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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.
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General content

Lee Meijiu (李 梅九 Lǐ Méijiǔ (CH)) is a high-ranked member of the Golden Dragon Society, a Chinese mafia organization. He is in charge of the Chinatown in City 23 and frequently makes deals with Primavera. He first appears in Season 1.


Meijiu has long black hair and glasses. He wears a purple coat with a red dragon on the lapel. His pet iguana Huahua is always seen on his shoulder.




Role in the Story

Season 1

Meijiu is first introduced when Stella goes to gain his help in searching for a missing American soldier. He later provides Primavera with information regarding Alfred's attempt to destroy the club.

When Caleb takes over City 23, he threatens Meijiu with retaliation if he assists Primavera again.

Season 2

When Primavera starts gearing up to stop Caleb, Meijiu provides them with guns and a shooting range.

Season 3

Last Season