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Chapter 8: The First Night 2 (第8話 第一の晩② Dai Hachi Wa: Daiichi no Ban Ni) is the eighth chapter of the Legend of the Golden Witch manga adaptation.


Natsuhi yells at Jessica to stay back and for George to take everyone back to the mansion as Battler stares in disbelief at the corpses in the rose garden storehouse. He starts crying in rage at how people should have peaceful faces when they die, yet the victims have missing faces like it's makeup. Nanjo diagnoses that the victims have been dead for six hours, and that their faces were destroyed after their deaths. Battler laments that, even though Rudolf was horrible, he didn't deserve to die like this; Kyrie, Krauss, Gohda, and Rosa didn't deserve to die either. Nanjo, Genji, Hideyoshi, and Kanon continue checking the storehouse as George comforts Battler, and realizes that there' only five bodies visible. He asks Hideyoshi about it, and his father confirms that there's a sixth body, which he and Kanon are looking at. George assumes the sixth victim is Shannon then, and Hideyoshi affirms it, her body in a similar state as the others. George asks to see her, but Hideyoshi refuses and asks him to remember what Shannon looked like when she was alive. George breaks down crying, remembering how happy she looked when she accepted his engagement ring. Hideyoshi also starts crying, thinking that if George saw Shannon's face here, he'd be heartbroken for life.

George asks if Shannon has a ring on her finger, and Hideyoshi affirms it after Kanon points it out to him. Eva realizes George proposed and begins to object, but Hideyoshi tells her to stop and says that whoever gave Shannon the ring must have been a happy man. George finishes crying and tells Battler and Jessica to return to the mansion so they don't get in the adults' way. Battler also calms down. Natsuhi tells Kanon to escort the cousins to the mansion, and he steals one last glance at Shannon's body before leaving.

Natsuhi tells Genji to call the police at once and wants to cover the victims' faces with something, but Eva says it's a crime scene and they need to let the police do their job. Natsuhi is skeptical, but Nanjo agrees with Eva that this was murder, and so they should leave it as is. Natsuhi decides to close the shutter but use a different lock: when they first inspected the storehouse, it was already closed and locked, meaning the killer locked it. Genji confirms there is only one key to the storehouse, which hangs in the servants' room; the killer must have taken the key and put it back later. Eva questions why the shutter has a magic circle painted on it, like the killer wanted to draw attention to it. Once the shutter is locked again, Natsuhi takes the key to the new padlock so that she can hand it over to police later.

When the cousins return to the mansion, they find Maria still watching TV and cackling. Battler dreads telling her that her mother's dead. At 8:45, Eva declares that with Krauss's death, she is now Kinzo's counselor according to the line of succession, and goes with Natsuhi to speak to him. After they leave, Kumasawa suddenly rushes in to tell everyone that there's blood in the dining hall. When they inspect the scene, Nanjo determines that the blood dried some time ago, so the victims must have been killed here last night. Hideyoshi says it must've happened after midnight, after he and Eva went to sleep.

The cousins return to the parlor. George confesses that he proposed to Shannon, and Jessica recalls how a few years ago, Shannon asked her for advice about George. Shannon was worried about her social status and what kind of clothes she should wear, and must have been really happy when George proposed to her. George blames himself for causing Shannon's death by proposing to her then, and Battler tells him it's not his fault. Maria asks Jessica who died, and Jessica informs her in exasperated anger. She shows little reaction to her mother's death. Upon finding out there were six deaths, she responds that the culprit is not human, but rather it is is just "the *** chosen by the ***".

Battler asks what she means but is interrupted by Natsuhi returning and complaining about the wireless phone not working. Genji apologizes and says he doesn't know why the wireless isn't working, but they should be able to use the ship's radio tomorrow morning. The group realizes that until then, they're stuck on the island with whoever killed the six people.


Comparisons to Source Material[]

This chapter adapts the visual novel chapters "The Six Chosen by the Key" and "Curtain-rise on Tragedy".

  • The manga rearranges some events. In the visual novel, while Natsuhi and Eva go to check on Kinzo, Genji tells the group the phones aren't working and they realize they're trapped with the killer, with Natsuhi and Eva learning about the phone situation when they return. After the adults go to search for Kinzo, George opens up about his relationship with Shannon. In the manga, George opens up about his relationship with Shannon after the dining room is inspected and locked, and the phone lines being down and the realization they're trapped with the killer occurs after Natsuhi and Eva return.
  • In the visual novel, when George talks about his relationship with Shannon, it is prompted by Battler asking if he gave Shannon the ring and getting chastised for his rudeness. In the manga, George explains it of his own volition. Additionally, when this conversation occurs in the visual novel, Eva is present for it and shows concern for George's feelings. In the manga she is not present.