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Chapter 6: The Eternal Promise (第6話 永遠の約束 Dai Roku Wa: Towa no Yakusoku) is the sixth chapter of the Legend of the Golden Witch manga adaptation.


Battler is in disbelief over Rudolf saying he's going to be killed tonight and demands to know what he's talking about. This frightened Rudolf was nothing like the arrogant and self-confidence dad he knew him as. Battler had left the Ushiromiya family six years ago because of how Rudolf betrayed his late mother, and only went back to the family once his grandparents on his mother's side died; Battler hasn't forgiven Rudolf at all and doesn't understand what he intends to tell him and Kyrie. Rudolf excuses himself to wash his face and Battler questions if his fright really has to do with Beatrice's letter. Kyrie uses chessboard thinking to suggest that Rudolf has something he wants to say but not the courage to say it, and wants them to follow and force the answer out of him. Kyrie thinks Rudolf was just beaten down by fatigue from the night's events and will go check on him, hoping he'll open up to her. Battler thanks her for their talk earlier. As Kyrie leaves, George, Jessica, and Rosa arrive with a sleeping Maria and say they're going back to the guesthouse. Rosa stays behind to talk with the adults some more.

The cousins walk back to the guesthouse, with Shannon escorting George. Battler audibly wishes he could be the one being escorted by Shannon and feel her breasts on his arm, much to George and Shannon's embarrassment. Shannon says she's jealous about Battler and Jessica being able to act like siblings. Battler asks about Kanon, and Shannon says that though she sees him like a brother, they were still raised in an orphanage together, so he's not literally a brother. Battler ponders about that, and Shannon explains that Kinzo is honorary director of the Gospel Home orphanage; orphans who work for the Ushiromiyas are given a new name with the Chinese character for sound, "non" in them. Other servants like Renon and Manon aren't available to work today. Battler assumes Shannon has a real name then and asks what it is, but Shannon blushes and says she can't tell him, and that furniture don't need birth names anyway. When the group makes it to the guesthouse, George asks Shannon to play cards with them and wants to invite Kanon as well. The excited Shannon goes off to ask him.

Shannon goes to the servant's room to meet Kanon and Genji, who inform her that Krauss changed the servant shifts: Kanon and Shannon need to work the guesthouse late at night, Kumasawa and Genji will spend the night in the servant's room, and Gohda is working the mansion. When asked about the changes, Kanon suspects it was because of Beatrice's letter having the Head's Seal on it, and so Krauss wants to distance Shannon, Kanon, and Genji from the family gathering because they personally serve Kinzo and wear the One-Winged Eagle crest. Genji prepares for bed and stresses to the young servants that they have a "very special" guest tonight.

Shannon tells Kanon that the cousins invited her to play and asks him to join, but Kanon refuses since they're furniture, so games are no use to them. Genji asks if he really doesn't want to play, and Kanon reiterates that because they're furniture, pretending to be human may hurt them later on, so it's better that they stay away from humans.

Shannon returns to the cousins and tells them about Kanon's refusal. George asks Shannon to escort him back to the kitchen because he forgot something, and Battler gets excited at the thought of them going off together. Jessica restrains him and tells George and Shannon to go. After they leave, Jessica surprises Battler by reminding him of George and Shannon's relationship.

George and Shannon rest in the rose garden arbor and talk. Shannon expresses how happy she is to hear about his stories and refers to him as "George-sama", and he reminds her about their rule that she call him "George-san" in secret. George refers to her in turn as "Sayo-chan" and asks why she isn't living her own life now that she's been working for 10 years. Shannon says she doesn't have anywhere else to go and enjoys working for the family, but George says it's not her life. George wants Shannon to break out of her shell as "Shannon the servant" and promises to be there when she does, producing an engagement ring. George orders her to take the ring and asks that she place it on her finger if she really will accept it. Shannon takes the ring box and says she needs to go back to the mansion for something. George and Shannon part ways, and look forward to seeing each other tomorrow.

Inside the mansion, Shannon thinks about George's proposal when Gohda appears and asks why she isn't working the guesthouse. Shannon says Genji ordered her to help him in the mansion, and Gohda says he believes the guests will call for tea while he's making the rounds, and tells Shannon to work the mansion while he waits in the servant's room.

Shannon goes around locking the windows in the mansion, lamenting that Gohda forced his job onto her, but she'll get scolded by Natsuhi again if she doesn't do it. A golden butterfly then floats behind Shannon. She catches a glimpse of it and wonders if it was just an illusion. More golden butterflies suddenly appear, frightening Shannon.

Meanwhile, the cousins play cards in the guesthouse. Battler feels like he, Jessica and George have talked a lot about the last 6 years even though it's just the first night, and then remembers the first line of the epitaph and Rudolf's ominous warning. Battler brushes those thoughts aside and continues playing.

Before 24:00, an overview of every person's location is shown: Battler, George, Jessica, and Maria are in the guesthouse; Genji and Kanon are in the servant's room; Kumasawa is making beds; Gohda is doing crosswords by himself; Natsuhi is sleeping in her room; Krauss, Eva, Rudolf, Kyrie, Hideyoshi, and Rosa are still talking; Kinzo is staring at the rain in his study; and Nanjo is sleeping in his room.

In the mansion hallway, Shannon has seemingly disappeared, leaving behind her key ring. The portrait of Beatrice looms ominously.


Comparisons to Source Material[]

This chapter adapts the visual novel chapters "Legend of the Gold" and "Night of the Storm".

  • In the visual novel, Shannon goes to the servant's room when she enters the mansion and runs into Gohda there. While making her rounds, she passes by the dining room and hears the adults talking in there. In the manga, Shannon runs into Gohda in the hallway, and does not mention hearing the adults.
  • The scene of Shannon apparently being kidnapped by Beatrice and leaving behind her key ring is a new scene added to the manga.