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This page contains the in-game character bios for the arc, including death bios.

Human Side

Kinzo Ushiromiya

The aged head of the Ushiromiya family.

Even though it has already been announced that he has just a few months to live, he is brimming with energy. Though he amassed a vast fortune in the past, he never made any announcements regarding the inheritance, which worries his children.

He is strongly influenced by the West, and is a rabid fan of the occult.
His study is packed with of mysterious grimoires.

Disappeared from his study unnoticed.
Kinzo's study has everything from a bed to a toilet to a bathtub, so it is extremely rare for him to go outside.

However, he does occasionally go out for a walk on a whim without telling anybody, and his disappearance invariability leads to a huge uproar throughout the house. The usually comes back as soon as he gets hungry...usually...

Kin mog.png

Burned in the incinerator, with a weapon resembling an icepick sticking out of his forehead.

The old sorcerer's wish vanished before it could be granted. He always knew that this was one possible result of his risky gamble.

Kin dog.png

Krauss Ushiromiya

Kinzo's first child.

As the oldest of the four siblings, he leads the family conference. However, the other siblings think he is trying to get all of the inheritance for himself, and this further strains the tensions between them.

He is a real estate investor and has put a lot of money into the development of a resort. However, his results have been harshly criticized.

Kla copy.png

His corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. The direct cause of death is unknown, but it seems the side of his head was smashed after his death.

This is the beginning of everything.


Natsuhi Ushiromiya

Krauss's wife.

She manages the household of the Ushiromiya family in place of her husband, who takes little interest in such matters. She was in charge of all preparations and arrangements for this family conference.

She possesses a strong sense of responsibility, and a great deal of pride.
However, neither her husband nor her siblings understand her very well, so her position is far from enviable.


Found shot to death in front of the witch's portrait.

How impudent of her to challenge a witch with nothing but a mere gun.
Of course she'd end up like this.


Jessica Ushiromiya

Krauss and Natsuhi's daughter.

In the absence of any irregularities, it is thought that she will eventually inherit the headship of the Ushiromiya family (or technically, her husband will). However, she seems to have no interest in all of this.

She was born with weak bronchi and is sometimes assailed by sudden asthma attacks.

PC.Jessica Sprite 1.png


Even though was given a precious invitation to the Golden Land, a single fool refused to believe in the witch, and all of the magic disappeared.

She was then chewed to bits by demons and went to hell.


Eva Ushiromiya

Kinzo's second child.

She is hostile towards her brother Krauss and opposes him whenever she can, from issues dealing with the family fortune to the question of who will succeed the family headship.

Normally, she would have lost her place in the Ushiromiya family register upon her marriage, but she managed to forcibly overcome this by having her husband take her family name.


Found on the bed of a guest room inside the mansion, with a weapon resembling an icepick sticking out of her forehead.


Hideyoshi Ushiromiya

Eva's husband.

He took his wife's name upon their marriage and became a member of the Ushiromiya family.
He therefore does not posses the spiteful genes passed down through Ushiromiya family members, and his bright smile is very refreshing at the family conferences.

He started his business from scratch and now works as the president of a medium-sized restaurant chain. The chain seems to be growing and performing extremely well.

PC Hideyoshi.Sprite full.png

Found in the bathroom of the same guest room that Eva was found in. Like Eva, there was a weapon resembling an icepick sticking out of his forehead.

You can't see either of them by looking through the gap of the door while the chain is set.
You can't see them, so you can't reach them.
Hey, how could a human possibly kill them?


George Ushiromiya

Eva and Hideyoshi's son.

An affable young man liked by everyone in the family. He is currently studying as an assistant for his father's company, and it seems he dreams of making it on his own one day.

As the oldest of the four cousins, he acts as their leader and arbitrator.

PC George.Sprite full-body.png


Even though everyone was getting along so well after being united in the Golden Land, all of the magic came to nothing because of a certain hardheaded fool.

Afterwards, the demons chewed him to the bone, and he went to hell.


Rudolf Ushiromiya

Kinzo's third child.

Along with his sister, Eva, he intends to make his voice heard during the family conference to prevent their oldest sibling, Krauss, from keeping all of their father's wealth for himself.

His former wife, Asumu, passed away six years ago, and he married his current wife, Kyrie, shortly after that.


His corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. His face seems to have been smashed after death.

He has a right to lament his ill fortune.


Kyrie Ushiromiya

Rudolf's second wife.

She had already worked alongside him for some time before the death of his first wife, at which time she openly took the position of his wife.

She has served as Rudolf's right hand in several shady pieces of business, guiding them to success. She is quick-thinking and well-trusted by her husband.

Kir copy.png

Her corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. Her face seems to have been smashed after her death.

She was chosen by the Demons' Roulette.
That's all there is to it.


Battler Ushiromiya

The son of Rudolf and his first wife, Asumu.

When his father married a second wife shortly after Asumu's death, Battler rebelled and went to live with his grandparents on his mother's side. However, both these grandparents passed away, and he has now returned to the Ushiromiya family after six years.

The family conference is a chance for him to renew his friendship with his cousins after a six year gap.

But copy.png

The fool made the world where everyone could be happy all come to nothing.

Though Beatrice is extremely angry, she also seems to be enjoying herself immensely.
It's almost as though she's waited a thousand years to get her hands on a toy as much fun as this one.

Hopefully, even this fool will be able to see you before too long...

But dog2.png

Rosa Ushiromiya

Kinzo's fourth child.

She is by far the youngest child of the four siblings. It seems that this gives her a weaker position at the family conference.

She manages a design company, but she has yet to start taking it seriously, and its financial situation is far from favorable.

PC.Rosa Full Sprite.png

Her corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. Her face seems to have been smashed after her death.

I'll get to see her again. So I don't feel lonely.


Maria Ushiromiya

Rosa's daughter.

Her father's identity is unknown.
She can't shake off the habit of speaking like a young child, which often earns her a scolding.

She has no interest in studying or making friends, but is very interested in things concerning the occult and black magic. Thanks to her excellent powers of memorization, she knows all kinds of obscure trivia.





Attending Physician Nanjo

Kinzo's attending physician and long time friend.

He once ran a hospital on Niijima, but he turned it over to his son and now enjoys his old age in peace.

Now that Kinzo's constant suspicion has reached extraordinary heights, Nanjo is one of the very few people he trusts. Thanks to Nanjo's big-hearted nature, he has been able to continue his friendship with Kinzo despite the latter's tendency to fly into a rage at the slightest provocation.

PC Terumasa Nanjo sprite full.png

Found in the parlor. His thigh had a weapon resembling an icepick sticking out of it, and his face had been smashed.

At the seventh twilight gouge the knee and kill.


Servant Genji

The leader of the servants who work for the Ushiromiya family.

He has served Kinzo longer than any other and is the person most trusted by that old man.

Since he serves Kinzo directly, Krauss and Natsuhi think of him as being a spy for Kinzo.

Gen copy.png

Found in the parlor. He had a weapon resembling an icepick sticking out of his stomach, and his face had been smashed.

At the sixth twilight, gouge the stomach and kill.


Servant Shannon

A young, but experienced servant.

She's normally calm and performs her job efficiently, but she messes up when she gets nervous.

Furthermore, Shannon is nothing more than a pseudonym that she uses when on duty, not her real name.


Her corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. It seems the side of her head was smashed after her death.

Don't worry. Everyone will be revived in the Golden Land.


Servant Kanon

A young servant.

He performs his duties silently and diligently, but is not so highly regarded as a servant due to his unsociable nature.

There are multiple other servants with the "on" (音) character in their pseudonyms. He and Shannon just happened to be the ones on duty that day.


Found in the boiler room with a weapon resembling an icepick sticking out of his chest.

How presumptuous of lowly furniture like that.

Kan d.png

Toshiro Gohda

A servant hired as a cook.

He hasn't served this family long, but through his earlier jobs and previous experience, he has cultivated a talent for entertaining guests.
Because of this, he is very highly regarded as a servant.

PC Gohda.Sprite full body.png

His corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. His face seems to have been smashed after his death.

How unfortunate. Apparently, he was originally supposed to be on duty in the guesthouse.


Chiyo Kumasawa

The elderly woman is a part-timer who, though she has quit her job several times along the way, has served the family for a great many years in total.

She is crafty and more than competent when it comes to performing her duties, but because of her chattiness and love of rumors, she is not highly regarded as a servant.


Found in the parlor. Her calf had a weapon resembling an icepick sticking out of it, and her face had been smashed.

At the eight twilight, gouge the leg and kill.


Fantasy Side


The Golden Witch, who has lived a thousand years.

She has surpassed the limits of humans and, like demons, will sometimes appear in response to the summons made by humans, to offer her power in exchange for a price.

She likes black tea and ice cream. She hates boredom and people who deny her existence.


What a useless dream, to try and kill me despite being a mere human.
Fire your bullets, and they will merely reflect back towards you like light off a mirror.

However, there does exist just one way to kill me. You hold that method in the palm of your hand. Though I doubt one as mediocre as you could ever pull it off.


Bea d.png

(Note: Beatrice's profile is also found on the human side, with identical bios.)


The Witch of the Fragments, who has lived for a thousand years.

It is said she lives in a world where the concepts of fate and possibilities can be visualized.
She observes the fate of humans and sometimes interferes.

In other words, sometimes she is you, and sometimes she is your only friend. ...Understand?

She likes wine and spicy foods.
She hates boredom and people who never learn.


By constantly continuing to think, I will live forever.
In other words, if I were to stop thinking, I could die at any time.
However, once I start thinking again, I can also revive at any time.

That's why I'm fickle and whimsical.
I live as I please, die as I please, and revive as I please.

Ber d.png

Legend of the Golden Witch

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