Sayo bribes Eva and Hideyoshi to act as accomplices for the murder mystery. It is extremely likely that both of them believe the murders to be staged, as this is the standard protocol for the adults[7] and Eva refers to the blood of the first twilight victims as "makeup"[8]. Sayo also reveals Natsuhi's cover-up of Kinzo's death to Eva and Hideyoshi.[9]

"Eva and Hideyoshi will be easy to buy off too if I use George as bait. Eva's easy to read, and both of them are soft on their family and will quickly cut loose anyone outside of their graces. They're almost perfect pawns for my scheme."
— Sayo in Confession of the Golden Witch 3

On the first night, Rudolf mentions to Kyrie and Battler that he wishes to have a talk as a family, and that he will probably be killed. This is likely to refer to the truth that Battler was not borne by Asumu but by Kyrie, with Rudolf believing that Kyrie might respond poorly to this. He frames his confession of this fact to Kyrie in the same way in Twilight of the Golden Witch.[10]

Sayo also removes the switchboard at some point before the first twilight, disabling the phones[11]. It is unknown if this disabled only the external lines or if she re-enabled them before making the call to Kinzo's study to lure the survivors out.

First Twilight

First game, first twilight, six corpses in the garden shed.

Red Truths

  • [Beatrice] guaranteed the identities of all unidentified corpses!
Type Information
Will's Solution Illusions to illusions. ...The corpse that cannot return to earth returns to illusions.
Manga Description Eva and Hideyoshi were bought off by the true culprit. The sixth body was a lie.
Additional Information Sayo had entered Natsuhi's room at some point at night with the intent to kill her[12], but upon seeing the scorpion charm on the inner doorknob decided not to do anything to her directly in order to keep the witch legend consistent[13]. She instead splattered a blood-like paint[14] on the outside of her door in order to scare her.[15]

Sayo used the Winchester rifles to attack the four adults remaining in the dining hall[16], as well as Gohda. The bodies were then thrown into the rose garden storehouse, where the Seventh Magic Circle of the Sun was drawn beforehand[16]. The faces of the victims were destroyed by firing at them at point blank with the 00 buckshot from a sawn-off M1897 Winchester[16][17], with the amount of gunpowder carefully balanced to blow off only half of Krauss' face.[18]

Eva and Hideyoshi were informed of the arrangement for the first twilight beforehand. Shannon's corpse was not present, but Hideyoshi lied to George that it was, including giving him details on how Shannon was supposed to have been wearing the ring. Nobody besides Kanon and Hideyoshi claimed to have witnessed Shannon's corpse. The possibility that George may have insisted on seeing Shannon's body himself was an intentional risk taken by Sayo, abandoning themselves to fate.[19]

While the identities of all unidentified corpses were confirmed in red, the red truth did not exclude the possibility that one of the supposed corpses did not actually exist.

Second Twilight

First game, second twilight. Two corpses are close in a closed room protected by a chain.

Red Truths

  • Both deaths were homicides! It is not the case that, after the construction of the closed room, one of them committed suicide after committing murder! Furthermore, the murder was carried out with both the victim and the perpetrator in the same room! No method exists for the perpetrator to commit murder from outside the room!
Type Information
Will's Solution Illusions to illusions. ...A chain of illusions can only trap illusions.
Manga Description The servants conspired to provide a concocted story. From the start, the chain was never in place.
Additional Information Eva and Hideyoshi were killed by Sayo. The two are implied to have had their guards down upon hearing Kanon's voice and let him in[20]. Following this, they were stabbed in their heads with a knife[21] and had stakes inserted into the wounds. Genji and Kanon then cut the chain and lied that it had been set before they had cut it.

Regarding the First Magic Circle of the Moon, Sayo could have painted the magic circle with quick-dry spray paint and a stencil[22]. In addition, the fact that only Kanon and Genji were present before the discovery of the bodies allows them to lie about the magic circle appearing in a short time. It could have been prepared slowly after Eva and Hideyoshi had entered the room or been killed.[23] The envelope could have been placed at any time.

Fourth Twilight

First game, fourth twilight. The old Head from the closed room study, confined in a scorching furnace.

Red Truths

  • Kinzo is already dead at the starting time for all games!
Type Information
Will's Solution Illusions to illusions. ...Let the man of illusions go to where he belongs.
Manga Description Before the game started, Kinzou was already dead.
Additional Information Kinzo died on November 29, 1984. His death was subsequently covered up by Natsuhi, Krauss, Nanjo, and the servants (excluding Gohda). During this time, his body was kept in a freezer in his study and preserved with preservatives[24]. This is at least a partial contributor to the source of the foul smell from his study.[25]

During the family conference, all that was necessary to do was to pierce his head with a stake and throw the body into the boiler room incinerator. Kinzo being a corpse also explains his disappearance from the study, though it is unclear if Natsuhi did not allow for the freezer to be checked when Eva was around or if the body was removed before this point with or without her knowledge.

Fifth Twilight

First game, fifth twilight. The last moments of the sacrificed boy with a stake in his chest.

Red Truths

  • All of the survivors have alibis! Let us include the dead as well!! In short, no kind of human or dead person on the island could have killed Kanon!
  • Kanon did not commit suicide.
  • Kanon did not die in an accident!
Type Information
Will's Solution Illusions to illusions. ...The witch and stake of illusions can pierce naught but illusions.
Manga Description Nanjou checked the body, but he was a conspirator. Kanon's death was all an act.
Additional Information Kanon used fake blood and makeup to create the illusion of a chest wound[26], while Nanjo being an accomplice falsely confirmed his death afterwards. The stake was never witnessed by anyone else to be stabbed into his chest, and was only found beside his body after being supposedly removed. As all living persons on the island were accounted for at this point, the only conclusion is that the door leading to the courtyard was left open in advance to create the illusion of an escaping extra person.

The red truths deny methods that could have been responsible for Kanon's death, but do not ever actually state that he had died.

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Twilights

First game, sixth, seventh, and eighth twilights. Three corpses lying in the closed room of the singing girl.

Red Truths

  • Maria, who was in the same room, did not kill them! And of course, their three deaths were homicides!
  • I guarantee the identities of all unidentified corpses. Therefore, there were no body double tricks!
  • Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo are not killers.
Type Information
Will's Solution Illusions to illusions. ...Illusions are the blind girl's song. Illusion of a closed room.
Manga Description Maria's testimony matched what the culprit told her. The culprit had the key.
Additional Information One of Genji, Kumasawa, Nanjo, or Maria, all of whom are accomplices, left the envelope on the table in Kinzo's study, as Natsuhi had reasoned. They were then kicked out of the study and gathered in the parlor.

Maria's testimony was the critical element in creating the illusion of the locked room[27]. According to her, Genji locked the parlor door. Her testimony suggests that Sayo entered the room with the key while she was unaware, and acted as Beatrice to tell her to face the wall singing songs. Alternatively, Maria could have witnessed Sayo's entry and lied about it as an accomplice.

Maria suggests the scorpion charm was the reason why she was not killed, which is consistent with Sayo's actions in preserving the witch legend in Natsuhi's room for the first twilight[13]. In addition, Sayo values Maria and would not kill her violently[28].

While Maria was facing the wall and singing, Sayo killed Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo. Their faces were then destroyed using point blank shots with the 00 buckshot from a sawn-off M1897 Winchester[17]. Sayo then made additional wounds on the corpses through some means and inserted stakes into them.

After performing the murders, Sayo made the call to Kinzo's study. It is unknown as to whether she disabled only the external lines or disabled all phone communications and re-enabled them for this call.

Ninth Twilight

The light novel adds additional sections for the duel between Clair and Willard in Requiem regarding Natsuhi's death. (Translated by Pteryon)

First game, ninth twilight. Death of the noble woman who faced a duel with a gun in hand.

Red Truths

  • Natsuhi's death was a homicide! There are no unidentified corpses, and all of the survivors have alibis.
  • The bullet buried into Natsuhi's forehead was not fired from her gun!
  • The thing that shot Natsuhi wasn't a trap, it was a real shooting murder with a gun raised and trigger pulled!
Type Information
Will's Solution Earth to earth. ......A melody of overlapping murderous intent. Only a single deadly bullet was fired.
Additional Information Sayo lured Natsuhi out of the parlor with a envelope placed beforehand. The contents of the letter are as follows[29]:

To Natsuhi Ushiromiya:

Let us see once and for all which of us is better suited to being the leader.

I await you before my portrait.

Natsuhi then barred the parlor door from the outside and showed up for the duel. Unbeknownst to her, her gun was actually empty of bullets and only contained gunpowder[30]. Natsuhi fired her gun and was shot by Sayo, and the smoke from her gun created the illusion that she had shot herself.

Tenth Twilight

The bomb was activated sometime on the second day. Once the clock struck 24:00, it triggered the activation of 900 tons of explosives, killing the remaining survivors and "bringing them to the Golden Land".


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