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October 4th and 5th, 1986. The Ushiromiya family has gathered on the private island of Rokkenjima for their annual family conference. Chief on the agenda concerns the struggle for the inheritance assets of the ailing family head, Kinzo. But as the family is trapped on the island by a typhoon, they receive a letter claiming to be from the rumored witch of the island, Beatrice, and mysterious events begin to occur.

Character pages are linked as the characters first appear in the story, not when they are mentioned by others prior. Song titles are in bold only when they are played for the first time.

Chapter List

Chapter Name Date Time
Arrival at Niijima Airport Sat, Oct 4 1986 8:00AM
Arrival at Rokkenjima Sat, Oct 4 1986 10:30AM
Guesthouse Sat, Oct 4 1986 12:00PM
Dining Room Sat, Oct 4 1986 1:30PM
Epitaph on the Portrait Sat, Oct 4 1986 1:30PM
Sandy Beach Sat, Oct 4 1986 3:00PM
Letter and Umbrella Sat, Oct 4 1986 6:00PM
Legend of the Gold Sat, Oct 4 1986 10:00PM
Night of the Storm Sat, Oct 4 1986 -------
The Six Chosen by the Key Sun, Oct 5 1986 6:00AM
Curtain-rise on Tragedy Sun, Oct 5 1986 8:45AM
Occult Sun, Oct 5 1986 1:00PM
The Two Who Are Close Sun, Oct 5 1986 7:00PM
Boiler Room Sun, Oct 5 1986 -------
Besieged Sun, Oct 5 1986 8:00PM
The Golden Witch Sun, Oct 5 1986 11:30PM
Notebook Fragment in a Wine Bottle


Location Summary
Mansion: Kinzo's Study

The family head Kinzo is introduced, along with the head servant Genji and attending physician Nanjo. Nanjo tells Kinzo that he has three months left to live, but Kinzo rejects his suggestion to write a will. He mentions a contract with a person called Beatrice and cries out that he wishes to see her smile one last time before his death.

Opening Video
Chofu Airport The protagonist, Battler, meets his extended family for the first time after a six year absence. First introduced are the family of Kinzo's second child, Eva, along with her husband Hideyoshi and her son George. Next is Battler's father Rudolf, Kinzo's third child, and his stepmother Kyrie. Battler's mother is mentioned to have died six years prior. He also has a stepsister, Ange, who is absent due to illness. Last is Kinzo's fourth child Rosa and her young daughter Maria. The family members board the plane for Niijima.
Character Credits

Background Music

  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Kinzo's study)
  • うみねこのなく頃に [Umineko no Naku Koro ni] (Opening)
  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Character introductions)
  • HANE [Feathers] (Rosa and Maria's arrival)
  • Ride on (Character credits)

Characters Appearing

Arrival at Niijima Airport

Location Summary
Niijima Airport/ Niijima Harbour

The family members arrive at Niijima and take taxis to the harbor. There they meet Jessica, Kinzo's granddaughter from his first child's family, and the old servant Kumasawa. Battler makes joking remarks about Jessica's breasts, and she returns his banter.

Captain Kawabata's Boat They journey to the private island of Rokkenjima by boat, and Battler's dramatically expressed fear of quick-moving vehicles cause him to be teased by the family members. Battler had been living with his grandparents on his late mother's side for the past six years, and harbors resentment towards his father Rudolf for "betraying" his mother.

As they approach the island, Maria notices that a shrine on a nearby crag is now missing. Kumasawa tells them of a rumor that it had been struck down by lightning as a sign of misfortune, and Maria becomes fixated on this. The cousins bring up the upcoming typhoon forecast. Kumasawa attempts to tell them an old story about the island, but Jessica stops her.

Background Music

  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Touchdown)
  • Towering cloud in summer (Jessica's introduction, approaching Rokkenjima)
  • Sea (Kuwasama's introduction, Boat ride: slow)
  • HANE [Feathers] (Boat ride: fast)
  • 暗闇の刻 [Hour of Darkness] (Missing shrine)

Characters Appearing

Arrival at Rokkenjima

Location Summary
Rokkenjima Harbor

The family members are welcomed by the servant Gohda. Battler notices that the cries of the seagulls are absent, which Rosa suggests may be due to the weather.

Rose Garden Maria becomes fixated on wilting rose in the garden, and George marks it with a candy wrapper. They encounter the young servant Kanon, who has been working on the island for three years. Gohda berates Kanon for his lack of hospitality, but Jessica defends him. Kanon mentions being "furniture" as the reason for his behavior. He drops his wheelbarrow and Battler helps him to pick up the bags of fertilizer. After Gohda escorts the family to the guesthouse, Kanon mutters a few words to himself.
Guesthouse: Lobby/ Cousin Room

They arrive at the guesthouse, a western-style building built in 1984. Jessica mentions that Kinzo has been shut up in his study working on some sort of black magic. Battler recalls his father's stories about how Kinzo was a violent man who had raised his children with an iron fist.

Gohda shows the guests their rooms. The cousins decide to stay together in the same room, an arrangement Maria prefers to staying with her mother. After the adults leave, George rushes to tell Kumasawa something, and Jessica teases him about it.

Mansion: Dining Hall Natsuhi, the wife of Kinzo's first child, holds a tea reception for the adult guests. As Hideyoshi asks about her headaches, Eva takes the chance to make snide remarks towards her. The adults discuss their parenting. The young servant Shannon arrives with the tea. Eva picks on her for her lack of knowledge regarding it, and she is also berated by Natsuhi for this.
Mansion: Corridor Kanon, who was watching the scene, comforts Shannon. He expresses anger towards Natsuhi and Eva for their treatment of her, as well as Gohda, whose actions he blames for the situation.

In a monologue, Kumasawa mentions that Gohda had used to work at a high class hotel, and likely picks on Shannon and Kanon due to his pride being challenged by their greater seniority. She comments on Natsuhi's poor treatment of them, but also sympathized with her, as Natsuhi had suffered an inferiority complex due to a whim of Kinzo's. She suggests that Natsuhi realizes that there is no reason to mistreat the two of them, but that she likely does so for unconscious reasons.

Background Music

  • Novelette (Arrival at Rokkenjima, guesthouse)
  • hope (Rose garden)
  • 白い影 [White Shadow] (Kanon's introduction)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Dining hall and aftermath)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Guesthouse: Cousin room Shannon arrives, and she and Battler recognize each other from six years ago. Battler jokingly attempts to grope her breasts but is thrown off by her lack of resistance. He tells Shannon that she has to defend herself. Shannon responds that she is furniture, and can only obey that if it is an order, which George proceeds to give.

The narration explains that Shannon and Kanon are working pseudonyms and mentions that the two have a sibling-like relationship. Shannon apologizes for Kanon's unsociable behavior. Maria happily remarks that she gets called unsociable too, and is disappointed when Shannon tells her otherwise. Shannon then escorts them to the mansion.

Mansion: Entrance Hall The cousins meet Genji at the entrance hall of the mansion, who compares Battler to Kinzo in his youth. Genji had been with Kinzo since before the mansion was constructed, and Kinzo trusted him more than his blood relatives.

Battler sees the portrait of Beatrice for the first time, which Genji notes was put up in April 1984. The cousins bring up the legend of the witch Beatrice, who is said to rule over the forests of Rokkenjima.

Mansion: Dining Hall The cousins arrive at the dining hall. The ranked seating order at the table has Kinzo first, followed by his children, then his grandchildren, then his children's spouses. The order within each group follows the order of birth for Kinzo's children. Nanjo is seated in the spot where Rosa's husband would have been.
Mansion: Kinzo's Study/ Dining Hall Kinzo's first child Krauss invites him for lunch, but he refuses the invitation. Krauss admits to Nanjo that the endeavor is futile, saying that Kinzo is already dead and what remains is only a phantom of who he once was. They leave for lunch.

Genji enters the study, which is filled with a strong poison-like aroma. He placates Kinzo, who rants about his family and cries about Beatrice. Kinzo describes magic as a high-risk low-probability gamble that can bring about a miracle, and wishes that that miracle can grant him the chance to see Beatrice once again.

The family begins lunch without Kinzo, to the discontent of many of the members.

Background Music

  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Cousin room)
  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Genji's introduction, seating order)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Portrait of the witch)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Kinzo's study)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Lunch starts)

Characters Appearing

Dining Room

Location Summary
Mansion: Dining Hall

The Ushiromiyas are an old wealthy family, but much of their old wealth had been wiped out by the great Kanto earthquake. The family had been rebuilt by Kinzo through extraordinary business acumen and connections with the occupying forces following the Second World War, the latter of which was also the means by which Kinzo acquired the island.

Kumasawa making a joke about mackerel, saving Shannon from embarrassment due to her lack of knowledge on the dinner sauce. Gohda then introduces the dessert, which is decorated with petals from the rose garden.

Mansion: Corridor Shannon thanks Kumasawa for helping her. Kumasawa informs her of a change in the afternoon shifts, which would give Shannon a break until evening.
Mansion: Parlor The cousins leave the room and the adults proceed with the family conference. Nanjo reiterates his prognosis on Kinzo's remaining life span, but notes that he had made a mistake by claiming the same thing the previous year. Eva, Rudolf, and Rosa push the question of the division of Kinzo's assets, upsetting Natsuhi. Krauss questions their eagerness on this matter, but Rudolf counter-questions his desire to turn away from the topic. They note that Krauss' business ventures, including his plan to turn the island into a resort, have been largely unsuccessful, and Eva accuses Krauss of embezzling Kinzo's assets to keep himself afloat.

Natsuhi is furious and gets into a confrontation with Eva, who wins out by asserting her superior family ranking and the fact that she bears One-Winged Eagle family crest. Krauss tells Natsuhi to leave to cool off, and Natsuhi runs out of her room crying, upset at her husband's lack of support.

Mansion: Corridor Kumasawa reiterates her sympathy for Natsuhi in a monologue. She mentions that Kinzo had been harsh on Natsuhi for failing to bear a child for a long time, and that Eva had taken advantage of this to convince him to let her retain her place in the family register after her marriage.

Background Music

  • 夏の扉 [Doorway of Summer] (Krauss' and Nanjo's introductions)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Family history)
  • Novelette (Lunch)
  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Parlor)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Family conference)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Natsuhi sent out)

Characters Appearing

Epitaph on the Portrait

Location Summary
Mansion: Entrance Hall Battler's notices the inscription of The Witch's Epitaph next to the portrait of Beatrice. The cousins discuss the legend that Kinzo had made a contract with the Golden Witch Beatrice, exchanging his soul for ten tons of gold that he used to revive the Ushiromiya family. They also bring up the rumor that the riddle of the epitaph led to the location of this gold. The sum of the gold would amount to about 20 billion yen in 1986.

Jessica suggests that the legend of the gold is a mythologizing of his support by a wealthy benefactor. Batter makes fun of Beatrice, but Maria insists that Beatrice is a real witch, leading Battler to apologize to her. Shannon arrives with Kumasawa's cookies, and they head down to the beach for a picnic.

Mansion: Parlor The other adults assert that while they do not believe in the witch, the rumored gold had been verified by a trustworthy outside source, and thus was likely to be real. Krauss denies this, asserting that the gold was an illusion fabricated by Kinzo to fool sponsors. The other adults still stake a claim on this gold, maintaining that Krauss had to have either found it or embezzled Kinzo's assets to maintain his financial standing.

They propose to make a deal with Krauss that would take precedence over Kinzo's will. According to its terms, half the gold's value would go to the successor of the family and the other half would be split among the four siblings. 10% of the latter would be paid in advance as a deposit before March 1987. Krauss adds an additional condition that any sibling who found the gold would immediately turn it over to him. Eva responds that they would hold onto it for him, concealing the fact that none of them intended to hand it over if they found it.

Krauss proposes to remove the condition of the deposit, citing his siblings' claims regarding his poor financial situation. He notices them panic at this and proceeds to expose the dire financial straits of each of their companies. As the scene closes, Krauss proposes that they work together to solve the riddle of the epitaph.

Mansion: Kinzo's study Kanon reports the family conference proceedings to Kinzo, who wonders if they will be able to find the gold before Beatrice's resurrection. He explains that he exposed the location of the gold publicly in the epitaph to increase the number of challengers, as the increased risk would lead to a greater magical power. Anyone who solved it would be entitled to everything, even Kanon. Kinzo had no longer trusted his relatives, and only trusted the servants who called themselves "furniture".
Mansion: Entrance Hall Genji and Nanjo puzzle over Kinzo's intentions behind putting up the epitaph. Genji says that the gold is useless to him, as he is merely "furniture". The full text of the epitaph is read for the first time.

Background Music

  • hope (Entrance hall)
  • 透百合 [Sukashiyuri] (Portrait of the witch)
  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Shannon's arrival)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Family conference)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Kanon's report and epitaph reading)

Characters Appearing

Sandy Beach

Location Summary

The cousins and Shannon discuss the riddle of the epitaph. Jessica mentions that the Ushiromiya family mansion used to be located at Odawara, and they theorize that the sweetfish river may be Hayakawa river, with the shore that the key is located at being Sogakishi. Shannon and George however note that Kinzo was part of a branch family, and that he spoke as if he lived far away from the Kanto region. They move on to the second part of the epitaph, which Maria describes as a sacrifice ceremony to revive Beatrice, who she seems to view very positively.

Shannon tells the cousins about the ghost stories of Beatrice passed down by the servants. According to her, Beatrice plays pranks on the servants, and some have seen will-o-wisps or glittering butterflies at night. In addition, a servant who had spoken badly of Beatrice had fallen down the stairs and suffered severe injury. Battler and Jessica apologize for disrespecting Beatrice, and Maria gives them both scorpion charms to protect them from her magic. Upon feeling raindrops, the group packs up and leaves for the mansion.

Rose Garden Maria frantically searches for her rose, worried that the typhoon will destroy it. She fails to find it and proceeds to throw a tantrum. Rosa arrives and expresses annoyance at Maria's use of her catchphrase "uu-uu-". As Maria's tantrum escalates, Rosa's anger bursts and she slaps Maria on her cheek. Battler tries to stop Rosa, but she rebukes him, telling him that Maria's classmates pick on her for her use of the catchphrase. George tells Battler and Jessica that it might be better to stay out of the conflict, and they return to the guesthouse. Rosa, exasperated at Maria, returns the the mansion, leaving her daughter alone in the rose garden as the winds begin to pick up.
Mansion: Kinzo's Study Kinzo declares that the island has now been cut off from the rest of the world. He offers up everyone on it as sacrifices for Beatrice's resurrection ceremony, vowing that he will overcome the odds of the roulette's sacrifice selection. To symbolize his return of the inheritance, he takes off the Ushiromiya Family Head's ring and throws it out of the window.

Background Music

  • hope (Beach)
  • Fortitude (Rosa slaps Maria)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (The ceremony begins)

Characters Appearing

Letter and Umbrella

Location Summary
Guesthouse: Cousin Room The rain had gotten heavy, making it likely that they would not be able to leave the next morning. Battler asks Jessica about how the weather affects her school transport situation.

Kanon informs the cousins that dinner is ready and notices that Maria is not with them. He reports that he did not see her on the way from the mansion, though his route would have missed the spot Maria was standing at. The cousins run out to look for her.

Mansion: Parlor According to the weather report, the typhoon would last for all of the next day. Rosa awakens from her nap. She asks Genji about Maria, but he reports that he has not seen her. Rosa realizes her mistake of leaving Maria at the garden, knowing that she would be stubborn enough to stay there even in the rain. She rushes out of the mansion to look for her.
Rose Garden They find Maria in the same spot, still unable to find her rose. Rosa apologizes profusely to her. Jessica notices that Maria has an umbrella, and she responds that Beatrice had given it to her. Rosa asks her again, but Maria repeats her statement, annoyed. She decides not to pursue it for now.
Mansion: Kinzo's Study Krauss invites Kinzo for dinner, but he is engrossed in his chess match with Nanjo. Unlike during lunchtime, Kinzo is calm and simply does not see the meaning of going for dinner now that the ceremony has begun.
Mansion: Dining Hall Krauss reports Kinzo's absence to Eva and Rudolf's amusement. Rosa asks the family if anyone had lent Maria an umbrella, but everyone at dinner (all except Kinzo, Kanon, and Genji) denies doing so. Maria repeats that Beatrice lent it to her, which amuses Krauss, but Jessica notes that Maria is not the type to joke. Dinner is served.
Mansion: Corridor Genji and Kanon deny having lent an umbrella to Maria, and agree that it is unlikely that Kinzo would have done so. Kanon wonders if Beatrice had truly returned and offers to inform Kinzo, but Genji responds that Beatrice would do so herself if she pleased. He says that the ceremony does not concern them, and that their duty as furniture is simply to return the Master's favor till their deaths.
Mansion: Dining Hall After dinner is finished, Maria takes an envelope out of her handbag. The adults notice that the envelope is one of Kinzo's custom-made envelopes, and bears the wax seal of Kinzo's personal Ushiromiya head's ring. They try to cast doubt on its authenticity.

Maria reads the letter, which claims to be written by Beatrice, an alchemist to the family. It mentions a past contract where she had lent Kinzo ten tons of gold. Due to the termination of that contract, she is to collect back the gold and everything of the Ushiromiya family as interest, and this would take place from now. However, if anyone were to solve the riddle of the epitaph and discover the gold, she would lose all rights to its recovery and would even return the interest collected. She claims possession of the head's ring, citing the wax seal. Realizing that the letter is to their advantage, the other adults begin turning on Krauss once again.

Mansion: Kinzo's Study The siblings knock frantically on the door to Kinzo's study, but he remains silent and does not respond.

Background Music

  • 暗闇の刻 [Hour of Darkness] (Searching for Maria)
  • 誘い [Lure] (The relatives deny giving Maria the umbrella)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Kanon asks if Beatrice has returned)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (The witch's letter)

Characters Appearing

Legend of the Gold

Location Summary
Mansion: Parlor The adults had bombarded Maria with questions about Beatrice, who grew increasingly frustrated that they did not believe her. The inheritance argument had also flared up again, much to Jessica's distaste. George defends their actions as a matter of practical reality.

Kyrie slips away from the adults' discussion and joins the cousins. She asks Battler if he thinks that there is a 19th person on the island. Battler uses the devil's proof to suggest that it would be difficult to deny one, as they may be hidden anywhere on it.

Kyrie brings in her concept of chessboard thinking, where one looks from the perspective of one's opponents. She suggests that it makes more sense for a 19th person to keep themselves hidden and use a more discreet means of sending the letter, and that if Beatrice wanted to make her presence known, she would simply have revealed herself. To take the roundabout method of appearing to Maria would thus be most beneficial and logical if it was one of the 18 who wanted to create the illusion of a 19th person. She suggests that Maria may be collaborating with someone.

Rudolf arrives due to a break in the discussion. He tells Battler and Kyrie that he wants to have a talk with them as a family later. He also ominously states that he might be killed that night. After he leaves, Kyrie explains to Battler that Rudolf actually wanted her to pursue him and ask about it. She remarks that romance contains deeper mysteries than detective novels.

Mansion: Corridor Natsuhi stands alone in a corridor reflecting on the day's happenings. She maintains her belief that Beatrice could not possibly exist, and thinks that the letter was way for Kinzo to communicate his intentions to the family, with a servant like Shannon being made to wear the dress and deliver the letter to Maria. She had trusted Krauss' repeated insistence to her that the gold was an illusion and always supported him, but her efforts remained unacknowledged.
Mansion: Locked Room Earlier, Krauss had brought Natsuhi to a room sealed by a heavy padlock. He revealed within it a single gold ingot from Kinzo's collection, which Kinzo had let his sponsors verify. The ingot was engraved with the family crest, but lacked a seal marking an official foundry of origin. Natsuhi felt betrayed by the fact that Krauss had held this definite proof of the gold from her the whole time. She lamented the sacrifices she made dedicating herself to Krauss, while he attempted to justify her non-involvement in the matter.
Mansion: Corridor Natsuhi laments that she is considered an outsider in the family, that she performed poorly in her duty of bearing a successor, and that her husband had rejected her despite her efforts to support him. She regrets the pressure she put on Jessica's education, which strained their relationship. She considers the challenge George poses to Jessica's succession, and vows to make her an excellent successor.

Jessica finds Natsuhi in the corridor and makes an attempt at comforting her. She gives Natsuhi the scorpion charm that Maria had given to her, and Natsuhi offers to later give her a charm of her own in exchange.

Mansion: Parlor Rosa finds Maria asleep on the sofa. She asks the cousins to help her bring Maria back to the guesthouse with them for the night. As they leave with Shannon, Rosa mutters to herself a quiet apology to Maria.
Guesthouse: Entrance/ Servant Room The cousins invite Shannon to play cards with them, and she goes to the servant room to check the night schedule. There, Kanon and Genji tell her that Krauss has made modifications to the schedule, putting Gohda at the mansion and Shannon and Kanon at the guesthouse. Kanon thinks that Krauss is suspicious of the three of them, who bear the One-Winged Eagle crest and serve under Kinzo directly. He admonishes her for wanting to play with the cousins, saying that it is not their responsibility as furniture to do so. After Shannon leaves, Genji encourages Kanon to join them. He declines and remarks that pretending to be a person will only hurt Shannon later.
Guesthouse: Cousin Room/Rose Garden Arbor George and Shannon leave the room together, and afterwards Jessica tells Battler that they are dating.

At the rose garden arbor, the two discuss the weather and George's internship at Hideyoshi's company. Shannon and Kanon had both grown up at the Fukuin house, an orphanage owned by Kinzo where exemplary children were given the opportunity to work as servants for the family. All servants from the orphanage have the "音" (-on) character in their servant names. As they were well paid, many quit after a few years upon amassing enough savings to make it in society, but Shannon has been working for ten years. She says that she enjoys her work here, and that there is nothing in particular she wants to buy. George addresses her by her real name, Sayo, and encourages her to break out of her shell. He admonishes her for using the "-sama" honorific to address him, but Shannon responds that she can only obey that as an order, which George proceeds to give.

George proposes to Shannon, but she tells him that the ring is too good for her. He orders her to accept the ring, but to give her answer tomorrow of her own free will by choosing which finger to place it on. Shannon is flustered and makes an excuse to go to the mansion. George lets her go, realizing that she probably wanted some time alone.

Background Music

  • stupefaction (Chessboard thinking)
  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Rudolf's arrival)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Natsuhi reflects on the day)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Shown the gold)
  • Fortitude (Natsuhi's lament)
  • てくてく [Steady Pace] (Jessica talks to Natsuhi)
  • Praise (Rose garden arbor)
  • Pass (Proposal)

Characters Appearing

Night of the Storm

Location Summary
Mansion: Servant Room/ Corridor Shannon enters the servant room and finds Gohda absorbed in a crossword puzzle. He asks her to patrol the mansion while he awaits the family's orders in the room. As she walks the mansion's corridors, she notices a flickering golden butterfly. The clock strikes midnight, the reader sees the individual locations of the people on the island.

Background Music

  • hope (Shannon enters the mansion)
  • 誘い [Lure] (Golden butterfly)
  • ageha [Swallowtail butterfly] (Location roll call)

Characters Appearing

The Six Chosen by the Key

Location Summary
Guesthouse/ Mansion (Various) Kanon and Genji head to the mansion to meet Gohda for breakfast preparations, but find that he is not in the kitchen. Kanon calls the servant room, but the call does not connect. He dashes over to the servant room himself.
Mansion: Natsuhi's Room Natsuhi wakes up. She remembers the scorpion charm she left on the doorknob, and opens her dresser to look at her own charm, a small spirit mirror, before putting it away. Genji knocks and informs her that the telephone lines are down, suggesting that they cannot be repaired until the typhoon passes. He tells her that Gohda is missing. Natsuhi notices blood-red markings on her doorknob and expresses disgust at the prank.
Mansion: Parlor Natushi finds Eva and Hideyoshi in the parlor. Kanon and Genji inform Natsuhi that Gohda is still missing, and that Krauss, Rudolf, Kyrie, and Rosa also cannot be found. Eva mentions that she and Hideyoshi had left for bed early the night before, and suggests that the missing people might be carrying on the family conference in Kinzo's study. Natsuhi tells Eva that she will check there, but Eva questions whether Kinzo even trusts her enough to respond. Genji gives Natsuhi the key to Kinzo's study.
Guesthouse: Cousin Room Maria wakes the other cousins up and expresses frustration that her mother is not there. They go to the mansion together to find her.
Mansion: Kinzo's Study/ Corridor Natsuhi informs Kinzo of breakfast, but he declines her invitation. He asks Natsuhi if she longs for her previous family, and she answers that she does not. Kinzo tells her that while she is not qualified to bear the family crest, the crest is surely engraved in her heart, which heartens her.

As Natsuhi leaves the study, she runs into Eva. Eva tries to make a jab at Natsuhi once more, but Natsuhi confidently rebuffs her.

Mansion: Parlor Genji informs Natsuhi that the others are still missing, and that Shannon too cannot be found. She leaves to prepare tea. Kanon arrives and tells Eva, Hideyoshi, and Genji that something is wrong with the rose garden storehouse. He runs to the servant room to get the key, and the three of them follow him to the shed.
Rose Garden Storehouse They find an ominous occult design painted over the shutter in a dark red liquid. Eva tells Kanon to remove the scribble, and he opens the shutter.
Mansion: Parlor The cousins and Nanjo relax in the parlor. Genji runs in and whispers something into Nanjo and Natsuhi's ears that turns them pale. They dash out of the mansion, and Jessica, George, and Battler follow them out of curiosity.
Rose Garden Storehouse Natsuhi and Eva try unsuccessfully to keep the children away from the scene. Inside the storehouse are five corpses identified by their clothing. Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa, and Gohda have their whole faces destroyed, while Krauss has half his face destroyed. Battler suspects that this is due to the use of the gardening tools. The family members cry in grief.

George asks if there are only five bodies, but Hideyoshi tells him that Shannon's body is also there in a corner. He tells George that it might be better for him not to see her face, which was half-destroyed. George asks if Shannon has a ring on her finger, and Kanon points out to Hideyoshi that it is on her left ring finger. Tears fall from George's face. Eva tries to express shocked disapproval at the implication, but Hideyoshi stops her.

Natsuhi tells Genji to cover the faces of the corpses to preserve their dignity, but Eva objects that this would disturb the crime scene. They agree not to touch them and lock up the shed with a different padlock, whose key Natsuhi holds on to. They discuss the odd circumstances of the single shed key, which must have been taken and returned to its exact spot in the servant room.

Background Music

  • 月夜 [Moonlit Night] (Natsuhi's room)
  • 誘い [Lure] (Five people missing)
  • HANE [Feathers] (Maria wakes the cousins up)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Kinzo's study)
  • 白い影 [White Shadow] (One-winged eagle on Natuhi's heart)
  • goldenslaughterer (The cousins see the bodies)
  • worldend (bp) (Hideyoshi confirms Shannon's corpse)
  • stupefaction (The question of the storehouse key)

Characters Appearing

Curtain-rise on Tragedy

Location Summary
Mansion: Parlor Natsuhi instructs Genji to contact the police and leaves to inform Kinzo. Eva elects to follow her, attempting to assert her authority as the current highest-ranked family member. Kumasawa runs into the parlor in shock, informing them that she has found blood in the dining hall.
Mansion: Dining Room Traces of blood that suggested extensive blood loss could be seen on the floor. Nanjo says that the blood had likely been there since the previous night. Hideyoshi adds that their conference had lasted till a little past midnight. They leave the scene alone and return to the parlor.
Mansion: Parlor Genji informs them that the phone and radio had both failed to connect him to the police. Due to the harsh weather, the family are all stuck on the island until Monday morning (October 6). This meant that the culprit behind the murders was also confined to the island.

Maria asks Jessica who died, and Jessica informs her in exasperated anger. She shows little reaction to her mother's death. Upon finding out there were six deaths, she responds that the culprit is not human, but rather it is is just "the *** chosen by the ***".

Natsuhi and Eva return. They inform the others that Kinzo is missing from his study, which is strange due to the study and servants being capable of providing for all of his needs. They had also called out to him at every floor on the way back to no response. Natsuhi and the servants leave to do a thorough search of the mansion for Kinzo.

Battler asks George if he had given Shannon the ring, and is scolded by Jessica for his rudeness. George tearfully opens up about their relationship, and Jessica talks about how Shannon had used to consult her about her crush on George.

Eva takes Battler aside to talk privately with him, and Battler expresses that he feels anger rather than sadness at the situation. Eva believes that there is no 19th person, and that the letter was a farce by Kinzo. She suspects a collaborative servant effort behind the storehouse murders, citing the difficulty of carrying out six murders and transporting the bodies, as well as the shed key. She also suspects a mastermind controlling the servants.

Battler thinks her conclusion is too simple and applies Kyrie's chessboard thinking technique. He wonders why the culprit would even draw attention to the bodies by painting the symbol on the shed, and concludes that the culprit aims to send some sort of message to the survivors. He also realizes that Eva's immediate family was spared from the deaths, and that Eva, being the only surviving sibling, had the most to gain from this.

Eva tells Battler that she and Hideyoshi had met Genji at the guesthouse a little after midnight, though she acknowledges that it is a weak alibi if Genji is working with them. She however says that if her goal was to obtain the inheritance through murder, she would instead try to make the deaths look like an accident rather than make herself the target of police investigation by performing this bizarre murder. Battler ponders the merits of chessboard thinking, and realizes that it sheds little light on the all important aspect of the motive.

Hideyoshi asks Maria about the symbol on the storehouse. Upon seeing his sketch, Maria starts laughing creepily and perfectly reproduces its design from memory. She explains that it is the seventh magic circle of the sun, and that the deaths had been offered as sacrifices to gain its power. Battler recalls a conversation where Rudolf had told him that people make the occult seem real because it isn't. He concludes that the culprit is trying to instill fear, and the symbol's authenticity meant that it was a message to someone who understood, such as Kinzo.

Natsuhi returns with a Winchester rifle, taken from Kinzo's collection as protection for the family against the culprit. She assumes responsibility for the family and proposes that they stick together. Battler realizes that Natsuhi thinks the culprit is an external person, while Eva thinks it is someone from the household.

Background Music

  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Return to the parlor)
  • 誘い [Lure] (The police cannot be contacted)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (Kinzo is missing)
  • worldend (bp) (George shares about his relationship)
  • suspicion (Eva talks to Battler)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (Battler suspects Eva, Natsuhi brings the Winchester)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (The magic circle)
  • Core (Battler's reasoning)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Mansion: Kitchen Kanon expresses his grief at Shannon's death. Genji tells him that the deaths are the whims of fate, and that Shannon merely had bad luck. Kanon realizes that the markings on Natsuhi's doorknob meant that Beatrice had probably tried to visit her. He wishes that Natsuhi had been chosen as a sacrifice instead of Shannon.

Battler, having eavesdropped on the conversation, grabs Kanon's collar and confronts him about it. Genji tells Battler that Beatrice is a real person who worked for Kinzo before the island was constructed. Kanon says that he believes Beatrice is here, though he has not seen her face, and Kumasawa follows up by telling Battler that Beatrice has no physical form. They warn Battler that Beatrice hates people who doubt her existence.

Battler hears a creepy laugh behind him and turns around to find Maria. Maria claims that Battler cannot see Beatrice because he was born with a mismatched wavelength. She explains that Beatrice has lived for a thousand years and has power over demons and alchemy. All of the servants claim that Beatrice exists, and appear to be looking together at a spot behind Battler. Maria tells Battler that if not for her scorpion charm, he would have been lying in the storehouse with his face crushed. Battler however laughs and tells her that he had actually lost it. He proclaims his refusal to believe in anything supernatural. Maria says that Beatrice will soon revive.

Mansion: Parlor Battler, George, and Jessica discuss Maria's eerie personality changes. George explains it as a means of identity formation for a child growing up, with Maria developing her knowledge of the occult to distinguish herself from her peers. He tells them that people naturally change the way they act in different situations, and that Maria way of doing this is meant to establish her sense of self and authority. Jessica tells Battler that Rosa had found it creepy and hated that it made Maria isolated from her peers, and thus would slap her anytime she talked about the occult.

Battler wants to accept George's explanation, but is bothered by the fact that even the servants support the existence of Beatrice. George thinks that the people in the mansion pretend to accept Beatrice so as not to get into a conflict with Kinzo. Battler compares Beatrice to other local myths and urban legends, and suggests that she is simply a means of explaining away anything that seemed inexplicable.

Battler comes to the chilling realization that the "collection of interest" in the witch's letter likely referred to the deaths of everyone on the island. He announces that the culprit may be trying to make the family solve the epitaph for them. Natsuhi continues to deny the existence of the gold and wonders why the culprit would kill so many highly ranked family members first if that were the case. They consider the possibility that the culprit is threatening Kinzo.

Eva wonders when Kinzo disappeared in the first place. She has the servants confirm that there are no hidden doors within Kinzo's study, and checks that Natsuhi had met Kinzo some time before 9:00. Eva reveals that after meeting her on the way out, she had wedged a folded receipt into the door crack of the study. She found it in the same position upon returning to the study later, proving that nobody had gone through the door during that time. Natsuhi accuses Eva of pulling the prank on her doorknob, but Eva denies any knowledge of that. Genji had given Kinzo dinner the night before, and Kanon verifies that he and Shannon had been with him.

Eva accuses Natsuhi of lying about meeting Kinzo to fake an alibi regarding his time of death, which would be possible due to the imprecision of autopsies. She also suggests that Kinzo's body may not show up at all, as people could be officially declared dead after having been missing for seven years. Natsuhi is furious at the accusations and raises her gun at Eva, but Eva remains unfazed. She theorizes that Natsuhi did indeed meet Kinzo, but had then proceeded to throw him out of the third-story window.

Battler decides that Eva's accusation is too hasty, as there was still a possibility that Natsuhi was innocent. He confirms that the door would be unusable when sealed by the receipt, and that escape via the windows was not possible as they were locked from the inside. His theory is that Kinzo had hidden in the room while Eva and Natsuhi checked it together, and escaped afterwards. Eva exclaims that this is absurd, but Battler counters that it is unfair for her to pressure Natsuhi like this when her own innocence for the storehouse murders was unclear.

Jessica breaks out into coughing and Nanjo brings her her inhaler. Battler declares that he does not want to doubt one of the 18 he knows, and that it is pointless to add more tensions to their group. Eva asks him to carefully consider the meaning of the receipt seal, and she and Hideyoshi retire to a guest room. She also invites George, telling him the culprit is in the room with him, but George refuses her offer as it would mean distrusting his family.

Maria tells Battler that locks are useless against Beatrice, who can summon the demon Gaap to take a person to any location. He confides to her that he wants to believe in a 19th person so as not to suspect those he knows, and asks her to tell Beatrice to commit the next crime in a way that was absolutely impossible for a human.

Background Music

  • Minute darkness (Servant conversation, the cousins discuss Maria)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (The servants tell Battler about Beatrice)
  • stupefaction (Maria arrives)
  • Core (Battler's counters for both Maria and Eva)
  • 誘い [Lure] (The cousins discuss Beatrice's legend)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (Battler theorizes Kinzo is being threatened)
  • 胡散の香り [Fishy Aroma] (Eva's receipt)
  • nighteyes (Natsuhi points her gun at Eva)

Characters Appearing

The Two Who Are Close

Location Summary
Mansion: Parlor/ Kitchen The servants prepare dinner in the kitchen. Nanjo is frightened, but Genji believes that everything is according to the Master's plan, and shows no fear as his servant.
Mansion: Guest Room Eva complains to Hideyoshi about Natsuhi throwing her weight around after Krauss' death. In the past, Eva had taken advantage of Natsuhi's childlessness and manipulated Kinzo into allowing her to remain in the family register. She had raised George strictly to groom him as a successor to the Ushiromiya family, and thus could not approve of his relationship with a servant, and was even feeling secretly happy about Shannon's death. Eva wonders if she had pushed her desire to get back at Krauss on her family. Hideyoshi tells Eva not to blame herself, and says that he never once regretted their marriage.
Mansion: Parlor/ Corridor/ Kitchen Natsuhi tells Genji to invite Eva and Hideyoshi to join them for dinner. Genji knocks on the guest room door to no reply. Kanon, who is accompanying him, notices another of Kinzo's envelopes inserted under the door. They call again, but Kanon can sense no human presence in the room. Genji unlocks the door with a key but is stopped by the chain lock. He instructs Kanon to cut the chain while he informs Natsuhi.

They stop by the kitchen, and Kumasawa follows Kanon while Nanjo follows Genji. Kanon obtains a wire cutter and rushes back to the guest room, but finds that an occult symbol had been painted over the door during the short time he had been away. He cuts the chain, puts a handkerchief over the doorknob, and enters the room.

Mansion: Guest Room/ Corridor They find Eva sprawled on the bed with an icepick-like object stabbed into her forehead. Hideyoshi is found in the still-running shower with the same injury. Natsuhi, Nanjo, and Genji arrive, and Nanjo diagnoses the time of death as having been about an hour before. Natsuhi tries to get the servants to lock up the room, but the cousins burst in before they can do so. Upon seeing the scene, George cries out in grief and exclaims that he will kill the culprit. Battler cries at the side, expressing his fury at the culprit for such cruelty. He vows to grab them by the collar before the night is over.

Background Music

  • Minute darkness (Servant conversation)
  • hope (Eva confides to Hideyoshi)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (The second envelope)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (Genji and Kanon return to the kitchen)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (The second magic circle)
  • goldenslaughterer (The second twilight)

Characters Appearing

Boiler Room

Location Summary
Mansion: Corridor Natsuhi takes the envelope and locks up the room. Maria notices a stench in the air, which Kanon and Kumasawa proceed to investigate.
Mansion: Entrance Hall The cousins discuss the guest room murder. Battler notes that the chain had been set, and that it did not seem like it could be unlatched from the outside, making it a perfect closed room. The window had also been locked from the inside. Battler also notes that the positions of the bodies made it impossible for them to have been killed from the outside. Unlike the cases of the storehouse and Kinzo's study, there was nobody that could be suspected of this crime.

Maria tells Battler that the witch had granted his wish for an impossible murder, but he is not amused. He questions Maria about the occult symbol on the door, and she explains that is is the first magic circle of the moon, which holds the power to open any door regardless of how it was locked. Battler reiterates his refusal to believe in magic.

Mansion: Boiler Room Kanon and Kumasawa head to the boiler room upon realizing that it was the origin of the stench. Kanon hears a slam from the door at the other end of it and rushes in, but Kumasawa remains paralyzed to the spot. The narration notes that everyone had been accounted for, and so no one could have made the sound.

Kanon grabs a hatchet and proceeds inward. Golden butterflies begin to surround him. He exclaims that he vowed that if the Master's roulette were to cause Shannon to die, he would act as the "zero" on the roulette and bring it to an end himself, even at the cost of his own life. Kanon declares that he is no longer furniture and lifts the hatchet, but is struck in the chest by the same icepick-like weapon. With his last burst of energy, Kanon pulls the weapon out of his chest.

Kumasawa arrives at the scene in shock, and the others quickly follow. Battler attempts to pursue the culprit through the other door.

Mansion: Courtyard Battler ends up in the mansion courtyard, but due to the lack of locks on both the courtyard entrances to the mansion, he cannot tell which door the culprit had escaped through. He screams out into the courtyard, and Natsuhi, who had followed him, tries to comfort him.
Mansion: Boiler Room Battler and Natsuhi return to the boiler room. Nanjo and George carry Kanon to the servant room, accompanied by Kumasawa and Jessica. Battler observes that the weapon looks like a stake of around 25 cm in length engraved with an occult design.

The others observe a burnt corpse that had been pulled out of the incinerator, its forehead impaled by a stake. Genji says that the body is likely Kinzo's, as the man had polydactyly, a rare condition that had given him six toes on each foot. The condition was prevalent in the Ushiromiya family, and Kinzo had been selected as the head partly as a result of its auspiciousness. Genji also observes that the head's ring is no longer on Kinzo's finger.

According to Genji, the boiler room was usually locked. Battler wonders if his chessboard thinking can still deny a 19th person given the circumstances of the past few deaths. He considers the possibility of one of the storehouse corpses being a substitute prepared beforehand to fake the culprit's death. Maria tells Battler that Beatrice will revive soon and take her to the Golden Land, a place where everyone is nice and there are no obligations.

Background Music

  • 暗闇の刻 [Hour of Darkness] (Stench)
  • 痕音 [Scar Sound] (Maria explains the second magic circle)
  • Closed My Heart (Boiler room)
  • Requiem (Kanon stabbed)
  • mind (Spinning the chessboard)
  • witch in gold (cembalo) (Beatrice will revive soon)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
Mansion: Servant Room/ Corridor Kanon dies of his injuries, and Jessica cries in the corridor. She blames Kumasawa for not backing Kanon up. Maria tells Jessica that she will be able to meet Kanon again after Beatrice resurrects the dead, which makes her even angrier. She attacks Maria and demands information about the culprit from her, but Natsuhi slaps Jessica and stops her. Maria tells them that they refuse to believe in Beatrice because she is someone they cannot physically attack. Beatrice had told her that by the time the typhoon had passed, she would have ended everything. Jessica accuses Maria of being the culprit's accomplice. Natsuhi scolds Maria in a firm but calm tone, which seems to be more effective than Rosa's violent scolding.

Battler suggests that the culprit may have stolen a master key from one of the servant's corpses. Genji tells them that there is one place that the master keys cannot unlock: Kinzo's study. Only two keys can unlock this room, one normally held by Genji and the other retrieved from Kinzo's corpse. Battler figures that the culprit would have to show them whatever trick they used to lure Kinzo out in order to attempt an attack on them, proving that they are not a witch. Genji tells them that Kinzo's study has sufficient space and amenities to comfortably fit eight people, and they decide to hide themselves in there.

Battler recalls a conversation with Kyrie, who had explained that chessboard thinking is weak against noise, such as mistakes, fickleness, or imperfect knowledge. If one failed to understand their opponent, predictions using chessboard thinking would likewise fail. Fearing poisoning, the survivors gather canned food and bring it to Kinzo's study.

Mansion: Corridor/ Kinzo's Study Battler remarks at the incredible stench from the study. Maria notices that the doorknob is engraved with the fifth magic circle of Mars, a design identical to the one on her scorpion charms. Natsuhi mentions putting it on her doorknob, and Maria tells her that it protected her from Beatrice. Natsuhi realizes that while the scratches had been on her outer doorknob, her charm had been hanging from the inner side.

The group enters the study and the door automatically locks behind them. They check for hidden entrances but fail to find any. The study is divided into four sections: a bedroom, a study, a bathroom, and a kitchen. It also contains a smaller replica of the Beatrice portrait. Natsuhi opens the envelope from the guest room, and finds a piece of paper inside with the single phrase "Praise my name".

Natsuhi reluctantly asks Genji if Beatrice was Kinzo's mistress, and Jessica follows up by noting that Kinzo's late wife had strongly suspected this. Genji confirms that Kinzo loved Beatrice more than his wife, but says that she passed away before the mansion was completed. He tells them that Kinzo's grief was what led to his obsession with the occult, where he desperately searched for a way to revive her. Jessica realizes that the servants may have acted as if Beatrice existed as a way to soothe Kinzo's aching heart. George empathizes with Kinzo's feelings, and says that he may have done the same for Shannon.

Natsuhi has conflicting feelings regarding this, since it remains true that Kinzo cheated on his wife. George asks if the two had a child, but Genji denies hearing such a story. Jessica brings up the rumor that Kinzo financially supported the Fukuin House orphanage to obtain human sacrifices for his black magic. Battler then realizes the deaths had been following the contents of the epitaph all along. Maria explains that Kinzo chose this day for the ceremony as the large number of people would reduce his own chances of becoming a sacrifice. They realize that three more deaths remain, along with the ninth twilight, which seems to imply that everyone would die. They consider the possibility that Kinzo is committing a forced group suicide. Natsuhi suggests that while Kinzo created the plan, someone else is carrying it out.

Maria points out another one of Kinzo's envelopes on the table. Natsuhi, realizing that it was not the one she just read, points her gun at the servants and Maria, who had been close to the table when it occurred. Battler reads the letter, which warns them that Beatrice will win by default once time ran out. Tensions flare and Natsuhi accuses each of the servants and Maria in turn.

The four accused decide to leave the study. Genji returns his keys to Natsuhi, and she apologizes for suspecting him, promising to make amends after the police arrive. He tells her that everything he has done is simply in repayment of the Master's favor to him. Battler tosses Maria his scorpion charm, revealing that he had lied about having lost it. After the four leave, Battler realizes the envelope contains a second piece of paper, upon which an unknown magic circle is drawn.

Background Music

  • Fortitude (Jessica's rage)
  • 隣死 [At Death's Door] (Protecting themselves)
  • mind (Weaknesses of chessboard theory)
  • 絵画の魔女 [Witch of the Painting] (Fifth magic circle of Mars)
  • Minute darkness (Kinzo's study)
  • 薔薇 [Rose] (Kinzo's mistress)
  • Worldend (Grief and madness)
  • 誘い [Lure] (The Fukuin house)
  • play (Epitaph sacrifices)
  • システム零 [System 0] (The third envelope)
  • Voiceless (Battler returns the scorpion charm)

Characters Appearing

The Golden Witch

Location Summary
Mansion: Kinzo's Study The atmosphere is quiet and tense, and Natsuhi is still on guard. Battler had heard from George that Jessica liked Kanon. Jessica regrets being so harsh on Maria, since sending her out put her in danger. Natsuhi takes responsibility for the situation, having chased out the others to protect her own daughter.

They discuss the fact that Maria's father had abandoned Rosa, and suggest that Rosa may have seen Maria as an obstacle to her remarriage. Rosa's emotional rejection of Maria may have cause her to bury herself in her occult hobby, filled with wondrous ideas of witches and magic.

Battler realizes that it made no sense for any of them to implicate themselves by placing the letter. Though most of Kinzo's books were not in Japanese, Battler finally finds the magic circle in one of them. He identifies it as the third magic circle of mars, which had the meaning of "Discord". The phone rings despite being supposedly broken down, and Natsuhi hears a faint singing voice on the other side of the line.

Mansion: Corridor The four of them run out of the study to look for the servants and Maria. Along the way, George brings up the fact that stabbing the stakes into a skull would require a large amount of force, and suggests that the culprit may have some sort of weapon that could shoot them. They find that the noise is originating from the parlor, which is locked. They arm themselves and force the door open.
Mansion: Parlor The parlor is stained with blood, and Genji, Nanjo, and Kumasawa lie there with their faces destroyed and with stakes stabbed into their stomach, knee, and calf respectively. Maria stood in the corner facing the wall and humming a tune. She claims that Beatrice had entered the parlor despite the lock, and realized that she could not target Maria due to the charm. Beatrice had then told her to face the wall and sing a song while she killed the other three, so that Maria would not witness the scene.

They realize that Natsuhi is missing, and Maria tells them that she left the room reading a letter. The door however does not budge.

Mansion: Entrance Hall Natsuhi stands alone in the hall, challenging Beatrice as representative of the Ushiromiya family. Golden butterflies gather and Natsuhi squeezes the trigger.

The cousins break through the door. They find Natsuhi on the floor with a bullet wound through her forehead, and are dumbfounded at the idea that she may have shot herself. Maria recites the ninth twilight and declares that the journey has ended. She runs up to the portrait of Beatrice. Battler takes aim, and the clock strikes 24:00.

Background Music

  • Voiceless (Study conversation)
  • mind (Phone call)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Faint singing)
  • Closed My Heart (Leaving the study)
  • goldenslaughterer (The parlor murders)
  • dead angle (Showdown with the witch)

Characters Appearing

Notebook Fragment in a Wine Bottle

Location Summary
End Roll After the storm passed, the police performed an investigation on the island. They found an unbelievably gruesome scene with countless unidentifiable body parts. Only Maria's jaw could be identified by dental records.

Many years later, a sealed wine bottle containing a notebook fragment was found by a fisherman, and written on it was this tale. The incident became well known as the "The Rokkenjima Mass Murders", "The Eighteen Killings of Rokkenjima", or "The Witch Legend Serial Murders". The wine bottle tale did not describe the truth of the incident, and many interpretations arose of it. It was signed "Ushiromiya Maria".

The scene closes with the final note of the wine bottle. It states that by the time they found this, she would likely be dead, though there may or may not be a corpse. She pleads for them to find the truth, though to this day, the truth has not been brought to light. The witch's game record is shown, listing the fates of each of the 18 people, as well as the choices of the Golden Land's treasures that the survivors made.

When the seagulls cried, none were left alive.

Background Music

  • Bring the Fate

Tea Party

Location Summary
Purgatorio The cousins, Shannon, and Kanon enjoy tea in Purgatorio and congratulate the reader for completing the story. They wonder if that was a "bad ending", the result of failing to solve the epitaph. Kanon brings up the end roll, and George remembers feeling like his body had been eaten apart and dismembered. Shannon says that Kanon's death was a big clue, since it made the existence of a 19th person clear. They begin to accept the witch's existence, noting that Maria was likely kept alive till the end because of Beatrice's favor. Jessica wonders why the servants who served her were still killed, and Kanon remarks that she likely had her reasons. They decide to try solving the epitaph.

Battler is uneasy at their acceptance of the witch, believing that such things cannot exist. The others counter that none of the crimes were possible for a human, and question him as to their methods. Battler suggests that the storehouse tools had been used to destroy the faces. He says that Kinzo may have used a trick to fool the receipt, or that he may have jumped out of the window, with Natsuhi closing it after. He cannot come up with a trick for the guest room murder. Battler chides the others for having stopped thinking.

Regarding Kanon's death, Battler wonders if Kumasawa had lied, or if the culprit had used Kinzo's body to lure Kanon into activating a trap. He fails to describe the details of such a the trap. Battler starts suggesting that Kanon had been playacting, and then that everyone else had been playacting too. He considers that the culprit may have played dead, with Nanjo assisting as an accomplice, though he cannot explain why Nanjo would die afterwards. Shannon brings up the padlock regarding the storehouse, which Natsuhi had held the key to. Battler wonders if Nanjo had made a mistake with an autopsy. Everyone else thinks he is being ridiculous, and Maria calls him out for refusing to believe yet having no real explanation. She tells him that if one person doesn't believe, the miracle cannot occur.

Beatrice arrives. She notes that Battler had been born with a strong magic resistance, and finds his stubborn refusal to accept her charming. Battler still refuses to believe in her, and Beatrice thinks that it would be delightful to make him submit to her.

Mansion: Corridor Beatrice transports Battler to the corridor of the mansion guest room. Battler brings up his stake-shooting device theory, but Beatrice points out the positions of the corpses. She summons her stakes of purgatory, Beelzebub and Asmodeus, which fly through the crack of the door and pierce the victim's foreheads.
Purgatorio The two return to Purgatorio and find the others in great pain. They beg Battler to accept the witch, but he refuses to. Half of Shannon's face gets blown off, and the cousins gradually turn into unrecognizable chunks of flesh. Battler declares that he will never forgive Beatrice, and she challenges him to explain all her mysteries with human tricks.
Staff Credits

Background Music

  • 弦楽四重奏曲第一番ト長調-I.Allegro [String Quarter #1 in G Major - I. Allegro] (Purgatorio)
  • 誘い [Lure] (The others turn against Battler)
  • 煉沙回廊 [Corridor of Purgatory's Sands] (Battler runs out of arguments)
  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor] (Beatrice's arrival)
  • 牢獄 STRIP [Prison Strip] (The gauntlet is thrown)

Characters Appearing


Location Summary
The Witch's Smoking Room In a fantastical smoking room, the witch Bernkastel converses with Beatrice. Beatrice, the Endless Witch, has the power to kill and revive an individual endlessly, while Bernkastel, Witch of Miracles, has the power to cause success without fail, so long as the probability of the event is not zero. They also mention the witch Lambdadelta, who has the power bring the odds of failure down to almost zero, and who Bernkastel dethroned as strongest witch.

Bernkastel says that she came to this Fragment out of boredom. She understands Lambdadelta, but cannot understand Beatrice. She uses the analogy of dice, remarking that Beatrice seems to be satisfied no matter the outcome of the roll. Bernkastel notes that she has a poor compatibility against Beatrice, but that Lambdadelta might have a good compatibility against her.

After Beatrice leaves, Bernkastel appears to address you. She says that Beatrice is not necessarily an individual woman, but is a personification of the rules of the world. She tells you to learn the rules of the game by observing the movements of the pieces. Once this is done, Beatrice's heart will be exposed for you to crush as you please.

Bernkasstel mentions that when she had a human body, she took a hundred years to figure this out. She feels empathy for you but says that she will not help you. She intends to enjoy this endless tale until she grows bored of it, and her support of you is just a means to prolong this enjoyment. She tells you not to bore her.

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Background Music

  • オルガン小曲 第6億番 ハ短調 [Organ Short #600 Million in C Minor]

Characters Appearing


  • The way the Tea Party of this episode starts resembles the All-Cast Review Sessions in Higurashi When They Cry.
  • Unlike in later episodes, the Execute and Resurrect buttons are present on the character screen during the ????. Hence this episode uniquely has execution/death bios for Bernkastel.