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Chapter 9: The Witch's Sacrifices (第9話 魔女の生贄 Dai Kyu Wa: Majo no Ikenie) is the ninth chapter of the Legend of the Golden Witch manga adaptation.


The survivors are shocked at the realization that they're trapped on Rokkenjima with the killer. Hideyoshi says they should ask Kinzo what to do since Natsuhi and Eva just got back from meeting him, but Eva says he wasn't in the study at all, and it was completely empty. Genji says the study is outfitted with a bedroom and regular amenities so there is no reason for Kinzo to leave, therefore something must have happened to him.

The survivors eat breakfast in the parlor as Battler goes over the situation in his head: six people are dead, they can't contact the outside world, and Kinzo's missing. Natsuhi and Eva searched the entire mansion for him but to no avail. Battler concludes Kinzo has already been murdered and they just haven't found him yet. Natsuhi, Kumasawa, and Kanon leave to search for Kinzo again and lock all the doors and windows, and tells everyone else to remain in the parlor. Hideyoshi entertains Maria by watching TV with her, with Battler noting Maria acting the same as always despite being told Rosa was dead.

Eva interrupts Battler's brooding to talk about his family, lamenting that Ange will be devastated once she learns about Rudolf and Kyrie's deaths. Eva mentions that Ange was sick this year and was recuperating with Kyrie's family, and Battler affirms it. Battler expresses his determination to find the killer and make them pay. Battler and Eva then theorize about the murders; Eva says she and the siblings believed Beatrice's letter was just a way for Kinzo to insert himself into the inheritance discussion, and that when Maria met Beatrice, she was probably just Shannon wearing a dress and tricking her. Battler references Kyrie's reasoning from last night and says that either one of the 18 is definitely Beatrice, or there is a 19th person. Eva suspects a collaborative servant effort behind the storehouse murders, citing the difficulty of carrying out six murders and transporting the bodies, as well as the shed key. She also suspects a mastermind controlling the servants.

Battler thinks her conclusion is too simple and applies Kyrie's chessboard thinking technique. He thinks the servants can't possibly be the culprits since the murders were set up in a way to implicate them, especially since Shannon and Gohda were victims, and thinks Eva has the most to gain from the crime. Eva tells Battler that she and Hideyoshi had met Genji at the guesthouse a little after midnight, though she acknowledges that it is a weak alibi if Genji is working with them. She however says that if her goal was to obtain the inheritance through murder, she would instead try to make the deaths look like an accident rather than make herself the target of police investigation by performing this bizarre murder. Battler ponders the merits of chessboard thinking, and realizes that it sheds little light on the all important aspect of the motive.

Hideyoshi asks Maria about the symbol on the storehouse. Upon seeing his sketch, Maria starts laughing creepily and perfectly reproduces its design from memory. She explains that it is the seventh magic circle of the sun, and that the deaths had been offered as sacrifices to gain its power. Battler begins to go crazy thinking that everyone was killed because of magic nonsense, feeling that Rokkenjima had been sucked into another dimension ever since Maria read Beatrice's letter. Maria's laughter fills Battler's mind as he wonders what he's supposed to think.


Comparisons to Source Material[]

This chapter adapts the visual novel chapter "Curtain-rise on Tragedy".